The Divine Martial Stars - Chapter 713

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“Thank you for being an idiot and being impatient to tell me that you and the others can bring your protectors into the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm. Haha, you are not only stupid but also brainless,” Li Mu said sarcastically.

From the very beginning, he never took Duan Shenping and his protector, Duan Zhide, the “Seven Luminaries Killer Wolf”, seriously at all.

However, Duan Shenping took it the wrong way.

At first, Duan Shenping thought that Li Mu believed that he could escape.

He sneered and said, “Li Yidao, do you think that I will come to kill you without absolute certainty? Haha, you have no idea how precious and valuable your head is. Many have offered generous rewards for going against you. Hahaha, I know you can move very fast, but you don’t even have a chance of escaping in front of my Seven Luminaries Divine Horse Battle Chariot…”


Before his voice faded away, Li Mu burst out laughing and interrupted him directly.

At the same time, Li Mu’s right hand suddenly released a kind of strange power.

All the skin, flesh, and blood disappeared in an instant, as if they had melted into the void. Only the white finger bones were left. He moved these finger bones gently. They could move flexibly.

With such a hand of bones, he slowly grabbed the handle of the Samsara Knife on the back of his left shoulder.

“Many people want to know how powerful my broadsword is and if I can defeat all the other Heavenly Legends on the List of Heavenly Legends of the Star Regions. Hehe, in fact, I also want to know the answer.”

Li Mu’s voice was tinged with the sound of a strange laugh.

The moment he grabbed the handle of the Samsara Knife with his right hand of bones, silvery flames suddenly burst out and spread to the handle of the Samsara Knife and his entire right arm.

Then he drew his broadsword.

The broadsword flashed with silvery light.

It was a mysterious broadsword strike.

It was an unparalleled broadsword strike.

It was… a dazzling broadsword strike.

Duan Zhide, the “Seven Luminaries Killer Wolf”, who was dressed in a gray cloak and had a strong aura, didn’t even have time to react. The light of the broadsword engulfed him before he could create his Potential Realm.

The broadsword flashed for a long time.

All the others felt a sharp pain in their eyes and were unable to see anything.

Suddenly, someone screamed shrilly.

“Argh, you… Li Yidao? Uncle Duan, help me.”

Duan Shenping, the “Seven Luminaries Divine Bell”, was screaming in shock and anger.


There came the sound of something heavy falling to the ground.

The silvery light of the broadsword gradually disappeared.

When the people around were able to see things again, they found that everything had changed.

The person who sat in the “Seven Luminaries Divine Horse Battle Chariot” proudly just now was gone. Li Yidao, who was wearing a silvery mask, was now sitting in it.

Duan Shenping, the “Seven Luminaries Divine Bell”, who had an absolute advantage at first, fell to the ground, lying on his stomach. Beside him were white broken bones and a tattered gray cloak.

Duan Zhide, the “Seven Luminaries Killer Wolf”, who was known as the number three master of the Seven Luminaries Star Region, had disappeared.

The broken bones and tattered clothes on the ground seemed to have explained how he ended up and where he was.

He was dead!

He should be dead.

The ordinary Heavenly Legends who were standing behind Duan Shenping just now had also fallen to the ground. A few moments ago, they looked at Li Mu sympathetically, but now they were in a panic.

Li Mu turned defeat into victory in the blink of an eye.

“Uncle Duan, Uncle Duan, you… Uncle Duan, don’t try to scare me. Show up quickly. Where are you?” Duan Shenping was shocked and frightened. He didn’t believe his uncle, who was his protector and his last trump card, went missing just like that. He believed that his uncle must have used some secret skill and hidden himself somewhere.

However, no matter how loudly he shouted, his uncle did not respond to him at all.

“Stop shouting. The pieces of your uncle are all over the ground. Take your time to look for him.” Li Mu straddled the bronze chariot holding the Samsara Knife in his hand.

Duan Shenping could not accept the fact.

“Impossible. That is impossible. My uncle is the number three master of the Seven Luminaries Star Region. How could it be? My uncle, he…” Duan Shenping’s cultivation achievement already came to naught when Li Mu threw him off the battle chariot. Given Li Mu’s current strength, it was very easy for him to deal with an opponent like Duan Shenping.

The Heavenly Legend who used to rank 19th was just a loser now.

The other ordinary Heavenly Legends were trembling with fear.

Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting were dumbfounded.

At first, they thought that after the “Seven Luminaries Killer Wolf” showed up, Li Yidao had no choice but to swallow his pride and escape. However, they couldn’t help thinking, “Is this Li Yidao’s real power?

“If that’s the case, Li Yidao can definitely rank first on the List of Heavenly Legends of the Star Regions.

“After all, Duan Zhide, the ‘Seven Luminaries Killer Wolf’, is a renowned master of the older generation.”

Looking at the man wearing a silvery mask sitting in the bronze chariot, the two female Heavenly Legends couldn’t help wondering if there was anything that this man couldn’t do.

“No wonder that even the Lady of the Clouds, the most beautiful woman in the Star River, takes a fancy to him.

“He is really an extraordinary man.”

“Tell me everything. If you can tell me everything that you know, I can let you die quickly without suffering too much,” Li Mu said slowly.

Duan Shenping’s eyes widened. “You… Do you want to kill me?”

Li Mu was amused. He said, “You are being ridiculous. You have come here with your protector to kill me. Why should I pity you and spare your life?”

