Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 2182

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Qin Nan said after a slight hesitation, "It's not a big deal for now. It might be in our favor if he, Zhuang Nan, and the others come after us now."

"He should be coming after me if he's already in the Dao Seeking Land. He won't reveal my whereabouts to the other factions."

"Even if he did tell the formidable factions where I am, Xu Ruochen and the others would notice they are on the move. We'll amend our plans accordingly."

That being said, Qin Nan still found Supreme South World and Xiang Hun's ability to track him down a nuisance. He was forced to act passively because of it.

He should figure out a way to deal with it once he was done here.

"If Xiang Hun dares to come, I'll teach him a lesson," Princess Miao Miao rubbed her palms while Jiang Bilan smiled.

Time gradually passed. On the second evening...

Thirteen ancient cities were emitting shocking auras on the eighteenth branch of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. The cities were quite close to one another.

The gates of Wuxuan City, the city which the Extreme Living Gate had constructed were buzzing loudly as they were being shut. The rogue cultivators who were in the city were told to leave.

The spacious streets were decorated with lights and ribbons. Ancient formations were activated too, emitting pure wisps of Immortal intent, turning the city into a cultivation ground.

The City Lord Hall had countless tables made of immortal jades with delicacies and wines on them. There were also cauldrons with incense made of Supreme Beasts' blood lit up in the corners.

The Patriarch of the Extreme Living Gate, Daoist Qianlong stood at the entrance in a purple robe. He had an imperious and serious look on his face.

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The rest of the Nine Heavens Supremes stood by him in two lines.

"Supreme Wanqing has arrived!"

"Supreme Zhenxuan is here!"

Following the announcement, a glamorous woman and a young man whose face was blurred with Nine Heavens Supremes following behind them arrived at the entrance.

"Qianlong, we are already so familiar with one another. Why the stern look on your face?" Supreme Zhenxuan said.

"It's the first time our factions have joined hands even though I'm personally close to you. We must treat it seriously," Daoist Qianlong invited them inside with a gesture.

Everyone entered the hall. Daoist Qianlong took the main seat while Supreme Wanqing and Supreme Zhenxuan sat beside him.

The formation was quite impressive. The Nine Heavens Supremes of three factions had gathered in the hall. Five of them were experts ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard.

After some toasts and polite greetings, Daoist Qianlong placed his cup down and said, "Actually, there's something else I would like to discuss with you two."

"Just say it."

Daoist Qianlong said, "We have speculated that there's a high chance Qin Nan will come to the Dao Seeking Land. He has to achieve the Master Realm within two years, so he won't miss out on a great scene like this."

"There aren't many forbidden areas that are accessible in these two years, so I believe we can make the necessary preparations first to take him down."

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"I'm sure Qin Nan is going to lose this time, but we should decide on how we are going to split his possessions in the end."

Supreme Wanqing and Supreme Zhenxuan were startled, but they remained silent.

Daoist Qianlong said with a faint smile, "The seven Heaven Highness Clans are obviously after Qin Nan's memories, so it's out of the picture. The Extreme Living Gate is thinking of claiming the Ownerless Heaven Pattern."

Supreme Wanqing said without any hesitation, "That won't do, the Ten Desires Sect is more interested in the Undying Cycle Mountain!"

Supreme Zhenxuan nodded too, "She's right, the Undying Cycle Mountain is more valuable than the Ownerless Heaven Pattern in comparison. Not only is it related to the origin force of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, rumors say the ten stages it has have unbelievable benefits too."

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He added after a slight hesitation, "From what we have learned, the Undying Cycle Mountain is the main reason why Zhou Di was able to raise the Army of Eternity."

Daoist Qianlong shook his head. His eyes flickered, "Let me ask you two, what is the thing we want the most in a time like this?"

Supreme Wanqing and Supreme Zhenxuan immediately said, "It's obviously a way to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm...are you saying that the Ownerless Heaven Pattern is the key?"

The two immediately straightened their figures.

"It's sort of related!"

Daoist Qianlong took a sip of his wine and said, "Many factions are thinking of bringing their souls back to the ancient times to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm. The truth is, the Extreme Living Gate also comes up with the same way a few thousand years ago."

"However, why do we focus so much on the Blue Heavens?"

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Several thoughts crossed the minds of Supreme Wanqing and Supreme Zhenxuan. They both stayed quiet.

"Now that our factions have joined hands, I won't keep it the secret from you. The method of sending souls back to the ancient times might have a chance of working, but the risks are too great. Finding the Blue Heavens is a safer option. That's the first reason."

"Second, our founder once discovered a great secret. The Ownerless Heaven Pattern isn't something Zhou Di has refined. It's something that dates back to the beginning of the world."

"It's how Zhou Di has refined the only Indestructible Flesh of Eternity in the world!"

Daoist Qianlong's words shocked them.

"He refined the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity with the Ownerless Heaven Pattern?"

Supreme Wanqing and Supreme Zhenxuan were dumbfounded. They had never heard anything like it before.

"Even if that's true, the Ownerless Heaven Pattern is only useful for Xiang Hun. Why is it important to us?" Supreme Zhenxuan asked. One would need the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh to refine the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity.

Only Xiang Hun had the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh.

"Cultivator Zhenxuan, you shouldn't arrive at the conclusion so easily. I've only explained the second reason. As for the third reason..."

Daoist Qianlong was about to continue his sentence when he, Supreme Wanqing, Supreme Zhenxuan, and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes glanced at the entrance of the hall after picking up something.

"I heard there's a feast going on here. May I have a drink too?" a voice said.

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