The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2064

Chapter 2064: 2064

Chapter 2064: Honey, I don’t think we look like a married couple (3)

“We’re friends, after all . Come on, let’s attend the wedding . ” Ye Qianqian glanced at him . “You’re a grown man . Don’t be such a petty spoilsport . ”

“I said, I’m not going,” Shen Zhilie insisted adamantly, leaving no room for negotiation . “By the way, who is she marrying?”

“Oh, her colleague from the company she works in . He seems like a decent guy . ”

“You’ve met him in person?”

“I’ve seen his photo . ” Ye Qianqian folded her clothes neatly and laid them in the suitcase . “I still think he’s a nice person . ”

Shen Zhilie scoffed . “You women always take advantage of decent men . What did these decent men do to deserve such indignity?”

Ye Qianqian was speechless . “Tongtong is also a prim and proper lady . She has never had a boyfriend before dating her husband . ”

Shen Zhilie fell silent and helped her fold the clothes .

“What time is it? Why haven’t you left for work yet?” Ye Qianqian glanced at the time . “It’s already half past eight . ”

Shen Zhilie stacked the folded clothes on the bed and leaned in closer to her . “Give me a kiss . ”

Ye Qianqian resisted . “No . ”

“Just a kiss, please . ”

“No . ” Ye Qianqian turned her head away scornfully and stuffed the clothes into the suitcase .

Shen Zhilie moved in closer . “I’ll kiss you then . ”

He grabbed her by the chin and tilted her head to face him .

He aimed directly at Ye Qianqian’s face and planted a kiss on her lips .

Ye Qianqian groaned .

She felt her face losing its shape in his firm grip . She turned away again, but Shen Zhilie scooped her up and plopped her onto the bed .

Shen Zhilie pressed his body against hers . He grasped her hands tightly and kissed her all over intensely .

“Go away…” Ye Qianqian’s voice was muffled as she struggled beneath him .

However, she was locked in his vice-like grip, unable to move . Her attempts to break free were futile, so she eventually surrendered to him .

Just as Shen Zhilie was losing himself in his passionate kiss, she suddenly opened her mouth and clamped down on his lips .

Shen Zhilie winced in pain, still holding on for a moment before finally letting go . “Did you just bite me?” he gasped .

Ye Qianqian scoffed with an indifferent look on her face . “Hurry up . It’s time to go to work . ”

“How dare you bite me?” Shen Zhilie gnashed his teeth and rubbed his hands together, a sinister, roguish expression on his face . He grasped her waist and shouted, “I’m not going to work today!”

Ye Qianqian shrieked gleefully, a smile playing on her lips . “Get lost, you pervert!”

“As if I care . ” Shen Zhilie ripped her clothes off . “Here I come!”

Ye Qianqian held his head and teased, “In ancient times, you would have been imprisoned in a cage and drowned for indecency!”

Shen Zhilie grunted and started sucking greedily on her tender, fair skin .

However, as he was about to start canoodling her, he heard a clear knock on the door .

Both Shen Zhilie and Ye Qianqian froze and abruptly turned their gaze to the door .

The white door was left ajar . The knocking sound continued .

After a moment’s silence, Shen Luo’an’s voice was heard from behind the door . “Do you mind closing the door? The child is around . ”

Ye Qianqian felt her face burn .

She kicked Shen Zhilie away and exclaimed, “You bastard! Why did you leave the door open?”

Shen Zhilie couldn’t remember whether he closed the door or not at all . He was jolted out of his raging desire by her kick .

He immediately got dressed and climbed out of bed .

Shen Luo’an was standing near the door . Shen Manting was blushing .

Shen Zhilie cleared his throat, embarrassed . He said awkwardly, “We were only fooling around . I’m going to work now . ”

Shen Luo’an glared at him and retorted, “You should have left for work some time ago . You’re setting a bad example for the child . ”

Nanny He was having breakfast nearby . She couldn’t help smirking wryly at him .

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