Wilderness Livestream: Other People Struggle to Survive While I Became Famous by Looking After a Cat-Chapter 49 - : A Gift for the Cat

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Chapter 49: A Gift for the Cat

Translator: Zayn_

The calls for Lin Xing to withdraw from the show were getting louder and louder.

At this time, Shen Xiyan wanted to go on the show, so the director simply agreed to go with the flow.

Knowing that Shen Xiyan was going to participate in Man vs. Wild 3, her fans began to promote and build momentum in advance.

As a female celebrity with tens of millions of fans, Shen Xiyan could bring more traffic to the show.

Therefore, the production team was particularly tolerant of Shen Xiyan and allowed her to bring her suitcase to the island.

When Shen Xiyan met with the two people from Team A, the director told the three people from Team B about her arrival.

Jiang Xuyan and Yu Muhuai had only heard of Shen Xiyan’s name or watched her movies and television works. They didn’t have much of a reaction to this. At most, they just welcomed her.

Song Qingyou said nothing.

She did not expect Shen Xiyan to come here.

From this, it could be inferred that her performance on the show should have garnered a lot of fans.

Otherwise, Shen Xiyan would not be so restless.

Song Qingyou was still deep in thought when Yu Muhuai suddenly handed her a glass of water.

As they had enough points, the three of them exchanged for their basic daily necessities, including the glass in Yu Muhuai’s hand.

“Thank you.”

“What are you thinking about?” Yu Muhuai lowered his voice. “I feel… Ever since the director mentioned the news about Shen Xiyan, the atmosphere around you has been a little low.”

Jiang Zhihan, who was in Song Qingyou’s arms, also felt the same way.

Now that Yu Muhuai asked, he wasn’t in a hurry to jump down from her lap…

Song Qingyou raised her eyebrows slightly. “We are not enemies, but for now, we are probably… people who dislike each other.”

From the moment Shen Xiyan debuted, the public knew her identity as the daughter of the Shen family.

Yu Muhuai was a little curious. Flow did Song Qingyou know Shen Xiyan?


Just as he was about to speak, someone behind him greeted Jiang Xuyan.

“Good morning, Teacher Jiang.”

The voice was clear and sharp.

Yu Muhuai looked back.

A tall and thin woman was shaking hands with Jiang Xuyan.

The woman had long curly hair and exquisite makeup.

Although she was also wearing a camouflage uniform, it was obvious that it was custom-made. She was completely different from the other guests.

It must be Shen Xiyan.

To be able to become popular and rise to the A-list not long after her debut, Shen Xiyan was not only good-looking but also very outstanding.

It was a pity that she was ‘beautiful but has no soul’.

Especially when compared to Song Qingyou, she looked like a high-profile internet celebrity!

Yu Muhuai was about to look away when Shen Xiyan walked over with a smile.

“I’m Shen Xiyan. Nice to meet you.”

“Yu Muhuai.”

[ Ahhh, it’s really Xiyan!]

[ Xiyan is so beautiful!]

[ The production team actually invited Shen Xiyan!]]

Most of the viewers in the live broadcast room were extremely excited.

Shen Xiyan finally looked at Song Qingyou and greeted her with a smile, “I’m also very happy to meet Miss Song.”

Song Qingyou nodded coldly.

Shen Xiyan wanted to pretend that they didn’t know each other, which was exactly what she wanted.

[ Is it my imagination? Why do I feel like Sister Qingyou is in a bad mood?]

[ Last time Li Su came, wasn’t Qingyou the same? Maybe it’s just because they just met]

[Two young ladies in the same frame, 1 approve! ]

[ Song Qingyou doesn’t wear makeup, but she looks even prettier.]

[ With this comparison, Shen Xiyan suddenly became the servant girl of the young miss.]

[ Don’t exaggerate! Both of them are beauties. What’s there to compare?]

[ I don’t care. No matter what, Xiyan is the most beautiful!]]

When female celebrities were framed together, there would always be people who subconsciously compared their figures and looks.

