Wilderness Livestream: Other People Struggle to Survive While I Became Famous by Looking After a Cat-Chapter 50 - : It Can’t Beat a Cat

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Chapter 50: It Can’t Beat a Cat

Translator: Zayn_

Applause rang out.

The next moment, a black figure passed through the jungle and stopped in front of Shen Xiyan.

As the camera swept past, everyone realized that the pet that Shen Xiyan mentioned was a black Labrador.

Shen Xiyan clapped her hands and it ran over. It sat very upright and looked like a well-trained dog.

Jiang Xuyan was confused, “Dogs and cats… Can they get along?”

“There’s a high chance that an adult dog won’t work.” Yu Muhuai shook his head.

Judging from the dog’s unwavering gaze, it should be very obedient to its master.

Therefore, the premise of peaceful co-existence was that Shen Xiyan would not deliberately cause trouble.

This was obviously impossible.

Shen Xiyan resisted the disgust and touched the Labrador’s head, then faced the camera.

“This is my dog. His name is Will.”

“Will is a retired rescue dog. I think he should be very useful in the wild, so I brought him here.”

“Come, Will, say hello to everyone!”

Shen Xiyan pointed at the camera.

Will looked over very cleverly, “Woof woof!”

[This dog is so obedient and worthy of being raised by Xiyan]

[ Retired rescue dog! 1 want to adopt too! ]

[ It makes sense that you should have this kind of thing in Man vs Wild! Unlike some people who really bring useless pets! ]

[ Why do you pretend to be mysterious? If you have the ability, just say it’s

Sister Qingyou.]

[ Shen Xiyan’s fans are only this good?]

[ Please don’t be biased, okay? And it wasn’t wrong to say that when bringing a pet, you need to bring someone like Will]

[Sister Qingyou wants to take care of Zhizhi. Can’t she be happy? We just love to watch Zhizhi, don’t we? ]

[ Then we’re praising Xiyan and are happy to do so. Why do you care? ]

The fans of both sides started arguing in the blink of an eye.

However, Song Qingyou’s fans were still too few. Towards the end, it was completely one-sided, and the argument was dominated by Shen Xiyan’s fans.

Shen Xiyan bent down and pointed at the cat bed.

“Will, go and say hello to that cat.”

It would be best if he did what he did last night and bit that cat to death!

When Will heard the order, he immediately rushed towards the cat bed.

From the looks of it, it didn’t seem like a simple greeting at all.

Song Qingyou immediately stood up.

Of course, she was the only one who could bully her cat!

But how could Shen Xiyan let her do as she wished? She walked over and blocked Song Qingyou’s path.

“Miss Song, don’t worry. Will is very obedient. He just wants to say hello to your cat. You won’t mind, right?”

As Shen Xiyan spoke, Will had already rushed to Jiang Zhihan.

Jiang Zhihan quickly jumped out of the cat bed before the monster arrived.

Seeing him dodge, the dog seemed to have encountered a fun toy. He suddenly became energetic, and his pitch-black dog eyes instantly lit up.

Then, the cat and the dog began their chase.

Song Qingyou saw that her cat wasn’t afraid of the dog at all, so she wasn’t in a hurry to help.

“I don’t mind.”

Shen Xiyan turned her head when she heard that.

At this time, Will had already caught up to Jiang Zhihan.

However, Jiang Zhihan was a human. How could he let a dog bully him?

Therefore, when the dog opened its mouth and was about to bite him, he jumped up with his hind legs and quickly pressed down on the dog’s head.

The dog thought that the cat in front of him was playing with him. He swung his tail and shook his head, trying to push the cat away.

However, Jiang Zhihan was very agile and jumped away every time.

In the end, he stood condescendingly on a nearby big rock and slapped the dog on the head.

[ Hahaha, Zhizhi is strong enough to beat the squirrel now! ]

[Mighty Zhizhi! Meow Meow Fist!]

[The two little ones are so cute, but cats and dogs are indeed enemies.]

Shen Xiyan’s face darkened.

She never expected that this dog would be so useless!

He couldn’t even defeat a cat!


Shen Xiyan was impulsive and accidentally said what was on her mind.

“Miss Shen, who are you calling trash?” Song Qingyou asked. “Your Will?”

“How could that be?”

Shen Xiyan’s lips twitched. “I was just calling Will’s name.”

[1 also heard the word ‘trash’.]

[Could it be that she’s calling him a good-for-nothing?]

[ Don’t be silly. Xiyan has such a good temper. How could she scold Will?]

“Will! Come back quickly! I’m going back!”

Once the owner called out its name, Will immediately stopped chasing the cat. He stuck out his tongue and ran over.

However, it seemed to be very excited and forgot to stay away from Shen Xiyan for a moment. It even wanted to lick Shen Xiyan’s hand.

Shen Xiyan stopped her hand in disgust and raised her foot to kick him away.

But when she saw the drone camera hovering above her, she stopped abruptly. “Will, don’t make a fuss. We’re going back!”

When he heard ‘don’t make a fuss,’ Will immediately became well-behaved.

Shen Xiyan nodded with satisfaction. “Our Will is indeed a little gentleman.”

“I heard that pets are like their owners. Miss Song’s cat is indeed very powerful, but it’s not good to hit people so easily.”

[ 1 heard Song Qingyou hit someone before 1 watched the live broadcast. 1 didn’t believe it at first, but it turned out to be true.]

Song Qingyou raised her eyebrows: “It’s normal to fight back when you’re scared.”

“If Ms. Shen wants Zhizhi to be like you, who can only run away with weak legs when frightened, then I’m afraid it will be difficult.”

Shen Xiyan frowned and said angrily, “Who said 1 can only run away with weak legs? Song Qingyou, what do you mean by this?”

“Didn’t Miss Shen say it herself?”

Song Qingyou said innocently, imitating Li Su’s aggrieved expression.

“If you don’t fight back when you’re scared, doesn’t that mean you only know how to run away? Did 1 say anything wrong?”

As it turned out, Li Su’s way of doing things was quite useful sometimes.

When Shen Xiyan saw Song Qingyou like this, she felt like she was holding back her breath, unable to swallow it or spit it out.

“You two beauties, please don’t ruin your harmony over this trivial matter,” Jiang Xuyan spoke at the right moment.

“Zhizhi was indeed frightened just now. Moreover, they just met. They might not be able to get along harmoniously.”

How was the cat scared?

Shen Xiyan glanced at the calm Jiang Zhihan and felt that Jiang Xuyan was speaking up for Song Qingyou.

Her face turned cold. Just as she was about to say something, Li Su appeared not far away.

“Sister Xiyan, we’ve already made lunch!”

Shen Xiyan nodded at them and left quickly.

Seeing Will by her side, her eyes darkened.

This useless trash dog had embarrassed her today!

When she returned, she would definitely throw it to the slaughterhouse!

Song Qingyou smiled.

“Next time Miss Shen comes, it’s better not to bring Will. If Zhizhi hurts it, 1’11 feel bad!”

Shen Xiyan was so angry that her lungs were about to explode.

She stopped in her tracks and ultimately did not say anything.

Li Su saw that her expression was not good and subconsciously showed an aggrieved expression.

“Sister Xiyan, what’s wrong? Did 1 do something wrong?”

This expression was exactly the same as Song Qingyou’s!

Shen Xiyan’s right hand was ready to move, wishing she could slap Li Su in the face.

However, she still smiled and squeezed out a few words from between her teeth.

“No, I’m fine..”