What If I Can't Die?-Chapter 517 - Ten Thousand Years (2)

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517 Ten Thousand Years (2)
Wuyou smiled and a green color appeared on her body, turning into a long green dress. Her hair hung down, making him look more cute and lively. She looked like an ordinary young cultivator.

Wuyou’s appearance made him very satisfied. He nodded and said, “That’s more like it. No one would have thought that your true identity would be the Goddess of the Upper Realm. Now, tell me how to resolve the Seven Emotions Curse.”

“As long as you specialize in experiencing the seven emotions and experience the seven emotions and six desires from them, you will naturally be able to see through them after many times.”

“Isn’t that obvious? I’ve already figured out this method.”

Song Shi was speechless.

“I have a way to let you experience this more. Help me kill a Mahayana cultivator, and I’ll help you experience it immediately.”

Wuyou wanted to make use of this to get Song Shi to work for her.


Song Shi was speechless, but he did not object. “We’ll talk about it after I make a move.”

“Then I’ll wait for you to kill the target before letting you experience the seven emotions and six desires.”

It was the same for Wuyou. She did not go easy on him.

Song Shi did not do anything to Goddess Wuyou and could only endure it obediently. He did not ignore the Seven Emotions and Six Desires and allowed the Seven Emotions and Six Desires to control him. He still tried his best to control them.

“Let’s not talk about this.”

Song Shi was a little angry. He took a step out of the space that Wuyou had created.

The latter followed him like a shadow. Song Shi curled his lips when he saw this. “You’re like a dog following it’s master.”

“You don’t know how to talk. You can shut up.”

Goddess Wuyou was expressionless.

“Do you really think you’re still the high and mighty goddess of the past? That no one can blaspheme you?”

Song Shi mocked, “Get a clear picture of the situation. You’re just a failure who resorted to all means and relied on my child to follow me. Do you really think you’re still high and mighty?”

Saintess Wuyou stared coldly at Song Shi. “You’re the first man who dares to speak to me like that!”

“Aiya, Goddess, do you really not realize that your situation has changed?”

Song Shi grabbed Goddess Wuyou’s arm. “Are you prepared to act like this in front of everyone? Are you afraid that others don’t know your background?”

Wuyou frowned and stared at Song Shi with a sharp gaze.

In the end, she gave in and lowered her head, no longer acting high and mighty.

The effect was immediate. The empress, who looked supreme, instantly became an obedient girl-next-door.

Song Shi’s expression softened a little. That was more like it. If Wuyou did whatever he wanted, it would definitely be very troublesome to get along with her in the future.

He thought of the fact that he had yet to leave any descendants. He sighed and flew out.

In the outside world, Song Shi appeared in the sky and looked at the withered land within a radius of five thousand kilometers. He said to Wuyou, “Don’t randomly absorb it from now on. It’s better to have nothing than something that is not beneficial.”

“Your daughter needs power to be nurtured at any time. It’s up to you to do something about that then.”

Wuyou brought up the topic of Song Shi’s daughter again.

“The power accumulated here is so majestic. Isn’t it enough? I think you’re preparing strength for your resurrection, not for the child.”

Song Shi found it unbelievable. He had seen a massive amount of life force flowing like a lake with his own eyes, but it had all disappeared.

“You think I can just walk away from Coffin?”

Wuyou asked, “You have to know that I was originally dead. Those powers are the price of my actions.”

“I’m not at your level. I can’t understand.”

Song Shi stopped asking and asked, “How long will it take for the child to be born?”

“At least ten thousand years. It depends on how much you help me. With more strength, she can naturally be born earlier.”


Song Shi’s face twitched. “Did you get the unit wrong?”

“I can only say that you’re inexperienced and don’t know how difficult it is for immortals to bear offspring and how much time it takes.”

Goddess Wuyou rolled her eyes at Song Shi. “It takes a thousand years for ordinary immortals to bear offspring. If I hadn’t used the power accumulated over a million years on her, I’m afraid it would have taken one hundred thousand years.”

Song Shi’s lips moved. He did not know what to say, but his face twitched.

Wouldn’t he be threatened by this woman for ten thousand years? This was too tragic, right?

Wuyou also came back to his senses and said with a faint gaze, “You said so much because you want the child to be born as soon as possible so that you can betray me. Don’t be naive. Even if the child is born, I can still control her life and death.”

“Hehe, if it was really ten thousand years, I would be stronger than when you were alive then. Do you really think you can continue to control me?”

Song Shi said bluntly.

