Possessing Nothing - Chapter 427

It did not take long for the body of the Mushin to burn completely and become ashes .
After burning everything, the flame was naturally turned off, and the ashes left on the wind were blown away by the blowing wind .
After the light of spirit came out, the body after the month was boiling and it became a flesh that lost its shape .
Lee looked at the flesh and frowned .
Hunting facilitated in the Elven Forest .
Leviath’s body .
She did not have her personality until the end . Rather it would have been good for Levias .
With my personality, crying for her father’s revenge, she would never have been successful in revenge .
It is a job for Levias to die in such a way that he can not think about vengeance and vengeance .
Lee Sung-min shook his tongue and saw the light of the coming spirit . The spirit … … This was the first time I had direct contact with .
A spirit that is the manager of this world .
Now, with the wisdom, we make a huge fate, give a fate, and wandered . The spirit still led the fate and was sticking to the end .
Lee Sung-min, who is out of fate, does not get carried away by other fate . The power of the spirit that has caused the death of the man and the liquor has no effect on Lee Seong – min .
I knew it, but it was the first time I was in touch with the spirit that I had to be nervous . The wise men also groaned in the head of Lee Seongmin .
“Interesting . ”
The light shouted out .
“Very, very interesting . You are a proof of human possibilities . ”
So saying, the light shook right . Lee thought that the tremor was due to laughter .
“Even if it is due to repeated coincidences, it is also a possibility . This world was meaningful to you as one . ”
The spirit spoke so sincerely . Lee Sung-min emboldened the intangible window in his hand .

If you attack the spirit here, can you kill it? Could I end this fucking ending?
“Stop it . ”
The spirit said .
“It is true that your power is powerful enough to threaten my presence, but it is impossible to harm me here . ”
[It is a simple terminal . ]
Wang said nonsense . The light of the spirit shook again and again .
“I was robbed of the toys and I did what I did . You know best that you do not have any . ”
The object to which the spirit sprang up was not wise but the wise .
A toys that are handy .
The cheek of Lee Seung – min hurts at the expression . The dragon ‘s plusher and the unstoppable monstrous nostalgia made the space tremble .
“It’s a mystery . In the repetitions so far, the black heart has always existed, but it has never produced such a result . Though there was a coincidence and a fate of fortune … … I’m sorry . Very sorry . It is too sad to have escaped the space-time with the tyranny . ”
If this world is to come to an end as scheduled, and a new world begins . It would be impossible to produce the same results as Lee Seong-min .
It is the most important thing to make Lee Seong – min ‘s’ that’ is to buy with him .
They both heard the outside world in the world before they heard it, and escaped time and space like Kim Jong Hyun .
Even if it is the end and the whole is over and the world is repeated again . There is no life in the world .
“… … I have a lot of questions . ”
Lee Seongmin captured the enemy revealed . If you smash the terminal, you can not harm yourself . Besides, I’m not sure if I really can kill the spirit .
[But first, is it possible?]
I ignored the words of the wise .
This world was created through various interests .
Immediately, Lee Seongmin grasps the spiritual, fairy, and magical worlds until there is trust .
Perhaps all the dimensions to which the ethereals who are summoned to the Elias may be entangled in this world .
[True . This is a kennel used by everyone . Before the transfer, I only intervened most recently .
“What are you curious about?”
The wise answered the question, and the spirit asked . Lee ‘s eyebrows wriggled because the reaction was favorable .
“… … If you ask, will you be honest? ”
“There is nothing I can not do . ”
“I would be your enemy . ”
“You are an excellent marmot . It is you who showed the greatest achievement in this world, and because of your existence, I can delight in ‘Next’ . ”
Good marmot .
Lee shook his shoulders and laughed .
“… … Why did you let him die? ”
“Is not it fun to pay the master’s enemies?”
“Strictly speaking, you are the enemy . just… … I do not get convinced . That’s disgusting . It was you who had wrapped up the godlessness until now . It was you who ruined the traces I tried with a spell . ”
“Because the time has not come . ”
The spirit answered hesitantly .
“At that point, there was no reason for you to meet Mushin . I thought that the stimulation was not enough for the stamina, and the stamina was not enough for you .
“… … stimulus?”
“As a result, I was disappointed in the martial arts . It’s because of you . I was very excited about the possibilities and growth you saw, and I was expecting the same from you . ”
Through that word .
Lee Sung-min was able to see what the spiritual drawing was like .
Stimulation, growth .
It is obvious . Lee is weak . No talent, no talent .
In the fight against Jenny Laura, if Jenny Ella had sincerely tried to kill her son … … .
Lee Seong-min would have been dead for a long time .
It is also a coincidence .
Or was it a spiritual wind?
Jenny did not just kill her, but played with desperation .
As a result, it made the work to be heard before the attack and awakened Lee Seong-min .
“That’s why Jenny did all the work . ”
“… … What if I was killed by Jennie? ”
“Then you would have used the Manshin instead . Maybe he was dead to Jenny Ella .
The spirit answered with a smile .
I knew what the spirit wanted .
It was simple that he wanted . ‘Performance’ . Unlike the world that has been repeated so far, there have been too many variables in this world .
As a result, this world has succeeded in moving in a totally different direction than ever before .
“Thank you . ”
To whom does the thanks come?
