Chapter 802: 802

Chapter 802: The Truth Back Then

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Shen Qianshu was slightly flustered .  Why ask Second Brother?

“Naturally, you must ask Gu Yuanli . Doctor Yang and Doctor Shen are both from Ghost City . Their car accident was staged . It was a homicide . If you want to know the truth, ask him directly . No one knows about Yang Lihua’s incident more than him . ”

Just as his voice landed, the door to the ward was pushed open . Speak of the devil, and he would appear . Gu Yuanli’s expression was calm with not a single look of panic at all . “Ye Ling, I was not around . Don’t push everything that had happened onto me . ”

“This is the truth!” Ye Ling’s gaze was cold .

“Second Brother, what is this all about?” Shen Qianshu asked .

Gu Yuanli walked over . He had heard a little about today’s incident too . “I’m more shocked than you that Lihua is still alive . She and Doctor Shen were indeed my people . Back then when you were giving birth, I knew that Black Rose would harm you . Thus, I asked Doctor Shen to think of ways to prevent anyone from harming you right from the start . In the beginning, I was planning to wait for your child to be born . I would then bring the child away and send him to a place where nobody knows . He will then be able to grow up safely without the Black Rose ever laying a finger on him . However, I did not expect that the child would be stillborn at birth . ”

Shen Qianshu’s lips turned white . “So when I was giving birth back then, there were already so many people eyeing my child . ”

Ye Ling’s expression was also not great .

“When you gave birth to a stillborn, I actually heaved a sigh of relief . If the child was living, he would also have been taken away by Black Rose since young . Everything you and Ye Ling had suffered would then all be suffered by the child . Perhaps, he would not have survived too, as he still had to suffer from torture . He might as well leave the world painlessly when born . That might have been a good ending,” Gu Yuanli said .

Shen Qianshu’s gaze turned cold . It was like a freezing arrow, shooting straight at Gu Yuanli .

“Little Shu, you could not protect your child . I couldn’t too,” Gu Yuanli said softly . “This is the truth . If you have to blame someone, you should blame Ye Ling . When you most needed someone to protect you, he was not by your side . ”

Ye Ling was silent, and he oddly did not rebuke him .

Back then, he was still in the mental hospital battling with his second personality . He was almost devoured . How could he be able to protect Shen Qianshu then?

“Then why would Doctor Shen and Doctor Yang die?”

“Because they betrayed Ghost City,” Gu Yuanli said calmly . “They betrayed Ghost City for money . ”

“So, that means you killed them?”

“That was the rule,” Gu Yuanli said . “Nothing can be accomplished without rules . The couple’s positions were really high . If it was not for their betrayal, why do you think Big Brother would…”

Gu Yuanli took a deep breath and said, “Tong Hua needed money to treat his illness . I understand . Ghost City also footed Tong Hua’s expensive hospital bills, but they should not have been so reckless and take such a risk . ”

“This is the truth back then? They betrayed Ghost City because of money . Thus, you killed them, causing Tong Hua to become an orphan?” Shen Qianshu felt that this was absurd . “How do you expect me to tell Tong Hua that I’m actually considered his parents’ murderer?”

Her family member was actually Tong Hua’s parents’ murderer .

No matter what the reason was, he was still a murderer .

The couple only took such a risk because of Tong Hua, and that made Shen Qianshu feel more unbearable .

“This incident has nothing to do with you,” Gu Yuanli said . “If Tong Hua wants to seek revenge, feel free to come find me . I’m not wrong . If it were anybody else, they would have handled it the same way as me too . You don’t understand what we went through back then at all . If not for Yang Lihua’s sudden appearance, I was not planning to let you know . ”

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