What If I Can't Die?-Chapter 710 Simple System (1)

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Chapter 710 Simple System (1)


The figure was silent for a moment before saying, "It's true that you don't know many things, but you still have to die. This is your life. Only a dead person can't reveal any secrets."

Ye Mu smiled bitterly, "Anyway, I'm a death row criminal and can't escape. Why are you in such a hurry? Can't you let me live for a few more days?"

He stared at the figure. "We're both humans. Why are you in such a hurry to fry each other?"

The latter fell silent again, probably moved. In the end, he said, "As long as you don't spout nonsense, you can live until the day you're executed."

"Thanks a lot."

Ye Mu heaved a sigh of relief and stood up to bow respectfully.

The figure glanced at Ye Mu and sighed faintly before turning to leave.

Ye Mu clenched his fists and thought to himself, "A death row criminal will be imprisoned for at least a week. After confirming the evidence, I'll be executed. A week is enough for me to improve a lot. I should have a chance to escape."

He calculated the time. Every three hours, he would have one attribute point. Even if he could not cultivate continuously for a day, because his body and mind needed to rest to relieve themselves, even if he could only cultivate for half a day according to his plan, he would still have at least four attribute points a day.

After seven days, not counting the improvement effect brought about by his cultivation, his strength could increase by more than ten times. Ordinary characters would definitely not be able to stop him from escaping.

Thinking of the high chance of survival, Ye Mu was a little excited, but he quickly calmed down and continued to sit cross-legged to cultivate.

The benefits of choosing to increase his Physique manifested. Because his body was stronger, the effect of cultivation was better. He could mobilize more Essence Qi to temper his skin and flesh, and his speed increased greatly. In turn, it increased his physical body.

Next, he only needed to continuously stack them and the increase would probably be greater.

Song Shi could only say that Ye Mu's thoughts were too simple. Just having a strong physical body was not enough. At the very least, he had to let his Spiritual strength catch up.

The physical body was the hardware, and the spirit was the software. There could be some difference between the two, but it could not be too big. Otherwise, the hardware would either not be able to withstand the software's operation or the software would not be able to carry the hardware.

Of course, in a short period of time, the other party could only increase his physical body. After the difference was more than twice, the other party could clearly sense some problems.

"New mission issued: Escape from the cage and obtain freedom."

"Mission Time Limit: Seven days."

"Mission Reward: 100 Attribute Points."

He ignored Ye Mu and continued to observe and study the rules of this world.

As an Immortal Emperor, he had already gained a deep understanding of the rules of the first Reincarnation World. The rules of different worlds were not too different. Many rules were similar, so it was not difficult for him.

After making some progress, Song Shi's control over the rules quickly increased.

If it was said that he had relied on the system to control many rules in the real world for hundreds of years and spent decades in the first Reincarnation World to cross over, then his current speed was even faster. In a few hours, he could compare to the effects of the previous years.

The Rule Force gathered under Song Shi's thoughts. There was the Law of Life, the Laws of various attributes… and the most important Law of Reincarnation.

He treated these Laws as raw materials and began to combine them in a specific order.

Three hours later, Ye Mu obtained another attribute point to increase his Physique.

After continuing to cultivate for six hours, Ye Mu's spirit was comparable and he had no choice but to rest.

Cultivating for a long time had already consumed too much of his Spiritual strength. If he did not rest, it was very easy for him to suffer Qi Deviation.

"I'll see you later."

Song Shi did not keep it with him. His thoughts returned to his original world, but this time, he left a little Rule Force in Ye Mu's body.

These Rule Forces simply formed a simple system similar to software. It was used to record the changes in Ye Mu's body and mind, as well as the changes in the rules of the outside world. It was used to replace him to continue recording the evolution of the Heaven and Earth Laws and feedback power to Ye Mu.

This way, even if his thoughts did not cross over, he could only understand Ye Mu's situation through this system. It would be much easier for him to cross over next time.

When his thoughts returned to Qingsang Village, Song Shi heaved a sigh of relief with a satisfied expression.

After crossing realms twice, he had already established a foundation in the second Reincarnation World.

This foundation not only helped him understand the rules of heaven and earth in different worlds, but it also had value.

That was, if he reincarnated into this world, he could directly obtain this portion of power and quickly increase it, saving the initial accumulation process.

He regained his composure and pushed the door open.

The sound of the zither echoed in the courtyard like flowing water. Ning Ruqin was plucking the strings under a peach tree, her fingertips flowing with a faint sadness.

The small fish in the pool were quite happy. They swam happily with the sound of the zither and looked like they were enjoying themselves.

"Oh, looks like you've recovered quite well. It's only been half a day and you already have the strength to play the zither." Song Shi said calmly.

Sensing that Song Shi had come out, Ning Ruqin hurriedly stood up and smiled bitterly. "Senior, I like playing the zither a little. I like to play it when I'm depressed."

"I understand."

Song Shi could understand Ning Ruqin's feelings.

Although the other party had survived, the situation they were facing had not changed.

She had two choices now. The best choice was to pretend to be dead. This way, she would be isolated from the world and would no longer be able to come into contact with the beautiful world.

One was to show his face again, but the situation did not change much. In fact, because the village had destroyed the Savage Kingdom's tribe, their relationship became even more difficult to resolve.

"Stay here for the time being. The Savage Kingdom is no longer paying attention to you but to the village."

Song Shi looked outside. At this moment, many of the enemies he had trapped had been killed by the villagers. As long as they could not escape, they were destined to die.

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