Chapter 1295: 1295

Chapter 1295: Horseback Jolt

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If it was any other world, Hong Dali would be careful not to get involved . But since this was Tang Zhen’s world, he had to take a look .

When those people saw Dali, they immediately shouted from afar . “Rascal, get out of the way! Don’t block the road!” They ran across as such, without even replying to Hong Dali .

Hong Dali was furious . Even if they were in a hurry, how long would it take to answer him?

He walked for less than half an hour toward the east before more than ten people came from behind . This time, a young man in the crowd looked at Hong Dali and the Goddess of Wisdom . Suddenly, he pulled the rein and stopped the horse . He looked at Hong Dali and Goddess of Wisdom carefully . An amazing look flashed in his eyes as he asked, “Seeing the way you’re dressed, you must not be locals, right? Where are both of you heading to?” Hong Dali’s clothes were actually okay, but the Goddess of Wisdom had her staff . This made him curious .

“Wushen Palace . ” Hong Dali sniffled, then asked, “How about you?”

Hearing that, the young man was elated . He smiled as he cupped his fists . “I’m Hu Ziming . Since you’re also heading to Wushen Palace, how about we go together?” Then, he asked the Goddess of Wisdom, “This is…?”

“My wife . ” Hong Dali did not wait for the Goddess of Wisdom to reply . He quickly answered, “We’re just curious and want to go and take a look . Hehe . ”

The Goddess of Wisdom’s face flushed red . She knew this was not the time to talk back . Hence, she lowered her head without saying anything .

As a goddess, she had always been the one to give commands . But the situation was different . It was her turn to listen to what others said . But it seemed not bad, at least she didn’t have to worry .

“Aiyaya, outstanding . Both of you look like a match made in heaven . ” It was obvious Hu Ziming warmed up to them very quickly . He smiled and said, “If you don’t mind, how about taking my horse?”

He jumped off the horse as he said that and called out to the other people . “Master, they’re also going to the Wushen Palace . Let’s bring them along . ” An old man in his fifties thought for a while . Seeing that Hong Dali and the Goddess of Wisdom both seemed rather young, he presumed that Hong Dali was probably a hot-blooded warrior . He nodded immediately and said, “Alright . But remember, the Palace Heavenly Lord of Wushen Palace, Ling Feng is not an ordinary person . You must be careful not to be killed . ”

At this moment, another person said anxiously, “Master, this is not a small matter . It’s best not to complicate matters . ”

“No, no . ” Hong Dali said with a smile, “We’re just going there to watch the fun, from afar . We won’t cause any trouble . ” The rule to watching the fun was to never get involved—the important thing was, when Hong Dali thought of Tang Zhen’s personality, he was subconsciously very fond of the successors of the Wushen Palace .

“In that case… alright . ” The other person could only agree .

At this moment, Hu Ziming ran back and said, “Brother Liu, I’ll ride your horse with you . ” He went up the horse immediately .

There was nothing going on on their end . But things got interesting on Hong Dali’s side—riding a horse with the Goddess of Wisdom . A new word newly formed on Earth a few days ago, “Horseback Jolt . ” He did not expect to be able to experience it so quickly…

Indeed, on the way, the Goddess of Wisdom’s face was red with embarrassment . She buried herself in Hong Dali’s arms, not daring to lift her head . She got prodded with every gallop the horse made . It was indeed a new experience .

He and the Goddess of Wisdom had been on the top of the mountain all this time, and they were really bored . Now that there was something interesting happening, they couldn’t care less about such details . Hong Dali’s horsemanship was just average, but he did grasp the essence of “Horseback Jolt” quickly . Hu Ziming suddenly shouted, “Is that Wanshan Town up front?” His master replied, “Yes, it’s Wanshan Town . After passing the town, Wushen Palace is further up . ”

Hong Dali had heard Tang Zhen tell a story once, and he knew that the Wushen Palace had a long history behind it . However, he didn’t know how much it had evolved since . He was curious, with Tang Zhen’s reputation and strength in the past, did the group really dare to try encircling Wushen Palace? Wouldn’t they be asking to be killed?

After entering the town, they looked for an inn to stay the night . Hong Dali found an opportunity to ask Hu Ziming, “Brother Hu, I heard that the Wushen Palace is extremely powerful . Will just the few of us be enough?”

“It should be no problem . ” Hu Ziming laughed . “Wushen Palace has always been short of people . This generation’s Palace Master, the Heavenly Lord, Ling Feng is all alone with no family . He only has one trusted old servant under him . Originally, everyone kept to themselves . Ling Feng has been in seclusion for years . However, we recently heard that for some reason, he has come out of seclusion and killed numerous people . That was why the kill order was issued, and why we are encircling the Wushen Palace . ”

“I see . ” Hong Dali agreed with a casual tone, but he didn’t think that way . He thought to himself . “Tang Zhen is such a spirited and aboveboard person . His descendants shouldn’t be murderers who massacred civilians . There must be more to it than meets the eye . ”

Of course, Hong Dali did not put into words what he thought . He just ate and drank without talking .

Hu Ziming secretly glanced at the Goddess of Wisdom and sighed . He had been pursuing No . 18 on the Beauty Rankings, Lan Fangfei, and he had thought that she was a great beauty . Now that he had seen the Goddess of Wisdom, he realized that the two of them were practically like creatures from different dimensions . The Goddess of Wisdom was just sitting there quietly, but he had an urge to prostrate himself and worship her .

He hesitated for a while, then said, “Oh, by the way, what do I address you both?”

“Oh, my name is Hong Dali . ” Hong Dali said with a smile, “My wife’s name Bai Yalin, hehe . ” Well, the Goddess of Wisdom was clad in all white, and the last two words in her name were Yalynn, so he just made up the name for her .

“Oh, I’ve never heard of two of you in the Pugilistic World before . ” Hu Ziming repeated the names twice and committed them to memory . Then, he said, “Your names are not in the Pugilistic World’s Rookie Rankings or the Beauty Rankings . ”

Rookie Rankings and Beauty Rankings should be some kind of ranking list?

“We have just stepped into the Pugilistic World and we’re not well-known . ” Hong Dali said, “No need to hurry . ” After saying that, he suddenly turned and asked, “Oh, by the way, Brother Hu, can I ask for a favor?”

“What’s the matter?” Hu Ziming asked .

“It’s like this . When my wife and I came out, we were in a hurry, so we didn’t bring any travel expenses . ” Hong Dali scratched his hair bashfully . “Can you lend me some money? One tael of silver will do . ”

He had been secretly observing . The purchasing power of one tael of silver in this world was about equivalent to about one hundred yuan on Earth . One tael of silver was not a large amount .

“One tael of silver?” Hu Ziming asked curiously, “Is it enough?” Generally speaking, if someone needed travel expenses, he would need at least a hundred taels of silver for two people . However, Hong Dali only asked to borrow one tael of silver . How could it be enough?

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