Chapter 1296: 1296

Chapter 1296: Sunflower Treasure Book?!

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“One tael is enough, hehe . ” Hong Dali was lacking start-up capital now . Otherwise, with his usual style, he would never open his mouth to borrow money from others . But he had no choice . He now had a dependent . If he did not speak up, how would he survive in this world? After all, there was no knowing when they would be able to return to their original dimension—money was not everything, but without money, everything was impossible .

Of course, as for the question of how much start-up capital he required…

One tael of silver was enough . With so much knowledge, it wouldn’t be a problem to earn some pocket money .

“Since you’re in need of money, there’s no need to say more . ” Hu Ziming took out a piece of silver and put it on the table, laughing . “One tael is too little, make it five . If it’s not enough, let me know . I might not be able to provide everything, but I do have some money . ”

That was why people said that the men and women of the Pugilistic World were easygoing . If it were on Earth, it would be difficult to borrow one hundred yuan from someone you just met, let alone a thousand yuan .

“Hehe, thank you, Brother Hu . ” Hong Dali took the money with a smile, then pulled the Goddess of Wisdom and stood up . “I will bring her out to buy some daily necessities first, the rest of you take your time, hehe . ”

With that, the two of them left .

When Hong Dali and the Goddess of Wisdom left, Hu Ziming’s senior humphed . “Ziming, how can you lend money to someone you have just met? Our money doesn’t drop from the sky . Even if the lady is beautiful, you can’t just lend them money like that . He asked for one tael and you offered five!”

“Hehe . Brother, a hero can be taken down by a copper penny . It may be preventing him from doing something greater . I believe that if Dali is not really in need, he wouldn’t have asked me . ” Hu Ziming was rather casual about it . “That Miss Yalin is so beautiful, her man will certainly not be an ordinary person . Rest assured, it’s only five taels of silver . It’s worth exchanging it for a good friend . ”

“I guess so . ” The senior was silent for a moment . Then, he suddenly asked, “I don’t have a good feeling about encircling the Wushen Palace . To be honest, I always felt that while it’s logical that Ling Feng would exterminate a clan from the Pugilistic World whose member had offended him, it simply doesn’t make any sense for him to exterminate a village for no reason . ”

“There are many things in the Pugilistic World that are not as simple as they seem on the surface . ” Their master spoke up, “Everyone, remember . When we get there, observe more and act less . Before the situation is clear, don’t jump into action . ”

“We know, Master . ” “Don’t worry, we know what to do . ”

After Hong Dali brought the Goddess of Wisdom out of the inn, she suddenly laughed . “I doubt you’ve ever borrowed money from anyone since you transmigrated, right?”

“Hehe, it’s nothing to be concerned with . ” Hong Dali didn’t care about that at all . “There’s no telling how long we have to stay here . We have to get some money . Otherwise, how will we survive? We need money to eat and buy clothing . Even staying in inns and buying horses require money . ”

He had a point . They had no idea how much longer it would be before they reached Wushen Palace . They could not possibly live off Hu Ziming every day, right?

“Money is necessary, but do you have a way to make money?” the Goddess of Wisdom tilted her head slightly and looked at Hong Dali . “You only have five taels of silver now, and we don’t have much time . Are you going to gamble?”

Frankly speaking, gambling was indeed a very good idea, and it was probably the fastest way to get money . Hong Dali had always had good luck . He certainly wouldn’t miss out on such a good opportunity . So, he said, “Do you know what happens when a person goes gambling for the first time?”

“How would I know?” The Goddess of Wisdom, although extremely intelligent, had never gone gambling, after all . “What will happen?”

“Hehe, if you’re some rich young master, you will definitely win the first time . ” Hong Dali smiled, then twirled around in front of the Goddess of Wisdom . “Look at me . Do I look like a rich young master?”

What he said amused her . The Goddess of Wisdom covered her mouth and laughed . “It’s okay, not too bad at least . ”

Then, Hong Dali sized up the Goddess of Wisdom, making her blush . “You’re not bad yourself—but we can’t go gambling this time . ”

“Ah?” The Goddess of Wisdom expressed some difficulty at keeping up with Hong Dali’s train of thought . “Where do we go, then?”

“Hehe, don’t forget this is the martial arts world . I naturally have a way!” As Hong Dali spoke, he pulled the Goddess of Wisdom and started walking . Soon, he smiled and said, “I finally found it!”

The Goddess of Wisdom looked up . It was a store . On the storefront was a signboard with the characters “Wanshan Bookstore” written in an antique font .

“Bookstore?” The Goddess of Wisdom was a little surprised . “What are we doing here? Buying books?”

“Wrong, not books . It’s notebooks . ” Hong Dali led the Goddess of Wisdom into the store . He saw one of the shop assistants and asked, “Do you have any blank writing books? How much for one?”

He was buying blank writing books? Whatever for?

The Goddess of Wisdom was curious, but it was not a convenient time to ask . So, she simply followed quietly and watched .

“Oh . Sir, you’re here at the right time . We just so happen to have a batch of new blank books here . ” The shop assistant hurried to show Hong Dali . “They’re also quite cheap, just 20 coppers each . ”

Hong Dali was unsure how many coppers one tael of silver was worth . He simply tossed five taels of silver at him . “I’ll take five . ”

“Sure, Sir!” The shop assistant verified the authenticity of the silvers carefully then went to get what Hong Dali wanted . In just a while, the assistant was back with five blank books and four taels of silver . “Sir, here you go . ”

Well, now he knew one tael of silver was equal to one hundred coppers, hehe .

After receiving the books, Hong Dali smiled and pulled the Goddess of Wisdom out . The next stop was the shop that sold the four treasures of the study, which were what stationary was known as . He bought brushes and inks . After the purchase, he had three and a half taels left—he was thankful that Hu Ziming gave him five taels . One wouldn’t have been enough…

Now that he was done with the shopping, Hong Dali took the Goddess of Wisdom back to the inn . It was already late in the evening and too late to continue on their journey . Hu Ziming and his party stayed the night there and had gotten Hong Dali and the Goddess of Wisdom a room to themselves .

After entering the room, the Goddess of Wisdom sat on the bed, blushing—she couldn’t even face Hong Dali now . Fate made fools of people . The atmosphere between the two was very ambiguous…

Fortunately, Hong Dali started busying himself once he got back to the room . He started writing in the books and drawing with a brush . She had no idea what he was up to .

“What… what are you doing?” Seeing that Hong Dali had not come to tease her, the Goddess of Wisdom felt relieved and stepped forward to watch curiously . She was shocked . “This… you’re drawing martial arts manuals? Dragon Eighteen Palms, The Solitary Nine Swords, Six Veins Excalibur, Sunflower Treasure Book?”

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