“No, no, no. You can’t kill me. You can’t…” Only then did Duan Shenping really feel frightened.

He realized that Li Yidao would really kill him.

For the first time, he felt that the threat and shadow of death were so close to him.

He had never felt this way before.

Li Mu shook his head.

The more arrogant and domineering a person was, the more likely he would become timid and obsequious when he lost his advantage.

Li Mu didn’t want to talk too much. He directly raised his hand and dragged Duan Shenping, the “Seven Luminaries Divine Bell”, whose cultivation achievement had come to naught, over to him. He pressed his palm on Duan Shenping’s forehead and began to read the memories stored in the latter’s Sea of Consciousness to find some useful information.

Li Mu would not have mercy on such a despicable person.

In a special place like the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm, he could not be softhearted. He had to eliminate all the opponents to prevent them from taking revenge.

Therefore, he read the memories directly.

After a while, he loosened his grip and threw Duan Shenping away. The latter had already lost the strength to struggle.

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He stood up from the “Seven Luminaries Divine Horse Battle Chariot”, made several handprints in a row, and then incorporated them into the battle chariot with his Taoist magic arts and runes.

The battle chariot soon started shaking, making a rumbling sound, and the seven black pottery horses suddenly became alive, as if they had awakened. The horses tossed their heads, swished their tails, and neighed. They pulled the battle chariot to travel through the sky back and forth like a streak of light. The sounds of hoofbeats could be heard.

The battle chariot traveled fast when Duan Shenping drove it. However, it was actually traveling even faster now under Li Mu’s control.

“Not bad. It’s a very interesting means of transportation. Haha.”

Li Mu looked at Duan Shenping, who was dying, and said, “Thank you very much. I accept this first gift from you.” He had mastered the skill of controlling the battle chariot.

“You…” Duan Shenping was very weak and overwhelmed with shock and anger.

Li Mu cast a glance at him and hit upon an idea. He pulled Duan Shenping over and read more memories.

The guess that Li Mu had made was soon verified.

From Duan Shenping’s memories, Li Mu learned that the top 20 super Heavenly Legends could indeed each bring a protector into the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm, and almost all of them had been granted such a right.

“But why didn’t I get it?”

Li Mu continued reading Duan Shenping’s memories, but the look on his face soon changed.

In the depths of Duan Shenping’s Sea of Consciousness, a golden figure suddenly appeared and opened his eyes, producing a strong force.

Li Mu immediately withdrew his hand and stepped back.


Duan Shenping’s body exploded.

Blood splashed everywhere.

“A very powerful master has planted a restraining mechanism in the Sea of Consciousness of this Heavenly Legend who ranks 19th. Even Duan Shenping himself doesn’t know that. Once someone reads the confidential information on the Seven Luminaries Star Region stored in his Sea of Consciousness, the mechanism will be triggered immediately… Well, it seems that a very powerful person in the Seven Luminaries Star Region has set up this mechanism.”

Li Mu figured it out after thinking for a minute.

Such a thing was not surprising.

After all, as the top Heavenly Legend in the Seven Luminaries Star Region, Duan Shenping knew too many secrets of the Seven Luminaries Divine Empire. Without such a restraining mechanism, the Seven Luminaries Divine Empire would suffer great losses if the secrets or Cultivation Methods were disclosed.

Li Mu had heard that there were similar mechanisms in the Seas of Consciousness of the top leaders of various great powers and clans.

It was something that showed the dark side of the Star River.

Li Mu saw a light golden bell about the size of a palm in Duan Shenping’s broken body. The bell had golden runes swirling around it. It was not contaminated by blood and broken flesh. It was a small ingenious device producing energy fluctuations.

“It’s a treasure.”

Li Mu waved his hand, and the golden bell fell into his palm.

“Among the super Heavenly Legends, Duan Shenping is a Heavenly Legend with ordinary strength. Now that he uses ‘Seven Luminaries Divine Bell’ as his title, this golden bell must be the weapon with which he has made a name for himself. This bell has an unusual origin.”

Li Mu examined the golden bell for a while and found that it was indeed extraordinary.

“Not bad. This device is quite good.” With this thought, he put it away.

Unfortunately, Duan Zhide, the “Seven Luminaries Killer Wolf”, had been smashed to pieces by Li Mu’s Power of White Bones and Samsara Knife. The Magic Treasures in his body were also broken. Nothing good was left.

Li Mu looked at the other ordinary Heavenly Legends.

Under his gaze, those Heavenly Legends immediately started trembling with fear.

Killing intent had already welled up inside Li Mu.

Just like Duan Shenping, they were not good people. They had come here with Duan Shenping to kill Li Mu. If Li Mu let them go this time, it would not be long before they found their new master, such as Feng Xingyun or the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan, and came back again to hurt Li Mu like mad dogs.

“Mr. Li…” Having sensed Li Mu’s killing intent, Liao Bi’ting looked at Li Mu pleadingly and shook her head.

Women were softhearted after all.

However, Li Mu ignored Liao Bi’ting’s suggestion.

His broadsword flashed.

He killed all the other Heavenly Legends one by one.

He knew that being kind to his enemy was being cruel to himself.

Most practitioners in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm wanted to kill Li Mu as soon as possible. After all, Li Mu knew that the Heavenly Deity Clan had offered generous rewards for going against him.

His principle was that if others didn’t offend him, he wouldn’t offend them either.

However, if others showed hostility toward him, he would immediately kill them all.

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