The Records of the Human Emperor - Chapter 2206

Chapter 2206: 2206

Chapter 2206: The King Ape Takes the Stage!


Wang Chong waved his hand, sending a wave of Stellar Energy howling into the Yeluohe .

With a massive boom, hundreds of Yeluohe were instantly blasted away, those at the center of the explosion obliterated .

But before Wang Chong could continue his assault on the Yeluohe, swish! Several strangely shaped sabers sliced at Wang Chong’s vital points, and he only barely managed to dodge .

“Haha, Child of Destruction, put aside any thought of attacking the Yeluohe . We won’t let you get what you want . ” A sinister voice entered his ear, and a moment later, those pitch-black and poisonous sabers arced through the air and back into the hands of the Divine Lords standing across from Wang Chong .

“It is time for things to end . You will not get another chance to resist us . ”

“Not just you . This entire world must be thoroughly reshuffled . The decrees of ‘Heaven’ cannot be defied . Annihilation will be the end for all you ants,” another Divine Lord imposingly declared .

“Is that so? There has never been such a thing as a heavenly deree to me, and even if you have Heaven behind you, one day, I will kill him as well!”

Wang Chong coldly laughed .


Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong used the Shadow Fiend Art and disappeared, attacking the two Divine Lords Genesis Supreme had brought with him .

But these two instantly disappeared, using a movement technique that was no less effective than the Shadow Fiend Art .

Their goal in this battle was extremely clear . They simply needed to hold down this clone of Wang Chong, not fiercely battle with it .

“There is no need to keep resisting . Today, all of the Great Tang will be destroyed!”

The voices of the Divine Lords rang out over the battlefield . In all of the human world, the only thing that could resist An Lushan, the Child of the World, was this million-man Tang army . Once this Tang army was wiped out, the prosperous Tang Empire would be wiped away .

The battle had only just begun .

“Is that so? Do you really think that thirty thousand Yeluohe can alter the course of this battle?”

Wang Chong’s body erupted with Stellar Energy, pushing back the pair while he pulled away, creating distance .

“What do you mean?”

The Divine Lords were taken aback by this reply, a sliver of unease in their hearts .

Wang Chong chuckled and put them aside . He could already sense that, though it had come a little slowly, the third phase of the plan had begun .

Now, it’s time for the third phase of my plan!


With this thought, Wang Chong sent a powerful mental ripple into the distance .


The steel fortress began to shudder as an energy-sealing formation was shattered . At the same time, a savage and primordial roar came from within, and the entire fortress clattered from the terrifying sound wave .

A moment later, a giant ape shot out of the fortress like a cannonball and then smashed into the ground like a meteor, the shockwave from the impact causing countless people to stagger .

The King Ape!

A giant ape Behemoth nearly one thousand feet high had appeared in the rear of the Tang army .

Cries of alarm came from all sides, and even An Lushan couldn’t help but grimace .

After the Battle of Talas and the war of the northwest, the Behemoth Army that Arabia had gone to great lengths to construct had become world-renowned . Even though the countries around the Great Tang had never seen it before, they could instantly recognize one of its members .

But there was a small difference from their reports . This King Ape did not come unadorned, but instead had specially made armor around its legs, arms, fists, and chest .

This armor did not fully enclose it, only covering a few vital points, but it served to greatly boost its defense and offensive power .

The King Ape was massive, and with this armor, it appeared even more frightening .

On the battlefield, each alliance soldier that saw this enormous being felt their heart tremble in fear .

Myth had become reality, presenting an enormous shock to all of them .

“He actually brought this beast over!”

The two Divine Lords were also flabbergasted by this development .

The enormous King Ape was a god-devil to ordinary soldiers, but it wasn’t much of a danger to the two Divine Lords .

What the two of them were more concerned about was that the steel fortress had previously been cut off from mental senses .

Wang Chong had set up numerous Psychic Seals in the fortress, thus preventing the two of them from noticing the King Ape within the fortress .


After landing, the King Ape swung its heavy cudgel, causing the ground to tremble . Hundreds of Tang soldiers wearing special armor slid down from the cudgel and the King Ape’s arms .

These soldiers had weapons, armor, and an aura completely different from other soldiers .

A few moments later, the fortress gates boomed open, and an elite army wearing similar armor emerged, seemingly out of place on this battlefield .


This army moved with incredible speed, swiftly marching toward the King Ape’s location .

“Hahaha, is that your trump card? Do you think that this giant ape and this army can contend against this doomsday army we specifically prepared for this war?”

The two Divine Lords coldly laughed .

Wang Chong had seemed so assured that the two of them had believed that he had something else up his sleeve, but in the end, he was just relying on the King Ape and his last reserve of several tens of thousands of soldiers .

“It’s pointless! You’re just deceiving yourself!” the other Divine Lord said, disdain on his face .


In response came the roar of the King Ape, and before the two of them could react, the giant ape leaped and swung its cudgel at the two Divine Lords .

“This beast? You’re actually trying…”

The Divine Lords grinned as they easily dodged the King Ape’s attack .

The King Ape might have been a world destroyer for ordinary people, a fierce and intimidating existence, but it was barely anything to the two of them .

This sort of clumsy attack wouldn’t even be able to touch a corner of their clothes . For Wang Chong to use this beast against them was utterly laughable .


With a howl, the giant cudgel swung past . As expected, it was easily dodged .

“How disappointing!”

While dodging, the two of them even had the time to stare at Wang Chong and jeer .

In this battle, the two of them only cared about Wang Chong . As for the King Ape, they would have plenty of time to take care of it once the battle was over . Even dismembering its giant corpse would be easy . But as these thoughts ran through their minds…


The clumsy King Ape suddenly began to move ten times faster, exhibiting a flexibility and agility that made one sigh in praise .

Before the two Divine Lords could react, the giant cudgel swung at ’empty space’, seemingly predicting their trajectory .

With a massive boom, the Divine Lord who had just moved into that position was struck by the King Ape’s sweeping cudgel . The massive impact almost slammed the organs out of his body, and it also left him stricken with fear .

“Impossible! How could this beast see through our trajectory?” the Divine Lord who had been struck cried out in alarm, his soul almost leaving his body .

As the Divine Lord was blasted away, he heard laughter that seemed like a mixture of human and beast . The King Ape gripped the cudgel with one hand as it stared at the two Divine Lords .

The Divine Lords could read the same meaning in those crimson eyes: ‘Fools!’


“Damn it!”

The two instantly understood, their hearts filling with hatred . This was no King Ape, but yet another of Wang Chong’s clones .

Behemoths could not have intelligence, but it was no difficult task for Wang Chong to predict their trajectory .


After knocking away one of the Divine Lords, the King Ape did not pursue . What was important in this battle was not these two Divine Lords, but the Yeluohe down below .


The King Ape roared and strode forward, its armored sole stomping down on the Yeluohe ranks, easily crushing several of them .

Right after that, the King Ape swung its cudgel around and slammed it into the part of the battlefield where the assault of the Yeluohe was the fiercest .

With a massive boom, several hundred Yeluohe were blasted into the air by the impact .

The King Ape’s immense strength was proving astonishingly effective against the Yeluohe .

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