The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2062

Chapter 2062: 2062

Chapter 2062: Honey, I don’t think we look like a married couple (1)

Shen Manting shrank back from him, blushing .

Shen Luo’an found her all the more irresistible as she recoiled from him . “I don’t mind,” he reassured her .

Shen Manting’s face turned even redder . “But I… I do mind . ”

She glanced at Shen Luo’an and the child and mumbled, “I’ll brush my teeth now . ”

She stumbled out of bed and hurried into the bathroom .

She touched her face and felt her cheeks burning .


Her husband was so unhygienic!

She hadn’t brushed her teeth, yet he insisted on kissing her!

Shen Manting looked into the mirror . She blew her breath into her cupped hands and took a whiff .

Her breath smelled… okay .


After washing up, Shen Manting walked out of the bathroom and saw Shen Zhilie huddled close to the toddler, fiddling with a tablet .

“Do you know what this is?” Shen Zhilie whispered, pointing to the picture of a watermelon . “Tell me . ”

Shen Yuexiao stared long and hard at the picture before pointing at it, hesitating . “Eat…”

Shen Zhilie stroked his head with a smile and said, “Looks like you’re smart enough to know that it’s edible . How about this one?”

“Mommy!” Little Moon shouted . He was excited to see Shen Manting .

He struggled to get down from Shen Zhilie’s lap and cried, “Mommy!”

Shen Zhilie set him down on the floor and sighed, “You little rascal . You abandon me when you see your mommy coming . Such an ungrateful boy . ”

Little Moon ran over to Shen Manting and leaped into her arms, grinning and shouting excitedly, “Mommy!”

Shen Manting picked him up . She was in a sprightly mood . She asked Shen Zhilie, “Where’s my husband?”

“Well…” Shen Zhilie felt awkward addressing Shen Manting . He lowered his head and touched his nose . “He just walked out the door . I think he’s in the garden right now,” he said .

“All right, thank you . ” Shen Manting walked out with Little Moon in her arms . She looked the part of a doting mother .

Shen Zhilie muttered contemplatively as he watched her leave the house, “She has indeed changed . ”

“Well, I was right, wasn’t I?” Ye Qianqian said as she came out . She led Shen Zhilie to the sofa and sat down beside him . “My father seems to be in bad health recently . He’s either sleeping or coughing whenever I call him . He won’t tell me what happened to him . Let’s make a trip to Yun Town to check on him . ”

“Sure . ” Shen Zhilie turned to look at her . “We’ll stop by Kingstown to visit Lili’s children . ”

Ye Qianqian scoffed and glared at him reproachfully . “You’re sure to visit other people’s children wherever you go . ”

Shen Zhilie stood up and gently bumped his shoulder against hers, winking playfully at her . “I like them . ”

His coy voice gave Ye Qianqian goosebumps .

She rubbed her arms and walked over to the dining table .

“Let’s go tomorrow . I’m worried that my father is seriously ill . Request leave from the hospital . ”

“Is it that urgent?” Shen Zhilie picked up his cell phone . “All right, let’s go tomorrow . It’s Saturday . ”

“We’ll come back on Wednesday . ” Ye Qianqian looked at him, smiling brightly . “Is that fine with you?”

How could Shen Zhilie refuse her? He chuckled and answered, “All right . ”

When Shen Manting walked out the door with the child in her arms, she saw Shen Luo’an standing in the garden .

He seemed to be tending to an unknown plant . He was weeding it with graceful, delicate strokes .

“Daddy!” Little Moon shouted eagerly as he swung his legs back and forth in Shen Manting’s arms .

The toddler was not too heavy, but he was quite strong .

Shen Manting couldn’t carry him in her arms any longer . She bent down and loosened her grip on him .

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