No matter how famous Shen Xiyan was and how many fans she had, other than her true fans, there were not many people who would praise her for being prettier than Song Qingyou.

Shen Xiyan knew her limits and after greeting Song Qingyou, she distanced herself from her.

This was also a habit she had long developed.

“Is this Miss Song’s cat? It looks very cute.”

Jiang Zhihan had already learned about Shen Xiyan’s character from Song Qingyou, so he never looked at her in the eye.

Shen Xiyan looked at the cat’s face with a face full of love.

“Its eyes are actually dark green. They look very similar to the emerald necklace 1 bought last month!”

“I’m tired of looking at that necklace. Why don’t 1 give it to the cat as a gift?”

The gemstone necklace she bought from the auction was very expensive.

Shen Xiyan’s generosity surprised everyone.

“Miss Song, what do you think?” Shen Xiyan looked at Song Qingyou, thinking that she would refuse her ‘alms’.

In the past, Song Qingyou had a strong sense of self-esteem, so she might have rejected him.

But now-

“Sure,” Song Qingyou’s expression did not change. “Then I’ll thank Miss Shen on behalf of Zhizhi.”

Shen Xiyan was stunned and then showed a surprised expression.

“I almost forgot. Ms. Song should be in need of money now, right?”

“But I’m giving the necklace to the cat. Ms. Song, you can’t snatch the pet’s things!”

“How did Miss Shen know 1 was short of money?”

” This…” Shen Xiyan paused. “I’ve seen you at a cocktail party before.”

“I’ve never attended a cocktail party before.”

Song Qingyou wasn’t even twenty this year. She had just turned an adult when the Song family went bankrupt. I low could she attend a cocktail party?

As for when she was underage, it was even more impossible for her to attend a cocktail party.

Shen Xiyan bit her lip. “Then, then I must have seen wrongly!”

“However, if Miss Song is short of money, although I can’t help you, I have a lot of clothes and jewelry that I don’t need. It doesn’t matter if I donate them all to you.”

She even used the word ‘donate’. In the eyes of those who were interested, it could be said that her intentions were obvious to everyone.

Song Qingyou accepted everything.

“After the show ends, 1 will tell Miss Shen the address.”

“You really want it?!” Shen Xiyan blurted out.

Damn it, did Song Qingyou have any shame?!

If Song Qingyou knew what she was thinking, she would probably reply, “Between face and money, of course I’ll choose money!”

“Why not?” Song Qingyou curled her lips. “Could it be that Miss Shen wants to go back on her word?”

“It just so happens that the children in the mountainous areas have never seen luxury goods before. 1 just wanted to let them see it. Miss Shen shouldn’t be reluctant, right?”

What was this? Using her things for charity?

Shen Xiyan really wanted to leave after throwing a tantrum, but now that everyone was watching, she could only grit her teeth and say, “Of course 1 won’t be reluctant.”

“That’s good.” Song Qingyou smiled and said, “I’ll thank Miss Shen on behalf of the children in the mountains.”

“You’re welcome!”

When Shen Xiyan saw Song Qingyou’s smiling face, she was furious.

The Song family was bankrupt, yet she could still smile!

Jiang Xuyan could tell that the atmosphere between the two was not right, so he quietly moved to Yu Muhuai’s side.

“Muhuai, they…Do they know each other?”

If they didn’t know each other, why was there a smell of gunpowder when they just met?

Yu Muhuai nodded and said, “I’m on Song Qingyou’s side.”

“Ah?” Jiang Xuyan was confused for two seconds before he reacted. “Do you even need to say that? I’m definitely on Qingyou’s side!”

Qingyou was his goddess!

Could Shen Xiyan compare?

The two of them exchanged a few words before Shen Xiyan smiled and said, “1 heard that someone on the show brought a pet. Actually, I also brought a pet, but my pet can protect me.”

“I hope they can get along well.”

While speaking, Shen Xiyan clapped her hands twice..