“That’s even better. If you’re stronger than me, why would I be afraid of enemies? I’ll just rely on my child.”

Wuyou didn’t care at all.


Song Shi couldn’t refute because if that day really came, he really wouldn’t do anything to Wuyou for the sake of the child.

This woman had really seen through him and was eating him alive.

He could only smile bitterly. “Alright, I can wait. By the way, who is your enemy?”

“I already told you.”

Wuyou’s expression was cold, and she was unwilling to say anything else.

“Celestial Venerable Extinction, Celestial Venerable Thunder Punishment, and Celestial Venerable Life?”

Song Shi retorted.

“It’s them. Just remember that you and I are no match for them now. We have to avoid being targeted by them.”

A look of rage appeared in Goddess Wuyou’s eyes.

“I don’t think they’ll target a small fry like me.”

Song Shi wasn’t worried at all and asked curiously, “Speaking of which, what level is this Celestial Venerable at? How powerful is he?”

“Those who control the Heavenly Dao are Celestial Venerables. Unless you are also a power of the Heavenly Dao, no matter what nomological power you have, it is nothing in front of the power of the Heavenly Dao.”

Goddess Wuyou had an inexplicable look on her face. “They have surpassed ordinary immortals and gods. They are the top existences in this universe. Regardless of whether you are an immortal emperor or a god emperor, you will have to bow down to Celestial Venerable.”

Song Shi did not understand, but he felt that it was impressive. At the same time, he teased, “You actually offended three such powerful characters at the same time.”


Wuyou turned around and didn’t say anything else.

Song Shi chuckled. “Celestial Venerable is still too far away from me. I should become an immortal then become a Celestial Immortal first.”

Wuyou looked at the confidence on Song Shi’s body and was slightly stunned. He was puzzled. “Speaking of the power of the Heavenly Dao, I’m very curious about what kind of power you have. It’s like the Heavenly Dao of Life, but this Heavenly Dao is already controlled by its master. You shouldn’t be able to control it too.”

“I’m not sure. Perhaps my power is stronger than the Heavenly Dao.”

Song Shi grinned.

“You will face a Celestial Venerable sooner or later, and you will know when the time comes.”

For some reason, Wuyou was looking forward to seeing that day.

“What are the levels below Celestial Venerable? Let me hear it and see how big the gap is.”

Song Shi finally asked about this matter.

“Immortals and gods are all similar. Their titles range from low to high. They are Heavenly Immortals, True Immortals, Immortal Monarchs, Immortal Kings, and Immortal Emperors. They respectively control the fire of laws, the true chains of laws, the web of laws, the domain of laws, and the laws of the Great Dao. When one reaches Celestial Venerable, they control the heavenly laws.”

Wuyou didn’t mind explaining the situation to Song Shi so that he could have a goal to strive for.

“Six levels.”

Song Shi was deep in thought. To him, there was still a Mahayana realm ahead. The distance was indeed too far.

He remained silent as he left Fallen God Valley. He passed through the withered ground and arrived at the Dian Cang Sword Sect.

The originally verdant mountain range was now covered in snow, just like the surrounding snow mountains. It had lost its original charm.

Outside, Song Shi saw many traces of attacks.

Along the way, he was still thinking about the Upper Realm. When Song Shi saw this scene, he reacted and said in surprise, “What’s going on? It’s as if you’ve experienced a huge battle.”
With a thought, he sensed a lot of Demonic Qi.

“The demons have attacked this place!”

Song Shi found it strange. “So fast?”

Wuyou suddenly said, “I forgot to tell you that it took me a hundred years to give birth to a child with you.”


Song Shi was speechless. He really did not notice this.

“A hundred years is enough for the demons to take action.”

Wuyou didn’t care at all. “Is this place very important to you?”

“Count it as my resting place in this world. I didn’t expect to be like this after sleeping with you. What a femme fatale.”

Song Shi was helpless. He took out his token and tried to contact Fu Yuhua. He even succeeded.

Buzz buzz!

The Dian Cang Sword Sect’s identity token emitted a light that transformed into Fu Yuhua, who looked much older. When the latter saw Song Shi, he said excitedly, “You’re still alive?”

“Why would I die?”

Song Shi said with a dark expression, “You’re not dead yet. Why will I die?”

“Impressive. You actually survived the Extinction Storm. You’re indeed capable.”

Fu Yuhua praised before turning bitter. “Since you are so powerful, can you come over and help? My Dian Cang Sword Sect is about to be destroyed.”


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