Chapter 980: Chapter 980 - Settlemen

Chapter 980 Settlemen

“Didn’t I get them to leave already? Why’d they appear here? Who asked them to come back‽”

The Kunde Race leader jumped up and flew into a rage .

The other upper echelons could only longer sit still and were filled with trepidation . The situation had already evolved out of their control .

The civilian fleet was the final hope of their Kunde Race and their weakness . They dared to wage a war in their homeland because they had sent all the members of their race away . Upon seeing the members of their race return, the upper echelons were flustered .


Right at this moment, a holographic screen appeared in the middle of the conference table, and a figure dressed in a military uniform appeared before them .

Everyone’s gaze was attracted by the figure, and they were in shock .

This figure cleared his throat and slowly said, “Let me introduce myself . I am Tarrokov, the Crimson Dynasty Marshal . I am the one fighting all of you . ”

Upon seeing this scene, everyone present understood what was going on .

They originally thought that the enemy was only tapping into their communication channels, but it seemed as though it was not as simple as an intelligence leak . The enemy was actually able to initiate a call and probably controlled all of their networks .

This was the worst-case scenario, and everyone blanked out .

Tarrokov’s gaze swept past everyone present as he calmly said, “All of your intelligence has been grasped by my side, and we have already cut off all your communication with the outside world . All the intelligence reports that you have received during this period were forged by us . In truth, less than ten percent of your troops are still alive . They are as good as wiped out .

“Do not have any more fantasies . Your Scorched Earth plan has been seen through by us, and we completed our final attack a few days ago . You no longer have the strength to fight back . ”

These words crushed the belief of all the upper echelons present, and they slouched back in their chairs in a daze .

“You, you…” The Kunde Race leader began trembling .

Tarrokov did not even blink . “On behalf of the Crimson Dynasty, I am initiating a final negotiation with all of you . Our long-distance psionic weapons have already locked onto your civilian fleets . I give all of you five minutes to consider . If you choose to fight back, your race will be wiped out . If you attempt to contact your civilian fleet, your race will be wiped out . If you cut off from the quantum network, your race will be wiped out . If you do not give us a reply in five minutes, your race will be wiped out . I will promise not to open fire if you choose to surrender and disarm yourselves . ”

He spoke as though he was only going out for grocery shopping . Wiping out an entire race was something that an experienced commander like him had no qualms about doing .

The words were extremely bloody in the ears of the Kunde Race upper echelons .

The dynasty had secretly recalled these civilian fleets to dissolve the enemy’s battle intent . When the survival of their entire race was at stake, the enemy would definitely collapse . The dynasty had plenty of experience in this regard .

Compared to the exploration era, the three Universal Civilizations no longer massacred civilians . If not, they would not have given the other party a choice .

After saying those words, Tarrokov’s figure disappeared, and a countdown timer was shown on the screen .

“We’re finished!”

“We shouldn’t have started a war back then! Look what we’ve done!”

Upon seeing the timer countdown, many of the upper echelons fell into despair .

Many of them present had already considered such a scenario but still held onto a trace of hope in their hearts before this .

The upper echelons in the conference room had already lost their cool, and the conference room fell into chaos . The Kunde Race leader then said, “We no longer have any hope . Let’s surrender . ”

“Now you know how to surrender? What were you doing before this‽” All the usually respectful upper echelons started cursing . “If it wasn’t for your stupidity and brashness, would we have fallen to such a state‽”

“That’s right! If we didn’t choose to fight but escape instead, we wouldn’t have been reduced to such a state!”

“That’s right . It is all thanks to your mistake! You are a sinner of our race!”

Looking at these upper echelons who usually fawned over him venting their anger, the Kunde Race leader let out a self-mocking laugh .

The one who chooses to escape will always be the smartest .

Not only did they have to give up their homeland to the invaders, they even had to run far away and not trouble their invaders . How generous .

Their entire race was forced to leave their homeland, and everyone was living in fear . If they chose to escape without fighting, the pride of their race would be destroyed, and it would be difficult to construct it again . If they had killed enough enemies or sacrificed sufficient soldiers, their race might have been able to come out from this loser mentality and face a common enemy . This way, there would have been a possibility of welcoming a golden era . It was a pity…

In the end, he chose to say nothing .

The war came to an end with the surrender of the Kunde Race . From the start to the end, it only took a short three to four months .

Compared to his previous life, the Crimson Dynasty ended this war in less than half the time .

The reason for this was because of Han Xiao’s contribution . The coordinates that he provided could reduce the effort that the dynasty had to put in to find the enemy’s main camp . Seizing the enemy’s quantum network resulted in a crushing defeat for the enemy . These two factors greatly sped up the process of the war .

