Possessing Nothing - Chapter 428

It did not take long to go to sleeping forest . Organize thoughts, organize emotions .
Although it was a little slower in doing so, I was able to arrive in an instant if I had a mind .
Writing magic, or writing art . There are many ways Lee Seong – min can do now .
It was night when I put the forest in my sight . Lee did not go any further and prepared the camp .
I thought about going into town, but I did not want to hurry .
I was not sure .
I know that I can not come up and prepare something more . Meditation no longer grows Lee Seong-min .
There is no place, no magic, no place to go further . As well as . Lee Sung-min consciously understood his body while contemplating .
The black heart no longer grows . To Lee Seong – min, there was no room for further growth .
I also learned a lot of preparation and I got the power of the dragon . I also have a bunch of blood vessels . The growing power of predating the heart of Aine consumed all of his fighting with Jennifer Lahua .
There is no back . I do not expect anything I do not even know .
‘I . ’
I stared at the burning bonfire . The fat of the lump of stubble that was placed on the top roughly made boiling sound . Lee sprinkled salt and pepper on the meat .
‘Prevents the feat . ’
It should not be discussed whether it can be done . I had to unconditionally . No matter what number you have, you should stop the bad luck .
Jenny Ella is the same as the time but also different . Lee Seongmin took the ripe meat by hand . And he ate graciously .
Anxiety, irritability, worry … … .
I heard such familiar feelings . It was the same feeling as when we were preparing for a fight with Jennifer Lahwah .
America .
Through the battle against the wisdom, it will end in some way . Bigger meat quickly disappeared . Lee Sung – min chewed his bones and raised other meat .

Maybe, this may be the last meal . I thought it was scarce to make roughly grilled meat as the last dinner .
Lee Sung – min pulled out the flask from the space pocket .
‘Look at that . ’
I pulled out the cup . I filled the cup with alcohol and put it on the other side .
‘I do not remember drinking alone . ’
Of course, he was not able to drink alcohol . There are few memories that I enjoyed together even in such an atmosphere .
Lee smiled and poured a bottle of liquor into his mouth . I opened my mouth with anchovies . Looking at the right side of the cup, keep going .
It was my first time to eat and drink like this . When I was having a banquet in a fairy forest in front of a fight with Jenny Laura, I was eating and drinking quite a lot, but it was not even today .
Even though I ate enormously, I was not satisfied . Lee Sung-min was licking it with a drink, and he wiped off both hands that were bundled with oil .
“Sister . ”
Lee raised her body and called her . I was feeling already . Everyone came here, except for Osla who could not get out of the Fairy Forest .
“I eat well alone . ”
It was Scarlet that made a grumbling sound . The magic tent was kicked . Scarlett stared at Lee Seongmin with a shitty face .
There was no question of how to get here in that remote fairy forest . Osla took the fairy, and perhaps the fairy would belong to Scarlet .
“If you showed me, I would have wanted to eat together . ”
“I am very good at saying . ”
“Do not you think it was because I was eating alone?”
When Lee smiled and asked, Scarlett had no expression . She opened her lips to say what she said, but she sighed a long sigh without spitting .
“… … What are you doing here? ”
She opened her lips, which she kept shut . Listening to a slight trembling voice, Lee smiled and laughed .
“We are going to stop the feud . ”
I did not give much explanation . That was enough to say . The face of Baek Soko was firm, and his lips were closed . At the back, the eyebrows of the black dragon eye were frowned upon .
“We will … … What about the show? ”
Lloyd stuttered . Seeing those who were not wiped, Lee Seong-min felt a mixed feeling .
As long as they are human, there is no way to reproduce lost limbs and eyes .
What if I get outside?
I thought of it, but Lee Sung-min erased the idea from my mind . It was not worth the stock . If you are not a human being and you are not human, everything as a human disappears .
“She was the last catastrophe . ”
In the answer of Lee Sungmin, the Black Dragon ‘s coffin broke out .
“It’s ironic . Shochun Maga … … The last one? To whom did you hear that? ”
“I heard it directly from the spirit . ”
“To the spirit … … ? how?”
“I just killed him before . ”
In the answer of Lee Sung – min, the look of Mr . Lee Sung-min answered his head against such a black dragon .
“It was not a good death . … … Did you give up on you? ”
“no… … No, I need to . I am not an old man of Changwang, and I think he is stolen . ”
The horse did so, but the voices of the Heilongjiang people had a plummet . The reason why Heilongjiang was practiced with Mount Chang in the mountain of Mt . She was to pay back the disgrace that he met Mushin sometime and joined King Chang .
“so . ”
Scarlet touched his eyes, and he muttered . Suddenly she was covering her eyes with plausible eyes .
“You alone . Without saying anything . Did you do a lot of things like leaving the forest? ”
“I met Yana at the Wujing mountain range . Fortunately, he says he is unharmed . ”
“… … so?”
“There I met an incompetent wise man . From the wartime … … I heard that it was a spiritual servant . I was forced to move for the purpose of sleeping in the forest . ”
“I thought it would . I thought you would go to a sleeping forest if you moved blindly . ”
Scarlett grumbled .
