The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 223

Chapter 223: 223

Chapter 223: Asking For a Title

Right after Jun Yexuan shouted, Mu Jinghang covered his mouth, “My brother, you want to get into a fight with my sister-in-law again? Did you forget what you had promised her?”

As he spoke, he looked over to Qiao Qing and blanked out, “Qingqing, your clothes and your hair…”

His voice weakened as he spoke but his heart had cursed multiple times .

She came out to meet a male friend . She didn’t pick up her phone . She changed her clothes and her hair was damp…

This would make many people wonder…

Even he himself wanted to walk out due to the situation . Let alone his third brother .

No wonder despite his effort, he failed to tame his third brother’s fury .

Yi Qinghan’s grip on Qiao Qing’s wrist tightened .

Though he’s heard some rumors, and he saw that call, when Jun Yexuan himself showed up and displayed a high level of possessiveness towards Qiao Qing, he was still shocked .

Jun Yexuan struggled out of Mu Jinghang’s hands and walked up to those two .

He looked at Yi Qinghan’s hand and his gaze was sharp like a blade, “You also want to steal what’s mine?”

Yi Qinghan loosened his hand and shoved it back into his pocket, “I’m a good friend of Qiao Qing’s . Is third young master Jun going to interfere with who she makes friends with?”

Jun Yexuan coldly snickered, “Since you’re her friend, then don’t you dare have impure thoughts about her . I’m a man . Just because she can’t see something, it doesn’t mean I can’t see either . ”

“I wouldn’t interfere with any of her true friends, but towards people who fake their way in by acting a certain way, I won’t be kind . ”

Yi Qinghan paused, then continued, “Is Qingqing your girlfriend? If not, then what stance are you taking to stop her pursuers from pursuing?”

He struck where it hurts . Jun Yexuan’s handsome face tightened and his gaze turned cloudy, “you sure have guts . ”

Seeing that those two were about to engage in war, Qiao Qing turned to look at Yi Qinghan, “I’m going back first . ”

Then, before checking those two’s reactions, Qiao Qing walked around the car and left .

“Wait a minute . ” Yi Qinghan ran up to her, placed the gift box in her hand,s and rubbed her head .

“You’ve been living freely for the past few years . You don’t need to settle for anyone and live unhappily . Okay?”

Jun Yexuan’s fists tightened more and more . He warned himself not to make Qiao Qing mad over and over . That was the only way to stop himself from swinging his fist at Yi Qinghan’s face .

However, the flame in his heart burned .

Yet another who’s known her for years and got her to remember their face!

Qiao Qing heard Yi Qinghan’s words and nodded . Then, she left .

Jun Yexuan’s pretty eyes paused on Yi Qinghan for a second to warn him . Then, he chased after her .

Qiao Qing walked and walked, then, she felt a grasp on her wrist

She lowered her eyes and her voice was cold, “Let go!”

“It wasn’t my intention to interfere with you . ”Jun Yexuan turned around and held onto her shoulders, “But why didn’t you pick up my call?”

He spoke as if he’d been wronged .

Qiao Qing froze for a second . She took out her phone and saw the three unanswered calls from Jun Yexuan .

She saw the time when they were made and her eyes fluttered a little, “Sorry . I didn’t see it . ”

Jun Yexuan instantly choked up . Then her gaze landed on her clothes, “And what’s with this?”

Perhaps that did need some explanation . Qiao Qing explained simply, “To save a friend, I had to get into the water . ”

Jun Yexuan sighed in relief and asked yet again, “When can you give me a title?”

Qiao Qing, “…”

“Ah, ehem, ehem, ehem…” Mu Jinghang, who was standing not far away, almost choked himself to death from his own saliva .