In his previous life, the Kunde Race managed to create some trouble for the dynasty, but with Han Xiao’s help, the Kunde Race did not create any trouble . They were crushed under the dynasty’s might and did not even have the ability to fight back .

The dynasty then took over the Kunde Race’s remaining fleet .

Great Mechanic Han, who was slacking off far away, received a notification on his interface .


[Flickering World – Kunde Race War] Mission Completed!

Mission Rating: Perfect

You have received 4,500,000,000 Experience, x4 Random Reward, +7500 Crimson Dynasty Contribution Points, and 1 Legendary Point .

Star Cluster Legendary Point (Dust Light Star Cluster): Kunde Race War Contributor . You participated in the war with the Kunde Race and rendered huge merits .

The milestone [Civilization Destruction] is now activated .

Milestone Activation Requirements: Participate in three large scale galactic war missions related to the life and death of a civilization (Star System level and above) and aid your faction in defeating the enemy . Mission Rating cannot be less than ‘Excellent’ . Current Progress: 1/3 .

+30 Tarrokov Favorability, +5 Urranrell Favorability, +10 Teny Amenos Favorability…

Dungeon Creation: [Kunde Race War]


“The war is finally over . Their efficiency is pretty high . ” Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled .

Although he did not personally participate in the war, the intelligence he provided gave him a ‘Perfect’ Mission Rating .

The rewards were not too bad either . Although it could not be compared to a Beyond Grade A boss mission, it was basically impossible for players to complete the Beyond Grade A challenge missions . 4,500,000,000 experience was also plentiful to the players in the later versions . Han Xiao would not be too picky with his food . In any case, he was only slacking off in his headquarters . The experience was like a freebie to him .

Receiving four Random Reward chances was also a good thing .

7,500 Dynasty Contribution Points was also a bountiful reward . The Kunde Race was a native civilization after all and did not pose much of a threat to the dynasty . Han Xiao felt that it was probably due to him sharing information about the Spacetime Splicing Technology with them .

Although he had already learned all the Ultimate Knowledge, the Contribution Points were still useful . He would be able to use them to obtain precious resources or military support . Furthermore, if he had a Beyond Grade A Super willing to remain in his army, he might have to exchange for the Ultimate Knowledge of other classes .

Ultimate Knowledge was guarded by the various advanced civilizations, and they usually would not allow Beyond Grade As to claim the Ultimate Knowledge of another class without a good reason . Making use of the Ultimate Knowledge to attract talent was akin to snatching business from the dynasty . As such, they dynasty would not agree to it, and the various Beyond Grade A allies also would not share Ultimate Knowledge with each other .

The only exception would be if they had a Beyond Grade A officer in their organization . Of course, this was a rare scenario . After all, most Beyond Grade As would not be willing to serve under someone else .

Han Xiao had some memories of the [Civilization Destruction] milestone . The civilizations above the Star System level were all protected by the Peace Treaty, and it was rare for a civilization to be wiped out . Only the players belonging to the various evil factions had a chance to trigger such a milestone .

The effects were not too bad . Wearing the [Civilization Destruction] milestone would increase his damage by six percent and his range by twenty-five percent .

However, the price to pay for obtaining such a milestone was also extremely high . He would need to participate or incite a life and death battle between Star System civilizations, and they were extremely rare . Furthermore, there would be a chance for him to become a wanted individual after the matter .

As part of the Lawful Faction, it would be even harder for him to obtain such a milestone . However, the benefit was that he would not become wanted .

Han Xiao was not too surprised that there was not a Political Asset reward . The Kunde Race was still lacking, and destroying them was not that important to the dynasty . However, he had managed to gain a series of favorability increases .

Apart from Tarrokov and the Ruler, all the various commanders including Teny had their favorability increased .

The dungeon formed was similar to the secret war and Germinal Organization dungeons; he would be able to form various different dungeons .

Because the Kunde Race was not too powerful, the dungeon created also would not be too difficult, but the reward would not be low .

After looking at his rewards, Han Xiao closed the interface and let out a long breath .

Spacetime Splicing Technology, Perfect Mechanical Sense, and the Mission Reward… my rewards this time were plentiful . The Kunde Race is the only obstacle, and the second exploration phase can go back on track after this…

Because of his interference, the outcome of the Kunde Race was changed .

In his previous life, the dynasty spent a long time finding the Kunde Race territory, which gave the Kunde Race enough time to move their civilian fleet . At the same time, the Kunde Race fleet also had sufficient preparation time and was not caught off guard like this time .

