What If I Can't Die?-Chapter 709 Thoughts (2)

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Chapter 709 Thoughts (2)

In this world, when cultivators first cultivated, they had to use their will to mobilize their Inner Breath and condense the Essence Qi in their bodies.

After condensing the Essence Qi, he could use Essence Qi to temper his skin, flesh, tendons, bones, organs, and marrow. After strengthening his body to a certain level, he would be able to withstand the impact of the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Different levels corresponded to different realms. Song Shi was not surprised to find out about this through Ye Mu.

The Great Dao had the same goal. Although they were in different worlds and the cultivation of the basic realms was similar, the cultivation system here placed a lot of importance on the physical body.

This was also destined that the foundation of cultivators would be stronger and they would go further in the future.

After strengthening his body, he would enter the nourishing stage. In Song Shi's opinion, this was the Qi Refinement and Soul Transformation stages. However, the cultivators in this world used Essence Qi and not Spiritual Qi. This also meant that this cultivation system was suitable for ordinary people.

When one's cultivation reached a certain level, they could refine the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth through their powerful Spiritual strength and give birth to Connate Genuine Qi that had the ability to fly in the sky and burrow into the ground.

In short, the cultivation system of this world was similar to the world he was trapped in. This was more conducive to his comprehension and cracking.

As Ye Mu circulated his cultivation technique, the power in his body circulated according to the rules of this world. After Song Shi looked at it, he easily found the key point.

While Song Shi was researching, black things slowly flew over from the endless void outside this world.

On the ship, many red worms were lying inside. They had exoskeletons all over their bodies. At this moment, they were looking coldly at the power planet in the distance, as if they wanted to destroy it.

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence.

"This planet isn't very big and doesn't have many resources. In the past, it was facing the exhaustion of Essence Qi and was no longer suitable for cultivation. Why did the Empress attack?"

The one who spoke was a bug with a strange power. It was a little puzzled. "From the way the world is circulating now, this galaxy has some value unless it circulates to the next Essence Qi node. Unfortunately, it's been too long."

"We attacked purely because the Protoss are here, not because they have many resources."

Another Zerg replied, "To us, this is a nail planted by the Protoss on our front line. We have to remove it."

The latter's gaze turned cold as he supported, "Then pull it out."

As they approached, a huge battle unfolded in space.

Song Shi sensed something and thought to himself, "There seems to be war outside. This world is indeed not limited to this planet. There are other areas."

"Could it be that Celestial Venerable Reincarnation created a universe?"

Song Shi thought of a possibility. "Or could it be that different Reincarnation Worlds combined and became a universe?"

Thinking of this possibility, Song Shi could not help but be shocked. Did Celestial Venerable Reincarnation really want to evolve a universe?

"I have to see how it evolves. This is a rare opportunity."

Song Shi was interested. He was already at the Immortal Emperor Realm. If he wanted to take another step forward, he had to be like Celestial Venerable Reincarnation.

Ye Mu's cultivation became smoother and smoother, allowing his injuries to recover further.

Song Shi observed the time. After three hours, he said, "You have completed the basic mission and are rewarded with an attribute point. You can freely distribute it."

He deliberately created an attribute panel according to the other party's situation to see how this kid chose.

However, this scene was a little strange. It reminded him of the scene when he first obtained the Freedom Attribute Points. He even suspected that there was a very powerful existence hiding in secret and familiarizing himself with the rules of this world.

Uh, if that was the case, it would be too much of a trap. Song Shi decisively suppressed this thought. Just like how Ye Mu could not accept that his system was formed by a person's thoughts, he could not accept that his system was formed by another person's thoughts.

However, once this thought was born, it was similar to taking root and sprouting. It would not disappear for a while.

"I hope it's not a nesting doll."

Song Shi thought helplessly.

Ye Mu was very excited at this moment. He looked at his attribute panel. There were three statistics on it: Spirit, Physique, and Cultivation.

Song Shi's ability was inferior to his system and he could not increase this guy's Comprehension. Therefore, he only gave him three choices that could be improved: Physique, Spirit, and Cultivation.

To Ye Mu, these three options were already enough. If he could really increase his strength, his strength could greatly increase.

After all, every attribute he had now was only more than three points. If he added one point, it could increase by nearly 30%.

He thought for a moment. Even if his mental strength increased, it would be useless in his current situation. His cultivation level was not suitable either. His current cultivation level was still low, but he had just begun to refine his skin.

If he chose to increase his physique, his strength, recovery ability, and so on could all increase. This would have immediate benefits for him.

After all, cultivators at their level would have an advantage if they were stronger. If they increased their strength a few more times, they might be able to escape.

As he decided to distribute it, Song Shi immediately affected the rules and strengthened his body.

An obvious sense of power surged into his heart, and Ye Mu's eyes lit up. He did not expect it to really work.

"I've really encountered a divine item. It can actually increase so much. It's really unbelievable."

Ye Mu sighed and felt that it was a little unreal because this benefit came too easily.

One had to know that this kind of ordinary cultivation was what he wanted to do to begin with. It was really a little magical that he could actually obtain benefits from it.

Not to mention other missions, just this mission alone was equivalent to his usual cultivation.

"Why do you like me? Is it just luck?"

Ye Mu still had some thoughts. It was mainly because of his special experience that he had become a slave since he was young.

In his eyes, there was no love or hatred for no reason in this world. Most things were related to benefits.

However, he could not figure out what the system wanted to do. He did not have anything worth scheming about himself. It was probably a special treasure.

He had no choice, and he had no choice. Instead, he had to grab this auxiliary system and improve himself as much as possible in order to escape.

"The mission is long-term. I'll cultivate for another three hours and there will be rewards!"

Ye Mu endured his hunger and continued cultivating.

Song Shi, who was secretly observing, was quite surprised to know what Ye Mu was thinking.

This person was quite clear-headed and smart. He did not take the system for granted.

Song Shi could not help but think of the first time he activated the system.

He was a little speechless. He did not seem to have thought so much back then. Indeed, the system was different.

Back then, his system had directly revived him after he died. It was really too powerful and did not need to consider so much.

"In that case, my fake system is still not strong enough to make this kid feel safe."

Song Shi was helpless. This was his first time doing such a thing and he really did not have much experience.

Fortunately, he had shown it in the form of a system. If it was an emotional voice pretending to be an old grandpa, this kid would probably be even more suspicious.

After all, it was indeed suspicious that he had increased someone's strength out of thin air without paying any price.

Ye Mu's reaction made him start to reflect on his own situation. Was the mission released too simple, or was it too easy to do?

"Then I'll make it more difficult for you next time."

Song Shi thought to himself, 'However, what mission should I arrange next time? It's really a headache.'

He observed the surroundings. He was currently in the cell and had limited contact with people and things. For a moment, he could not think of what to do.

"Looks like it's not easy to pretend to be a system."

Song Shi could not help but miss his system. It was simple and direct. If he died, he would be rewarded. He would replenish whatever he lacked.

Tap, tap, tap.

The sound of footsteps interrupted Song Shi's thoughts and Ye Mu's cultivation.

Ye Mu opened his eyes, "Are you guys going to start?"

"Hehe, this little guy is quite smart."

A figure appeared outside the cell. "You saw something you shouldn't have seen. Naturally, you shouldn't be alive."

Ye Mu sighed, "I'm only a slave. I'm weak, so what can I see? Isn't it enough for you to frame me?"

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