What If I Can't Die?-Chapter 518 - God Roster (1)

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518 God Roster (1)
“Where are you?”

Song Shi sensed that Fu Yuhua was not in a good state.

“In the Ji Family’s Floating City, we were forced here by the demon army and had no choice but to ask for the Ji Family’s protection and live under someone else’s roof. Because of this, we became the Ji Family’s guards and have to be cannon fodder every day….”

Fu Yuhua said gloomily, “If you come and help us, our losses will be less if we fight the demons.”

“The demons are so ferocious? They’re wreaking havoc on this continent?” Song Shi looked up at the sky. In the distance, demonic clouds were indeed rolling. They were lacking some of the clear spiritual energy from before.

“Sigh, the various races of the demon race have all mobilized this time and started the biggest war in ten thousand years. Now, our Black Spirit Realm has been forced to the defensive side and is in a very sorry state.”

Fu Yuhua smiled bitterly.

“I understand. I’ll go to the Ji Family later.”

Song Shi decided to help and resolve the karma with the Dian Cang Sword Sect.

“Be careful. Although there are no demons near the Fallen God Valley, there are many other areas.”

Fu Yuhua reminded him and ended the communication nervously.

At this moment, he was not sure if Song Shi would come. After all, there were too many demons outside. Just coming over was very dangerous.

In front of the dilapidated door of the Dian Cang Sword Sect, Goddess Wuyou was deep in thought. “The patriarch of this sect once comprehended some laws of wood in the place where I perished. He attained the Dao and became an immortal. I never expected his descendants to be so weak.”

“Dian Cang Sword Sect is related to you?”

Song Shi glanced sideways and said with a smile, “Then you can be considered half an ancestor of theirs. You can help later.”
“I have nothing to do with them.”

Goddess Wuyou said disdainfully, “They only comprehended some of the power I released. In the end, they still have to rely on themselves.”

“Them?” Song Shi was surprised. “Who else benefited from you?”

“The old ancestor of the Lotus Sword Sect. That person’s aptitude is a little poor, so he didn’t comprehend much.”

The second faction that Goddess Wuyou mentioned was actually also a famous sect in the Mystic North Continent.

“Maybe that’s how it is to live a long life.”

Song Shi smiled. If one lived long enough, they could witness the rise and fall of many living beings.

At the thought that he would have a long life in the future, Song Shi did not know how to spend it.

“Are you saying that I’m old?” Goddess Wuyou pouted unhappily. “Among the gods, I can only be considered young.”

“Who says you’re old?”

Song Shi was speechless, but he added, “But compared to me, you’re indeed very old. How old are you?”

“Not counting the time after death, I’m only thirty thousand years old. That’s equivalent to an ordinary person who is twenty years old.”

Goddess Wuyou deliberately emphasized the word twenty years old.

“If you add the years that you are dead, then you are already more than a million years old. Even the Divine King is younger than you.”

Song Shi stroked his chin and teased.

Goddess Wuyou’s face darkened slightly. “I’m a god, and you’re a mortal. We can’t be compared.”

“I didn’t expect a woman who calls herself the God Emperor to care about such things.”

Song Shi could not help but laugh. He felt that this woman was finally a little grounded, down to earth.

Goddess Wuyou turned her head away and couldn’t be bothered to talk to Song Shi.

Song Shi was bored. He took a step forward and headed south.

The Ji family was located in the south of the Mystic North Continent. In the center was the floating city, more than a million kilometers away from the Dian Cang Sword Sect.

He had never been there before, so he could only take it one step at a time.

Under Divine Teleportation Footwork, Song Shi appeared in the sky above a verdant hill.

Song Shi was shocked when he saw Goddess Wuyou following beside him like a ghost.

He didn’t notice how this woman was flying at all. Was this because her realm was too high that he couldn’t understand it?

At this moment, the hills on the ground suddenly began to wither, and their vitality quickly depleted.

Song Shi frowned. “You don’t even let go of the vitality of ordinary plants?”

“No matter how small a mosquito is, it is still meat.”

Goddess Wuyou did not feel any psychological burden.

“Aren’t you afraid of attracting the attention of your enemies?”

“Perhaps in the Divine Realm, but not here.” Goddess Wuyou opened her mouth and sucked in a large amount of life force. A few luster appeared on her face.

Song Shi looked into the distance. “You’re really disobedient. In my house, you’ll be spanked.”

“Shouldn’t you listen to me? Don’t tell me you’re still not used to it?”

Goddess Wuyou touched her stomach.

Song Shi was furious. “One day, I will control you!”

He was used to being free, but this was the first time someone had seized his weakness and ordered him around.

At this moment, Demonic Qi surged ahead, and the sky suddenly darkened.

The commotion caused by Goddess Wuyou Devouring the vitality of the plants had already attracted the attention of the nearby demons. No less than a hundred demons had come to investigate the situation.

Seeing that the vitality of the plants had been devoured by Wuyou, the demons who had come over looked at each other and surrounded him tacitly.

“You’re not hiding at this time, but you still dare to come out and run around. You must be tired of living!”

“Hehe, there’s also a beautiful woman. I can’t wait to see her!”

“Kill the men and bring the women back for fun!”

The group of demons laughed sinisterly. Goddess Wuyou frowned. “Kill them all. You’re not allowed to burn them with fire. I want to devour their vitality.”

“Why don’t you do it yourself?” Song Shi asked.

“Killing them myself will taint me with karma.”

Goddess Wuyou glared at Song Shi. “If I tell you to do it, just do it. Why are you talking so much nonsense?”

Song Shi narrowed his eyes, raised his hand, and released his sword aura.

Emerald sword qi filled the sky and filled the surroundings. All the demons were pierced through and killed on the spot.

As the dead demons fell, their flesh and blood began to wither. When they landed on the ground, they turned into dried corpses and shattered into pieces.