“I did not think I was going to stop by the Huyet Mountains, but … … Well, as a result, meeting you again was successful . ”
“Why are you here?”
I asked the obvious question .
“Why do you ask for the obvious? Of course, it is to help you who want to do it alone . ”
Likewise, the obvious answer came back .
Lee heard the answer and quietly asked his mouth . Obvious questions and obvious answers . Lee Seong-min saw Scarlett with deep eyes .
“… … what . That tender eye . ”
Scarlett pulled the tip of his chin as if he was embarrassed and avoided his gaze . I saw a white sigh .
Black Dragonfly was still staring at the sky, and Lloyd was rubbing his fingers through his lips as if he was nervous .
Lubia was looking at Scarlet’s side, and Teresa was holding a new Rosario in her neck . Then, I saw a white bag .
Her look … … .
I could not read well . Baeksogo chewed his lower lip and looked downward .
The eyes and shoulders shake . I can not talk to my lips . Ah . Lee Sung-min realized at a certain moment .
The feelings of Baek Sogo were unhappy .
“The sister is a good person . ”
Lee smiled slowly and said .
“Even now… … The sister, you are sad . ”
“If you were offended … … Sorry, priest . ”
“Not at all . It does not offend … … Just, I’m curious . Why are you hurting me? ”
“… … I do not know how the priest thinks of the little horse, no, Between the two … … I do not know what kind of relationship . ”
Also .
Listening to Baek Soo Goo ‘s answer, Lee Seong – min felt his heart be a little bit refined . Back sogo was such a person .
She was a good person before she was a monster that was devoured by her twisted beliefs .
Even if it was broken in a spiritual practice of a thousand years . Even if you face the despair that can not be overcome and break it .
Back to .
I was helping a little boy who was in danger of going to die in front of me in the mountains of Mesh . … .
It was a good person . The reason for having belief that, with narrowed justice, destroying evil in this world was simple . It was just because he was a good person .
I saw Scarlett . He is always grumbling, having a rough mouth and selfish person who knows only himself .
Scarlett did not escape from the dangers he was going through . Even in the fairy forest, Scarlett could try to escape if he wanted to run away .
However, she chose to fight Jenny Ella, knowing she was a herd .
The once-enemy, the Black Dragon, became a companion on the occasion of death .
Ten years have passed since we met again, and there was no great bond between Heilongjiang and Lee Sungmin .
Nonetheless, Heilongjiang came here . Despite his arm being lost in a fight with Jenny Rawah .
I first met Lloyd in the dungeon of Prescane . Having succeeded Griess from Abel, he did not regret his life, but tried to resist the end by using the magic of Griess .
Though Gryes itself is an object that the spirit has arranged . Like Abel, who tried to stop the end through Gryes, Lloyd sincerely hoped to stop the end and helped her .
I think that Lubia has traveled a lot with Lee Sung – min after the bluff . She had many things to say to her .
It was true that it was eventually involved in the death of Envirus . Lubia was afraid of a fight with Jennifer Lahua, but fought with Lee Sung-min without running away .
Theresa also had a lot of gratitude . Despite being blindly asked for help, Theresa offered her a favor without any misunderstanding or prejudice .
After I learned about the end, I did not worry, but I stayed in the forest and helped . She was a good adult who kept screaming and crying to keep Jenny .
I am also grateful to Osla, who is not here . If the time of the end comes, it is Osla, who is not the most terrible thing .
Even though he knew it well, Osley chose to confront Lee Seong-min, an apprentice disciple, to confront the end .
Thinking of all that, Lee smiled well .
“… … thank you . ”
Frankly said thank you .
“Thank you so much for coming to help me . ”
“Do not yell at Ograd . It’s important to stop the end . Yeah, you said it was the last catastrophe . So when you finish the performance, you end the end . ”
“Maybe it is . ”
“what? The ambiguous answer is . Oh, thanks . Will you keep doing that? To the forest … … ”
“no . ”
At the end of Scarlet ‘s call, Lee Sung – min shook his head .
“I go to the forest alone . ”
“… … Why?”
Baeksookgo asked with a firm expression .
“Because the sister is a good person . ”
“What… … ? ”
“Scarlet, too, Black Dragon, Lloyd, Lubia, Teresa too . Everybody is a good person … … So I’m going to go alone . ”
“… … What are you talking about? ”
Scarlett asked in an annoying voice .
“I do not want to make you dangerous . ”
Lee walked one step forward .
“I do not want to hurt any more . ”
I knew that I would not listen carefully to words . The unstoppable Nashin and the pressure caused the floor to vibrate .
Baek Soo Goo stepped backward step by step with a huge pressure .
“… … Priests alone may be difficult . ”
“Maybe it is . ”
“Knowing … … Why do not you get help? ”
“Did not you say? I do not want to hurt you . ”
“If you fail anyway, the end will kill us all . I do not want to hurt you, but I do not want to … … ”
“It does not make the impossibility possible because you are added . ”
To be cool, that was true .
“I… … ”
Baek Sokgo hesitated and opened his mouth .
“No, we have … … Are you weak? Is it a disturbance? ”
Lee Sungmin greatly swallowed .
“Yeah . ”
White Sogo ‘s face got white in the answer .