The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss! - Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: Lady

The little girl was innocent and naive, and her eyes were all red. If it were someone else, they would have perhaps taken pity on her and gave in.

However, Shi Sui remained indifferent and didn’t waver at all. In fact, he didn’t even stop watering the flowers.

“Sorry, Jiangjiang.”

Shi Sui did not say anything else but Jiangjiang had already understood what he meant. Her large, grape-like eyes were filled with tears and she let go of the corner of Shi Sui’s shirt, bit by bit…

The viewers of the live stream got into an argument again because of that scene.

—— [I’ve never seen such a heartless father!]

—— [Even if she’s not your daughter, there’s no harm in coaxing her. She’s still so young!]

Old Mrs. Xiang went up and gently cajoled her comfortingly, “Jiangjiang, do you want some candy?”

She fished out a piece of milk candy from her pocket.

Shi Sui was speechless too.

He suddenly understood why Xiang Yi’s family members liked offering sweets when coaxing others.

Jiangjiang hesitated but eventually couldn’t resist the temptation of the candy. She grabbed it and said in a tender voice, “Thank you, Grandma.”

“You’re welcome.” Old Mrs. Xiang was very personable and got along well with children. “Jiangjiang, can you tell me why you’re calling this uncle your daddy?”

Jiangjiang looked at Shi Sui, and then at Zhong Yi. After a long time, she drawled, “Because… Mommy showed me a photo of Daddy and he looks very much like Uncle.”

“But it doesn’t mean that they’re the same person just because they resemble each other, right?”

Jiangjiang nodded.

After placating the young girl effortlessly, Old Mrs. Xiang looked up to glance at Shi Sui.

“Shi Sui, I watched you grow up and I believe you are a responsible man. Is Jiangjiang your daughter or not?”

The netizens watching the live stream instantly perked up as they wondered if there would be a twist this time.

However, Shi Sui sighed helplessly and said, “Grandma, I haven’t even had a girlfriend before. How can I have a daughter?”

The netizens were dumbfounded.

‘Seriously? Shi Sui is still denying it?’

Not far away, Zhong Yi’s face turned pale. Sh e pursed her lips and tried to change the subject by asking, “Where’s Miss Xiang? I want to ask her how much of this insecticide to add…”

However, Old Mrs. Xiang suddenly asked, “Miss Zhong, forgive me for being nosy, and pardon me for taking the liberty to ask about this, but is Shi Sui the biological father of Jiangjiang?”

A woman’s intuition made Old Mrs. Xiang feel that there was something very wrong with Zhong Yi.

Her attitude was too ambiguous.

That would naturally lead to misunderstandings.

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She kept avoiding the important questions even though it was clearly something that could have been clarified in one sentence. That inevitably left a lot to imagination.

Old Mrs. Xiang seemed elegant and gentle but her aura was very domineering and she seemed to be able to see through the hearts of others with her eyes. It was so daunting that Zhong Yi’s heart almost jumped out of her chest.

She squeezed her palm and said in a hoarse vioce, “Is it really that important whether he is or not?”

Jiangjiang misunderstood and suddenly glared at her with gleaming eyes. “Mommy, are you lying to me? Is Uncle Daddy or not!?!”

This time, Xiang Yin hollered loudly with gusto before Old Mrs. Xiang said anything.

“Woman, parents are the role models of their children, please teach your little brat well by leading by example!”

Zhong Yi suddenly snapped out of her feelings of misery.


The netizens who were enjoying the drama going on in the live stream: ???

‘Did we hear him right? Did Xiang Yi’s grandfather call Zhong Yi… Woman?’

Someone scolded with a burning passion:

—— [Hah, you called her ‘Woman’ just like that? Do you respect women at all!?!]

—— [That old lady is so unreasonable while the old man is so overbearing. This family is so ill-mannered!]

—— [Thugs and villains have become old. How can they brazenly hurt others for the sake of their own granddaughter?]

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