The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: I’ll Pick You Up
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Even though he believed that his little wife would never appear in such a place at night, he found that figure to be really familiar!

If Bao Junyan had to say what he was most familiar with about Mu Huan, it would be her body, since most of the time they had spent together occurred at night .

“Brother Yan, what’s wrong?” Gong Zeye asked him with furrowed eyebrows .

“I have something that I need to settle . Just alight somewhere ahead and take a cab back . ” After saying that, Bao Junyan asked the driver to stop ahead and had Gong Zeye get down .

Gong Zeye: “…”

After Gong Zeye had left, Bao Junyan called Mu Huan .

Mu Huan, who was currently talking to Li Meng happily and was about to start her motorcycle with her key, heard the ring of her phone . When she saw that it was Bao Junyan calling, she hurriedly asked Li Meng to keep quiet .

She picked up the call and said with a soft voice, “Hubby . ”

“Are you home?”

Mu Huan was stunned for a moment . “N-no… Hubby, are you home?”

Was he calling because he was home and didn’t see her?

Why did he return home so early today!

“Where are you?”

Mu Huan’s heart skipped a beat!

“What’s wrong, Hubby?”

“I am heading home, so I’ll pick you up . ” Bao Junyan wasn’t suspecting Mu Huan of anything . Even though he didn’t know his little wife that well, he was very sure that she wasn’t the kind of person who would go to such a place to look for fun .

It was just that he was feeling a little unhappy after seeing someone with a similar back view as his wife appearing in such a place . Therefore, he wanted to see his little wife .

“You don’t have to pick me up, I’ll take a cab back by myself . ” Mu Huan wouldn’t dare to let Bao Junyan see her like this .

“Where?” Bao Junyan asked with a tone of command, not allowing for any opposition .

Mu Huan knew that he would definitely come over . Her head began to throb as she swept her gaze around her surroundings and said, “I’m at a bookstore!”

“Give me the address of the bookstore . I’ll pick you up . ”

“Hubby, where are you right now? It’s rather late and the bookstore is most likely closing soon . I’ll see roughly when you can arrive . If you can’t arrive in time, I can wait somewhere else . ” She needed to know how much time she had .

Bao Junyan looked out of the car window and answered, “I’m near Zhong Xin building . ”

When Mu Huan thought about how the Zhong Xin building was near them, she was even more shocked . She began to stutter unconsciously, “I-I’m… not very sure about the rough location I’m in . I’ll ask the store clerk and send the address to you . ”

“Alright . ”

Mu Huan hung up the call and hurriedly took out her bag from the motorcycle compartment . Pulling on Li Meng’s hand, they dashed to the bookstore on the opposite end .

“What is it?”

“Bao Junyan wants to come over and pick me up . Take my phone and go to the bookshop . After about three minutes, send Bao Junyan a text about the bookstore’s location, then pick out some books related to pharmacy . I’ll head to the washroom to change!” Mu Huan explained as she ran .

“Okay!” Li Meng had been partners with her for so long; thus, they had good chemistry with one another . The other woman didn’t need to say much for her to know what she needed to do .

Mu Huan had been to this bookstore before and knew where the washroom was . After entering the shop, she dashed directly toward the washroom at the second level, so fast that the store clerks did not even see her .

Li Meng followed after as the pharmacy books were also coincidentally on the second level .

After removing her makeup, Mu Huan lowered her head into the basin and washed her hair as her hairstyle today was permanent . Fortunately, it was summertime and the water wasn’t so cool . Her hair was also short and was therefore fast to wash . She also wore only a dress, taking her only a few minutes to change and settle everything .

Li Meng had already picked out a few books for her .

It was just that Mu Huan’s hair was obviously still wet .

“What should we do? Your hair is still extremely wet!” Li Meng saw the droplets in her hair .

The moment Mu Huan noticed the air conditioner, she stood on a stool and used it to blow her hair . Even though it was cool wind, it was still wind, and that could make her hair dry faster .

Thankfully, it was at night and the second level was an area for specialized books . No one would think that she was being weird .

“You’ll get a cold if you do that!” Li Meng tried to pull at her .

“It’s too late,” Mu Huan said as she pulled at her hair to quicken the drying process . Even if her hair couldn’t be completely dried, at least it wouldn’t be so wet . She could say that it was sweat since it was summertime . But if she was drenched, there wouldn’t be any form of explanation for it!

Right at this time, Bao Junyan gave her a call .

“What do we do? What do we do?” Li Meng began to panic . Mu Huan’s hair was still very wet!


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