Chapter 860: 860

The Xiao Corporation had also stabilized their stock prices and strengthened their foundation . However, the losses were unimaginable, and they would have faced a terrible financial crisis if it weren’t because of their hefty amount of savings .

 Chu Jingnan had already promised to further his studies abroad together with his mother and Xiao Zhiyuan was preparing for it . From now on… he no longer had to worry about his secret getting exposed to the media or his wife finding out . Although he felt rather guilty about it and felt that he had let Chu Jingnan and his mother down, he had no choice but to do so for the sake of his family .

 Even though he had already made all the appropriate and necessary arrangements, he still felt empty .

 Although the scandal had already died down and been resolved, the Xiao Family was still affected by the aftereffects, which took a toll on Lin Yuechan and their son Xiao Chengyu .

 Ever since the release of his scandal, his relationship with his wife turned sour and she packed her belongings to return to her maiden home . Even until now, she still refused to forgive him or pick up his calls . He had tried to look her up at the Lin Family home, but she simply refused to see him .

 It was the first time that he ever found it so difficult to coax a woman . He initially thought that he could have extramarital affairs with beautiful and younger women since it was just an arranged marriage and he had been treating his wife with due respect . However, when he truly lost her, he realized that she actually meant a lot to him and he had already given her his heart unknowingly .

 Meanwhile, his son Xiao Chengyu had a heated argument with him and moved out of the Xiao Family home . He still refused to forgive him until now .

 His initially complete family had been broken .

 “Zhiyuan, it’s your turn,” said Old Mr . Xiao, who noticed that his son had been spacing out every now and then throughout their game of chess .

 Still stuck in a daze, Xiao Zhiyuan stared at the chessboard in bewilderment . He suddenly forgot the move that he had just made and did not know what move to make next .

 Old Mr . Xiao sighed and put the chessboard away . “You’re too distracted . There’s no point in continuing with the game . We might as well put an end to it . ”

He had never seen this ordeal coming, and he knew that the person who was affected the most was his son . He had always been arrogant and conceited . However, he did not wish for his family to be defeated because of that . It was a terrible feeling .

Hanging his head low, Xiao Zhiyuan exclaimed, “Father, I’m sorry!”

 Old Mr . Xiao shook his head and said, “You didn’t let me down . You’ve let yourself down . As a person, what’s most important is that you stay firm to your morals and values . Did you manage to do that?”

 Xiao Zhiyuan had a poor moral character and ended up getting embroiled in a scandal involving a mistress and an illegitimate son . He became an enemy of the public and the subject of castigation . How could he be an upright person?

Xiao Zhiyuan looked down and said, “Father, I understand . ”

 Old Mr . Xiao’s tone became austere and he said, “It’s time you learned your lesson . Take this incident as a lesson learned and be wary from now on . You must remember that lust is dangerous and you should abstain from it . ”

 Old Mr . Xiao was still rather upset and infuriated about the scandal . He was extremely disappointed as well . However, the Xiao Family was currently facing a string of other problems and his son was under tremendous pressure and agony . Hence, he could not bear to blame him any further .

 Xiao Zhiyuan nodded and remained silent .

Old Mr . Xiao continued, “Send some people to find out more about that little lass from the Wen Family . You must keep your guard up against her from now on . We were almost ruined by her . ”

 Old Mr . Xiao’s face grew sullen at the mention of Wen Xinya, who had one-upped the entire Xiao Family . He could not tolerate that embarrassing fact at all .

Xiao Zhiyuan said, “Father, don’t worry . I’ll pay close attention to this Wen Xinya from now on . I won’t give her the chance to plot against us again . ”

At the end of the day, the Xiao Family had suffered their downfall simply because they had belittled Wen Xinya and also because they were too arrogant .

 Old Mr . Wen sighed resignedly and said, “The Xiao Family shall focus on the research of electronic products and household appliances again . For now… let’s not provoke…” He let out a long sigh and continued indignantly, “the Wen Family . ”

 The Xiao Family was no longer as wealthy as they used to be, while the Wen Family’s abilities and wealth had greatly increased ever since the Ai Shang product launch . The Xiao Family was no match for the current Wen Family .

Xiao Zhiyuan understood what he meant . The Xiao Family had no choice but to scrap their idea of delving into the luxury brands market, a plan that they had been devising for nearly ten years . “Father, don’t worry . I’ll definitely manage the Xiao Family well while I’m still alive . In the future… I’ll definitely fulfill our family’s dream . ”

 Pleased with his confidence, Old Mr . Xiao said, “Of course I trust you, but… you’d better think of a way to secure your footing in the Xiao Corporation for now . Let the shareholders have faith in the Xiao Family . ”

The Xiao Family was not like the Wen Family, who held a total of 60% of the Wen Corporation’s shares . They had a complex shareholders dynamic and only held 49% of the Xiao Corporation’s shares . Although they were the major shareholders in name, while the Xiao Family was not in power or control of the Corporation .

 In order to secure their position, the Xiao Family chose to become affiliated to the Lin Family by marriage . Lin Yuechan owned 3% of the Xiao Family’s shares, which was a gift to her from Old Mr . Lin for her wedding dowry . Hence, her portion of the shares was extremely important to the Xiao Family .

 Having understood what his father meant, Xiao Zhiyuan answered, “Father, I know what to do with Yuechan . Rest assured!”

Old Mr . Xiao nodded, feeling extremely heartened .

 Xiao Zhiyuan said, “Father, Chengyu… I’ll need your help to nurture him . He’s not getting any younger and it’s time we start training him . Please guide him along . ”

 Not only was Wen Xinya ambitious, shrewd and scheming, but even his illegitimate son Chu Jingnan was also conniving and sly . Hence, he naturally wouldn’t admit that his son was inferior to the two of them .

 He initially planned to take him in hand and give him guidance . However, the scandal had caused a strain on their relationship .

 Old Mr . Xiao nodded and said, “You’re right . It’s time we train Chengyu . Leave him to me . ”

 Regardless of how outstanding the older generation was, the offspring and heirs were the deciding factors for the success of the family’s business . The Wen Family was a very good example .

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