Zhanxian-Chapter 691: If Direct Buying Doesn’t Work, Get An Agent

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Chapter 691: If Direct Buying Doesn’t Work, Get An Agent

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For the Pure Yang Palace’s move, the Greatest Heaven Sect was caught off guard. They thought that the Pure Yang yang Palace would treasure the things they got from the Zhao family and use them as sect inheritance. After all, the Pure Yang Palace is just a small sect, but they didn’t expect the Pure Yang Palace to be so generous that they could sell all of them.

No one would mention the various resources and materials that Yang Chen obtained from the Zhao family. Those were Yang Chen’s spoils of war, things he won. If it weren’t for the great importance of the demon sealing formation, even Yang Chen could keep this formation a secret. From a moral point of view, if Yang Chen did just that, there was no problem at all. Now that these things are used to benefit the public, that is Yang Chen’s generosity and everyone has to appreciate it.

In this way, the Pure Yang Palace can almost be said to have received the support of almost all dao sects. If others want to find fault with this to suppress the Pure Yang Palace, they have to see whether those who support the Pure Yang Palace are willing or not.

According to the original intention of the Greatest Heaven Sect, these precious materials of the Zhao family should have been monopolized by a few big sects and the Pure Yang Palace, but the Pure Yang Palace did not play cards according to common sense.

The Greatest Heaven Sect said that it is not allowed to sell to the demon sect, the Pure Yang Palace immediately agreed, and announced that it would only be sold to dao sect disciples. With such happy support, it was unreasonable for the Greatest Heaven Sect to want to find fault with it. Especially the last move of the Pure Yang Palace, retail sales, has attracted the hearts of countless people. Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to object, they would not risk offending all the dao sect disciples in the mortal world to obstruct it.

The Pure Yang Palace was willing to betray itself, but the Greatest Heaven Sect obstructs it everywhere, what does that mean? The Greatest Heaven Sect is already the number one sect in the Dao Sect, and you bought everything in a package, and you ate a lot of it. Don’t you even leave some crumbs for others? In the world of cultivators, eating alone will be punished by the heavens.

Although the Pure Yang Palace’s move made the Greatest Heaven Sect a little unhappy, but after all, it was the Pure Yang Palace’s own affairs, and it gave the Greatest Heaven Sect enough face, only selling to the dao sect disciples, the Greatest Heaven Sect could only nod.

Now the Greatest Heaven Sect have tasted the benefits of having their own female disciples on Yang Chen’s side. Among other things, just looking at the Pill Cauldron Sect, if they want something, they have to buy it at full price. Where is it? So cool to get it? You know, although you only save 20%, it is equivalent to hundreds of catties of top-quality spirit stones. With so many spirit stones, even for the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was a huge fortune.

Soon, the sects started shopping. On this point, almost all major sects are consistent. The map of the demon sealing formation, the dao sect cultivation skills plus the alchemy formation are packaged.

Although everyone is also interested in the Demon sect cultivation techniques collected by the Zhao family, firstly, they want to avoid suspicion, and secondly, they are not willing to pay such a large price for the purchase, so they all gave up this part tacitly.

The happiest ones were of course the disciples of those small sects, who came to the Pure Yang Palace one after another, went to Hidden Pavilion and the ten thousand treasure building to buy a collection of cultivation methods, carefully inquired about the cultivation method suitable for them, and planned to buy them. Of course, rogue cultivators are even more happy. Although they are not pure disciples from dao sects, none of them have many friends, so let them buy for them. In this regard, the Pure Yang Palace has never made things difficult.

Mrs. Fanghua finally woke up, although she didn’t know what the effect of the two meritorious body refining pills was, the feeling of expelling all the impurities in her body made Mrs. Fanghua very happy. Especially when she saw as soon as she opened her eyes, her beloved was holding her to bathe and change her clothes, she was so happy that there was nothing else in her heart.

“Master, I really want the formation map and those cultivation methods, what should I do?” After Mrs. Fanghua heard about the rules given by the Pure Yang Palace, she couldn’t help shaking Yang Chen’s arm, acting coquettishly at the same time pleading.

“How can I break the rules I set myself?” Yang Chen gave Madam Fanghua a direct look, shook his head resolutely and said, “No, you are not a dao sect disciple, so I can’t sell it to you.”

“But I really want it!” Mrs. Fanghua was not discouraged, she still begged like that, her body moved a little more, her chest began to rub against Yang Chen’s arm, making Yang Chen feel her firmness and elasticity.

“Do you want it, or the Yin-Yang Demon Sect wants it?” Yang Chen didn’t directly refuse this time, but asked a rhetorical question.

“The sect wants it, but this slave also wants it. As long as this slave can bring these back, it will be a great achievement, and the status of this slave in the sect will be improved in the future.” Madam Fanghua did not hide her thoughts from Yang Chen.

“If the Yin-Yang Demon Sect wants it, then I don’t need to save them resources. But you are my woman, so I can also give you a 20% discount, the extra resources will be for you.” Yang Chen finally said, Mrs. Fanghua was overjoyed and immediately kissed Yang Chen, her face full of joy.

“But…” Yang Chen said but, which made Mrs. Fanghua nervous again, looking at Yang Chen with watery eyes, as if Yang Chen would shed tears if he refused.

“However, I still can’t sell it to you.” Mrs. Fanghua directly expressed that she didn’t understand Yang Chen’s words. She looked at Yang Chen flickering with her eyes full of doubts, why would he give her a 20% discount if he couldn’t sell it to her?

“My Pure Yang Palace will only sell to dao sect disciples.” Yang Chen said very righteously: “Don’t tell me that your Yin-Yang Demon Sect doesn’t even have a single undercover dao sects disciple.”

As soon as this was said, Mrs. Fanghua immediately understood. In fact, with her intelligence, she should have thought of this long ago. It’s just that people are by Yang Chen’s side, and all their hearts are tied to Yang Chen’s body. All they think about is how to please Yang Chen, how to make Yang Chen happy, how can they think of these things. After Yang Chen dialed, Mrs. Fanghua immediately understood what Yang Chen meant.

“I understand. I will find a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect to buy.” Mrs. Fanghua not only understood, but she even vaguely discovered from Yang Chen’s attitude that Yang Chen seemed to be dissatisfied with the Greatest Heaven Sect. When it was settled, disciples from the Greatest Heaven Sect will replace her to buy it.

“You’re the smart one!” Yang Chen slapped Madam Fanghua again with his big hand, but this time, it was a compliment, which made Madam Fanghua smile instantly.

“You have the Yin-Yang Demon Sect, so you can’t leave the other Demon Sects empty-handed.” With a smile on his face, Yang Chen enthusiastically pointed out: “If they are also interested, you can give them some advice, you can still show favors, can’t you?”

“Yes, master!” Mrs. Fanghua’s pretty face had become like a flower and she threw herself into Yang Chen’s embrace full of spring emotion.