The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 34

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When her mother-in-law pushed open the door to see her granddaughter looking all disheveled and kneeling on the ground, she frowned and asked sternly, “Xuexian, what are you doing?!”

“Why are you here, Mom?” The arrogant queen-like woman immediately became a meek daughter-in-law before the elderly woman .

Her mother-in-law gave her face, so she was let off lightly with just a glare .

Trailing behind the former was Mu Dongsheng, who could not help but get angry when he saw his daughter’s disheveled state . “Bai Xuexian, what’s wrong with you? How could you treat Xiao Huan like this?!”

She was his biological daughter, after all!

“Don’t get all riled up, Hubby . It’s all for her own good . Children are just like trees, and only with pruning will they grow into trees of great height,” she gently cooed .

“Still, that’s not how you should educate her! Don’t ever let me see you bullying Xiao Huan again!” From how she took his daughter in hand, it was obvious that she had no regard for him at all!

He shot his wife a fierce glare before helping his daughter up .

Bai Xuexian scoffed as she watched him from behind, not at all taking his threat seriously . That useless husband of hers would not be able to do anything to her since she had the tacit consent of his mother .

After helping Mu Huan up, he turned to the bodyguards beside them and shouted, “What are you all doing there?! Hurry and go prepare a set of clean clothes for your young missy!”

No one moved, though . It was only after his mother gave a signal that someone went out to prepare the clothes .

Despite being his mother’s only son, he had no authority nor power in the family at all . Hence, what he hated the most was having others look down on him .

“Dad, why are you always so protective of her?! She was the one who bullied me first!” Mu Kexin shot back at her father in indignation . She could not stand seeing him treating her sister well .

“Bullied you? You must’ve sought trouble with her first!” He knew the characters of his daughters .

The former had more to say about that but was stopped by her mother .

“Mom, I still have something on . ” The latter turned to the matriarch .

“Go . ” The elder Mrs . Mu waved them away .

After the bodyguard came back with the clean clothes, she got her granddaughter to go change into them first before having a talk with her .

Mu Huan silently received the clothes and stepped into the bathroom .

This hospital belonged to the Mus . They previously arranged for her granny to stay in a VIP ward, which came with a complete set of facilities, in order to get her obediently married to Bao Junyan .

As soon as she entered the bathroom, the old woman turned to her son . “Do you know what you should be saying later?”

The latter drooped his head in response . “Yes . ”

Satisfied with that answer, she sat silently on the sofa and got some shut-eye while she waited for her granddaughter to come out . It was only when Mu Huan did that she opened her eyes again . “Do you want to continue living such a life?”

The indifferent young woman only quietly stood rooted to the spot, which made the former, who had seen and experienced all kinds of storms, unable to tell what was actually on her mind .

“Come, sit here,” said her grandma, who stood up and pulled her over to the sofa .

She remained silent as she let the old lady did what she wanted to her .

“Xiao Huan, do you know why, despite you and Kexin both being my granddaughters, I dislike only you?”

That question succeeded in capturing her attention . She looked up at her with emotion-filled eyes .

She was curious to know the answer to that . Why did her grandma prefer her half-sister when the former treated her pretty well when she was young? Had she done something wrong?

“It’s because I don’t like your granny — no, I hate her . That’s why I don’t like you and your mother as well,” the elder Mrs . Mu frankly confessed .

“Why?” Having no clue what caused her grandma’s sudden dislike of her, she had reckoned that it was because of her traditional mindset of valuing males . Since Bai Xuexian gave birth to a boy, she, therefore, preferred Mu Kexin and ignored the abuse she received in the hands of her stepmother . Alas, never in her wildest imagination did she expect the answer to be her granny!

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