“Thanks to that, I was able to achieve a good result . It would have been a very good achievement if I crossed the wall without fighting with you, but it should not happen . Even if you do not have a black heart, you have a talent for Mushin, maybe … … . I expected it . Inferiority and self – esteem have caught the ankle of the . But you can expect ‘next’ . At that time, there would not exist a man who gave the inferiority to the martial . ”
I am reminded of the self-helping laugh and the self-restraint . In the last moments, what did he think of the martyr who knew he was a puppet?
“Not to mention the month after tomorrow . In the postwar months, it was all a part of supporting the martial arts, and it was a vessel prepared to stimulate the martial arts . Is this satisfactory as an answer to your question? ”
“… … Why… … Did you take the bad luck? ”
“I thought I could use it . ”
The spirit immediately answered .
“I know your relationship with the witch show . You can never let go . I can not do that . If your feelings are second, and you ignore her, you will end this world . ”
It is not only the feat .
“You are involved in many things . You can escape fate by yourself, but what about others? Can you throw them away? ”
none .
“It is time to decorate the United States . In any way, the ending is flying . Come to the sleeping forest . The road will open … … ”
The light of spirit sparkled . Towards the disappearing light, Lee shot an intangible window .
The space burst and the light completely disappeared . I knew that if I destroyed the terminal, I would not be able to hurt the spirit, but it was a simple one .
“pup . ”
Lee Seong – min saw the place where the spirit had disappeared and spoke out . He chewed up the dirty mood and destroyed the intangible window .
Lee Sung-min slowly came down to the ground . He grew bored and walked toward the gate .
“Heavy … … ! ”
People at the gate were scared to see the approaching Lee Seong-min . Lee ignored their reaction .
Lee Seong – min ‘s hands spread toward the furrowed flesh that remained on the floor .
The soaring fireworks burned the flesh completely . He looked at his eyes one by one .
monster .
Someone muttered . I did not dispute the wrong word .
[Do you want to go?]
I turned instead of answering the question . There was no reason to stay in the city . The fight against Mushin gave little fatigue to Lee Sung-min .
But Lee did not rush . He walked toward the sleeping forest and fell in thought .
‘It’s time to decorate America . … . ‘
A word that the spirit spoke at the end . Lee Seong-min also knows what America is .
[You will not get anything anymore . ]
Wang said .
[Jenny Ella died and Predator was destroyed . Gemini is rallying vampires, but they can not make it through them . ]
‘I am strong enough to say . ’
But it is weaker than you . I can not make any more achievements, so I have to finish it . If the end is fulfilled, the next world opens … … Through his achievements in this world, he will actively intervene in destiny . ]
It would be hard to make good quality guinea pigs like you . Wang muttered .
[I knew the possibility of a black heart . Even in the next world, the prince of fear who contracted with Prescreen will gladly provide the soul of Prescane . Then he will make a black heart again . ]
Lee Sung-min quietly listened to the complaints .
[Throughout the world, the spirit has come to know for sure the turning point of changing fate . I do not know who the black heart will lead to in the next world … … The spirit will try many things . It’s a turning point I’ve finally found in tedious repetition . ]
‘What about you?’
[I do not know … … It will not disappear . Maybe in the next world it may be in control of the world as it is now . ]
I was not sure about him . The incompetent . Lee Sung – min asked with grumbling .
“What are you guys?”
I wanted to ask all the time .
“I know that you are not great . I manage the world and manage my destiny, but I can not even fix the big mistakes and not even interfere if I get out of fate . What the hell? ”
[… … We are… … Manager . It was created when this world first opened . That is why we can not do anything beyond our authority . No, it’s all the same . ]
I woke up with a long sigh .
[As you already know, this world is intertwined with various understandings . The common goal is to get the full technology … … . ]
‘Why do you want to get it?’
[Uhmun . On the contrary, why do not you get it?
The wise commander said .
[The world is absurd and absurd . Some are born with excellent talent, others are stupid from birth . Birth, death, reincarnation . No matter how great God is, he can not control it . It is the law of the universe and the promise . ]
‘I came back . ’
[This world is the only exception to that rule . There are many dimensions that are linked to the aria . The dangerous and powerful monarchs of the Daima system, the spirit world, the fairy system, and the … … All of them tolerated Erie as an exception . ]
There is something that each wants .
[In an absurd and absurd world, this world is quite reasonable . You can force your talent, you can cut too much power . What… … There is an exception as everywhere . ]
Lee Sung-min knew well who was the exception .
[This world has existed with their acquiescence and help . I’ve done enough for this . Techniques that go in different directions as time goes by are recorded in the ‘library’, which is open to everyone who has made this world alive . ]
The step of Lee Seong – min stopped .
“Ending the ending is … … I can not get their help . ”
[You have the keys to the library . ]
Wang muttered .
[It was for a feast of wisdom, but it is better for you to belong to you . With it … … It’s up to you to do what you do . ]
Lee was conscious of the key in his arms .
“That’s a counterfeit . ”
Do not mistake it . It’s true that it’s the key to the library, not the ‘real’ library . In the first place, the real library does not even dare to intervene .
Lee Sung-min ignored the words that were ignored in general .
[What are you doing? We are proud of the protection of spirit … … Would you kill him?
‘Do the sound that makes sense . ’
In the question of the wise, Lee shed a sneer .
‘I can not kill her . ’