Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 996

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Chapter 996: Private Conversation Between Sisters, and Gunshots on the Street

Staring at her cousin, Haley observed her expression and her movements. “Elena and he are quite compatible, right? So, you want a boyfriend too?”

Margaret couldn’t help but think carefully for a moment before she shook her head a little uncertainly. “No, no. I just think he’s a nice guy. I feel happy when I’m around him.”

Haley frowned. That wasn’t a good answer.

Her cousin might be naive, but when she was decisive, it was scary.

Nobody in the family had known when Margaret married William Johnson.

It wasn’t until she asked Haley for help that Haley found out that she was married, and that her “brother-in-law” whom she had never met was dead.

But what could they do?

As an artist, her emotions weren’t logical.

“Oh,” Haley simply replied, and immediately changed the subject. “How was the art exhibition this afternoon?”

Margaret’s attention was immediately diverted. She said excitedly, “Sis, someone took a fancy to two of Monroe’s paintings. They’re very expensive.”

Haley made a light sound of surprise. “How expensive?”

Margaret: “1.2 million for Weeping Girls and 800,000 for Cracks in Space and Time.”

Haley nodded and smiled. “Lindsay did well.”

Margaret was bewildered. “Huh?”

Although it was Lindsay who was holding the art exhibition for Monroe, the paintings had been sold at a high price. Wasn’t it because Monroe’s paintings were good?

Haley wasn’t interested in explaining business operations to her naive cousin, or what “backing” was.

For this cousin who was worth hundreds of millions, painting was purely art and had nothing to do with business.

However, Haley was slightly affected by this news.

A few days ago, Haley had received two paintings that were said to be Monroe’s masterpieces as a personal gift.

She could imagine that the “price” for Monroe’s official works was at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If these gifts had been at the art exhibition, they would be worth at least a million dollars.

This woman, Lindsay, was quite good at bribing people! Haley’s heart stirred slightly, but the feeling soon disappeared.

She wasn’t fixated on money.

As a psychiatrist, she didn’t lack money.

After Margaret, the billionaire young widow, came to New York, she had insisted that she would cover all their living expenses.

In the face of the “million-dollar” fee which Lindsay had sent over in the form of paintings, Haley was only a little surprised, but she didn’t lose her composure.

As for Lindsay, they could keep in touch with her, but she had to be careful not to let Margaret get too close to her.

Politicians were completely untrustworthy.

In comparison, she would rather Margaret become closer with Elena. At the very least, the girl had a good character and could be trusted.

Luke, who was driving away, had no idea what the cousins were talking about. He and Elena continued to roam New York.

It wasn’t until eight in the evening that they finally returned to Paland Academy.

When they arrived in the outskirts of North Bergen, Luke’s phone vibrated.

The simple external surveillance system on the car had sensed something unusual, and immediately sent a warning.

In order for it to be portable and easy to install and dismantle, this simple surveillance system was smaller in size, so its surveillance range wasn’t too big. However, it was better than nothing.

Slowing down the car slightly, Luke took out his fake phone. An extremely simple electronic map appeared on the LCD screen, and he looked to the left.

There were gunshots.

They were only thirty meters away.

The gunshots weren’t very concentrated, but they were very consistent.

From the moment Luke had discovered them, there had been seven to eight shots fired over dozens of meters, which meant that there was more than one participant in the gunfight.

Elena didn’t notice his movements, nor did she hear the barely audible gunshots. She continued to touch up the photos on her phone and was about to send a few to him to use as his screensaver.

Thinking for a moment, Luke turned the wheel and drove into a nearby neighborhood.

Elena raised her head. “What’s wrong?”

Luke said, “Nothing. I don’t want to send you back too soon, or I’ll be having coffee again.”

Elena immediately smacked him, but her lips curled up in a smile. “I need to get some rest tonight. I won’t be offering you coffee.”

Luke smiled and parked the car in an empty spot on the side of the road. He unbuckled Elena’s seatbelt and picked her up before placing her on his lap. “Are you sure?”

Elena exclaimed, “Ah, what are you doing?” Her eyes were full of smiles.

Luke leaned forward to kiss her.

Behind Elena, the fake phone had already been placed on the dashboard, and a string of analytical information popped up.

At least five people had fired, and the exchange was taking place in a luxurious villa twenty meters away.

Someone called the New Jersey police department about the “noise.”

But a moment later, the gunshots stopped. Clearly, the battle in the villa had ended.

Luke released a mini drone from his inventory and gave it instructions to scout out the villa.

The mini drone disappeared into the villa through a broken glass door.

A moment later, Luke saw a man who was in a mess. He had some flesh wounds on his face and was panting heavily on the ground.

There was a man in black lying on the ground with a military knife in his heart. He was definitely dead.

Holding the petite yet plump artist in his arms, Luke’s thoughts whirled.

The man in black with a knife in his heart definitely wasn’t a police officer.

He was wearing a black suit and had a black hood on; there was clearly something wrong with this mismatch.

Thus, he wasn’t an agent from SWAT, the Secret Service, or some other departments.

The drone continued to roam around the villa, and Luke soon had an eye on all the victims.

Twelve victims, all in black suits and black hoods, had died in this bungalow.

Luke had plenty of combat experience and had fought countless battles. After only a few glances, he roughly understood how the battle had gone.

After the men in black suits entered the villa, they were all killed by one man; not a single one escaped

Top expert! That was Luke’s comment on the only man still alive in the villa.

The drone soon entered a basement. On the screen, there was an eight-pound sledgehammer and broken concrete. Under the floor was an open box with many weapons.

That wasn’t the point.

The important thing was the neat rows of coins next to the weapons.

Unlike ordinary coins, they were gold in color.

Luke narrowed his eyes. Why did it look like something from the Continental Hotel?

Elena exclaimed lightly, “No, not here.”

With a smile, Luke let go of her and gently stroked her back, indicating that he had no intention of going any further.

At that moment, red and blue lights approached from afar, and a patrol car with flashing police lights but no siren stopped in front of the villa.

A patrol officer got out and pressed the doorbell.

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