The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 275

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No one expected Sharon to suddenly get physical. Cheyenne was completely caught off guard by the hard slap, and her head cocked to the side. She was thrown off balance and almost fell down.

Not to mention that Cheyenne was dumbfounded, even William and Karen froze right on the spot in shock.

“Hmph, you’ll pay me back for the slaps your sister owes me from last time!”

After Sharon slapped her, she was in an extremely pleasant mood, and she even felt the thrill of taking revenge. She raised her hand to slap Cheyenne’s face again.

“Stop!” William finally reacted. He grabbed Sharon’s wrist and reprimanded furiously, “What’s wrong with you? Why did you hit someone for no reason?”

At this point, he finally understood that Sharon wasn’t Karen’s friend at all but an enemy she had gotten into a conflict with before.

“Let go! How dare you touch me, you garbage? Be careful, or else I’ll get someone to cripple you!” Sharon struggled to break free from William’s grip. Ignoring whoever this person in front of her was, she raised her hand to slap William’s face.

William was also enraged by Sharon’s shrewish behavior. He grabbed her wrist again and raised his hand to slap her.


When the slap landed on Sharon’s face, she shrieked in pain as a bright red fingerprint immediately appeared on her face.

“I’m giving this slap back to you! My daughter isn’t a pushover, and no one is to bully her!” William glared at Sharon in disgust before turning around to look at the red and swollen fingerprint on Cheyenne’s face. Feeling heartbroken, he asked, “Cheyenne, are you alright?”

Cheyenne shook her head and pulled William away. “Dad, I’m fine. Let’s go.”

Even though the dispute lasted for only a short moment, many people were already looking over from a distance. Cheyenne didn’t want her parents to leave a bad impression on their soon-to-be neighbors, so she chose to let the matter rest.

William obviously also thought of this point. After taking a look at Sharon, who was clutching her face, he said coldly, “You started getting physical first, so you have no one to blame but yourself. I don’t care who you are. Next time you dare to bully my daughter again, I won’t care if you are a woman or not!”

With that, Cheyenne and William turned around to leave.

As for Karen, she jumped backward and retreated several meters the moment William hit Sharon, wishing she could completely draw a clear line between her and William.

Seeing William and Cheyenne leaving, Karen looked at the resentful and furious expression on Sharon’s face and hurriedly scurried forward to catch up with William. She berated in a sharp voice, “William Carter, are you out of your mind? That woman just now is Sharon Hart, and her husband is James Wilson! How dare you slap her? Are you tired of living? You’d better go back and apologize to her and then beg her to forgive you. Otherwise, she’ll definitely take revenge on you! When the time comes, you’ll implicate me too!”

When William heard what Karen said, he immediately flew into a rage and stopped in his tracks. He barked, “Karen, are you blind? Did you not see that just now? That woman came for you. You must have offended her before! She slapped Cheyenne just now merely because she said something. As Cheyenne’s mother, you simply cowered behind her and watched her get slapped! Don’t you think I didn’t see that!

“You watched your daughter get bullied, and you hid behind her without saying a word. Are you even human? Are you still worthy of being a mother? It’s good enough that I don’t blame you for causing trouble and standing at the side without doing anything. Yet you still want me to apologize to that woman? Karen, what’s going on inside your head? Will that woman let us off just because of an apology?

“Hmph, if you are afraid of being implicated by me, let’s go get divorced now! No matter what I do, you won’t be implicated, okay? Are you satisfied now?! Come on. Let’s go now!”

William didn’t want to go to the rented apartment anymore, so he pulled his suitcase along and turned around to walk toward the gate of the housing estate. He seemed to want to go to a lawyer’s office to get a divorce with Karen.

Karen’s actions had been testing William’s limits ever since he came back to his senses.

As soon as Karen heard William mention a divorce, she was no longer confident and pursed her tips before saying awkwardly, “I’m just worried that you might get into trouble. I really am! We’ve been married for so many years. Why mention a divorce? We’re going to become a laughingstock!”

Of course, she wasn’t willing to divorce William.

For the past few years, she might not have lived in the lap of luxury with William, and she had also always resented William for failing to let her do so. But she had actually lived quite a good and carefree life where everything was provided for her, and she had even managed to save quite a hefty sum of money.

If it was more than 20 years ago, Karen might have been able to use her beauty to attract a richer man, but she was now almost 50 years old. After leaving William, she might not be able to find another man.

Besides, now that both her daughters were becoming more and more successful working as executives in established companies, she could foresee her life getting better and better. She couldn’t afford to divorce William at this time!

Even if she had to leave, she had to reap some benefits before doing so!

Seeing Karen not say anything, William stopped paying attention to her and brought Cheyenne to an apartment building where they boarded the elevator up to the fifth floor.

William opened the door of the apartment and introduced it to Cheyenne as though he was showing her a treasure. “Cheyenne, look. How does this apartment look?”

Cheyenne walked around the apartment and looked at it carefully. There were two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, occupying a total floor area of only about 60 to 70 square meters. Although it was a small apartment, the decor was beautiful, and there was good lighting and ventilation. The furniture and appliances were also mostly new, and the interior was spick and span. They could really move in right away.

Cheyenne took a few more careful looks at the kitchen equipment, bathroom faucet, sewer pipes, the fire extinguisher placed at the door, and some other miscellaneous items. After discovering that there were no issues, she nodded in satisfaction.

“Dad, this apartment is great. It might be a little small, but it should be enough for you and Mom.”

William chuckled in satisfaction. “Exactly! I chose this place after browsing through all the available apartments for a long time. Of course it’s good!”

At this moment, an abrupt voice sounded from the side. “Hmph, it’s tiny and shabby, just like a snail’s shell. Only poor people with narrow horizons will like it!”

Karen frowned in disgust, hating every detail about the apartment.

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