Understanding the map gave the Kunde Race a strategic advantage and the chance to analyze the dynasty’s battle tactics . As such, the Kunde Race was not kept in the dark when the dynasty infiltrated their main system but managed to put up a fight .

As such, the Crimson Dynasty did not choose to negotiate but wiped out the Kunde Race .

However, a portion of their civilian fleets were able to escape and were not caught by the dynasty .

What Han Xiao did not know was that the Kunde Race’s new homeland in his previous life was still within the Flickering World . After all, they did not understand what a Star Field was . The dynasty managed to discover the Kunde Race’s new homeland in the exploration process . The dynasty had already placed huge emphasis on the Spacetime Splicing Technology by that time . As such, the Kunde Race’s new homeland was reduced to dust, and they were secretly wiped out .

This time, destiny took a different path .

Han Xiao stroked his chin and entered the quantum network . He was prepared to see how the dynasty planned to deal with the Kunde Race .

In the Planet Lighthouse office, there were two figures . The one standing was Tarrokov, and the one seated was Urranrell’s long distance projection .

The dynasty now had to worry about how to deal with the Kunde Race . Should they kill them or rear them? The Ruler and upper echelons had to make such a decision .

Tarrokov was currently giving a report to Urranrell, and they were talking about the problem regarding the captives .

“… It will be seven days before the arrival of the captives . Your Excellency, how should we deal with them?”

Urranrell then stroked her chin and said, “The upper echelons have already discussed this matter . Some support the idea of pulling up the weeds by the roots while others feel that we should rear and educate them . We have not come to a final decision . Do you have any suggestions?”

“The battle went smoothly, and since the enemy chose to surrender, I don’t feel that there is a need to kill them unnecessarily,” Tarrokov said . “We can choose to let them stay on a few planets within the dynasty’s territory and keep a close watch over them . We shouldn’t allow them to enter the Galactic Society temporarily and educate a few generations .

“If the outcome is good, we can make them into a vassal civilization . At that time, we can let them into the Galactic Society . ”

During war, he killed without any hesitation and would kill without even batting an eye . But outside of war, he was not a bloodthirsty individual .

“If this is the case, we will have to divide them out, and we need their leader to help us,” Urranrell said .

“Yes, I am preparing to interrogate their leader later . Right, we conducted a series of tests on the upper echelons of the Kunde Race and detected some oddities within their mental state . They seem to have been affected by a Psychic Current to enlarge the regions of their brain in charge of anger and rashness . ”

Upon hearing that, a cold light flashed in Urranrell’s eyes .

“Ah, it’s the actions of those Star Cluster Civilizations again . They not only threw a bag of technological knowledge but also made use of a Psychic Current . If not, the other party might not have been so aggressive . Who was the one most affected by the Psychic Current? It should be their leader, right?”

“Wrong . The Kunde Race leader was the least affected . ”

Urranrell shook her head with resignation . “That’s interesting . Is this something unique to their species?”

Beep beep .

Right at this moment, the communicator on the table rang . Tarrokov pressed a button, and his secretary’s voice could be heard .

“Chief commander, Black Star is on the line . Should I connect his long-distance projection?”

“Why is he here now?” Tarrokov muttered before shaking his head . “I am giving a report to the Ruler . Ask him to wait for a while . ”

Right at this moment, Urranrell waved her hands . “It’s alright . Let him in . He isn’t an outsider . ”

“… Alright then . ”

Since the Ruler was willing, Tarrokov did not mind .

Very quickly, Han Xiao’s projection appeared in the room, and he immediately saw Urranrell .

“Your Excellency, you are also here . ”

“Black Star, I heard of your contributions during this war . Good job . ” Urranrell nodded .

“My contributions were negligible,” Han Xiao said humbly . “What are both of you talking about?”

“Nothing much . We are talking about how we should deal with the Kunde Race . A decision hasn’t been made yet…” Urranrell then repeated the conversation simply before asking, “Black Star, do you have any suggestions?”

“I don’t have any opinions . I am also here to ask the dynasty about how they plan to deal with this matter . ” Han Xiao raised his brow .

“Not having opinions is also a type of opinion . ” Urranrell then did not say anything .

She then looked at Tarrokov and got him to continue the report .

After listening to the report, Urranrell praised both of them before going offline .

After sending the Ruler away, Tarrokov looked at Han Xiao with a smile .

“I am going to interrogate the Kunde Race upper echelons . Do you want to join me?”

“Er, I am actually very busy . ” Han Xiao stroked his chin and said with a joking voice, “But since you invited me, I shall reluctantly go with you . ”

Perhaps he could trigger a special mission like with the DarkStar leader .

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