The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2063

Chapter 2063: 2063

Chapter 2063: Honey, I don’t think we look like a married couple (2)

Shen Manting rubbed her sore joints to relieve the fatigue .

When Shen Luo’an noticed her, he stood up and dusted the soil off his hands . “What’s the matter?” he asked .

“My arms are sore,” Shen Manting lamented as she continued rubbing her arms . She glanced at Little Moon, who had crouched down on the ground and was tugging at blades of grass . “He’s rather heavy . ”

“Don’t carry for him for too long at a stretch next time . ” Shen Luo’an reached out to hold her arms and rubbed them slowly . “Your hands had been injured before . Carrying heavy loads for long periods might cause discomfort . ”

“Oh,” Shen Manting bit her lip and smiled, “I see . ”

“Let’s take our son inside for breakfast . ”

“I want to go for a walk . ” Shen Manting looked at him . “Take me for a walk, honey . I haven’t been around here much . ”

In the few days she had been back, Shen Luo’an drove her to wherever she needed to go .

She had yet to walk around the neighborhood .

Sometimes, she felt a familiar affinity to the neighborhood, yet at the same time, she was struck by how alien her surroundings seemed to her .

Shen Luo’an glanced at her and cautiously considered her request .

Taking a walk around the neighborhood…

This meant she would inevitably pass by the park and the basketball court .

Shen Manting’s despairing, hysterical voice from that night two years ago still seemed to ring in his ears .

He would never forget the look on her face .

Shen Luo’an was intimidated by the hopeful look in her eyes .

He quickly shifted his gaze away .

He looked at his son, who was now squatting on the ground, digging the soil and pulling blades of grass, and said softly, “Let’s have breakfast first . There’s nothing much to see around here anyway . ”

“All right…” Shen Manting looked disappointed . “Let’s go back in then . ”

Shen Luo’an didn’t dare to look into her eyes . He simply answered in a low voice .

Shen Zhilie and Ye Qianqian had almost finished their breakfast .

Shen Zhilie stood up and prepared to leave the dining table when he suddenly recalled something . “Big Brother, I’m going back to Yun Town with Ye Qianqian tomorrow . Instead of going back to work at the lab, why don’t you stay at home with the child and Sister-in-law these few days?”

Sister-in-law .

The way Shen Zhilie addressed Shen Manting sounded surprisingly pleasant to Shen Luo’an’s ears .

Shen Luo’an glanced at Shen Zhilie and responded, “I know what to do . Go ahead with your trip . You’ve only been looking after my child from time to time . Don’t think you know better than me . ”

“Hey!” Shen Zhilie teased as he wiped his mouth, “Don’t burn bridges too soon . I had a part in looking after your child together with Father, Mother and Qianqian before Sister-in-law awoke from her coma . Little Moon nearly couldn’t recognize his father anymore because you stayed in the lab all the time . ”

Little Moon looked up when he heard his name . He glanced at Shen Zhilie and Shen Luo’an .

He was eating a bowl of rice porridge with a plastic spoon in his small hand . A few grains of rice were sticking to the corners of his mouth .

Shen Zhilie clicked his tongue in disapproval when he saw the mess the boy made and teased, “Eat properly . Look at the mess you made of yourself . ”

Little Moon ignored him and lowered his head to continue eating .

“Come on, move along now . ” Shen Luo’an urged impatiently . “You’re interfering with my son’s meal . ”

Shen Zhilie mumbled, “Ungrateful brat . ”

He turned to leave . Ye Qianqian was packing her clothes when Shen Zhilie entered the room .

Ye Qianqian noticed Shen Zhilie entering the room, but didn’t look up and simply said, “It shouldn’t be too cold in Yun Town . By the way, Tongtong is getting married next month . She wants us to attend her wedding together . ”

“No, I’m not going,” Shen Zhilie replied without even thinking . “What does her marriage have to do with me?”

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