The Tutorial Is Too Hard - Chapter 418

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Chapter 38 Kirikiri (6)


The sky murmured.

It looked like he was going to be struck by lightning.


It actually went down.

The high seeker had to dodge the shards of stones that were thrown by lightning.

It was the will of the God of Light.

Every day, he says, ‘Wonderful punishment, wrathful punishment,’ and he suddenly drops lightning.

The high seeker was freaked out.

The reason was that he did not wield the sword of light.

After becoming king, he sat on the throne for a long time and devoted himself to government affairs, so he did not wield the sword properly, let alone the sword of light.

The God of Light, who had been watching with excitement because he had a chance to fight after a long time, was greatly disappointed when the High Seeker depended on the ability of the Ego Sword.

It looked like so.

Bang! Bang!

Lightning kept falling.

The high seeker had to dodge the shards as he shuffled his feet.

It was threatening, but the high seeker decided to ignore it.

The sword of light is a famous technique that proves itself.

If his identity is exposed, and if he wields it recklessly, most of the territory will be swept away.

It was an unnecessary killing.

The high seeker hurriedly went inside the lord’s castle.

The guards didn’t even try to stop him.

With only his gestures, he breaks down walls, and when he approaches, their armor and spear are cut off by an invisible sword.

There was even a thunderbolt falling one after another, protecting him (or that was what the soldiers saw it as).

The traces of Kirikiri led to the interior of the lord’s castle.

After subduing a few more guards, the high seeker was soon able to arrive in front of a door with traces of Kirikiri.

Without hesitation he opened the door and swung it open.

A large table was spread out, and Kirikiri was sitting in the center of it.

It was exactly opposite the door, so as soon as the door opened, Kirikiri and High Seeker met each other’s eyes.

Kirikiri, who made eye contact with the high seeker, stopped her mouth that was murmuring hard.


It was a weird exclamation.

Kirikiri, whose eyes widened in surprise, perhaps not expecting the high seeker to come, swallowed what was in her mouth.


“…that’s what you have to say to me.”

The high seeker murmured as if it were nonsense.

He had to feel embarrassed as he listened to Kirikiri telling him to eat quickly because it was delicious.

* * *

Fortunately, Kirikiri was eating well and playing well.

Of course she thought so.

The lord ordered the soldiers to bring Kirikiri.

Buying her something to eat, enticing her by saying that there is more food.

This act of bringing in a child while there was no protector was clearly a kidnapping.

No matter how well he treated the kidnapped child or was feeding her delicious food as promised.

Of course, the question remained as to whether the high seeker was Kirikiri’s guardian.

The high seeker thought he was the protector of that innocent rabbit.

Whatever Kirikiri thought or not, the lord was kneeling in front of the high seeker.

“Forgive me!”

The Lord immediately fell flat on his face.

It was a strange attitude.

The high seeker was embarrassed as he had seen many nobles who died while holding a useless vain pride, even in a situation where their head was going to be cut off right away.

He decided to listen to the lord’s excuses.


“Yes, my son hasn’t gotten out of bed for four years.”

It is said that the son of the Lord was weak from an early age.

However, since he became seriously ill four years ago, he has been living in bed.

Neither the doctors nor the priests could reveal the name of his disease.

He continued to be cared for, not knowing when he would get better or when he would die.

“Rabbits can foretell the future. So…”

The lord seems to know about the rabbits that live in the highlands of the Blue Mountains.

So, as soon as he heard a report that a rabbit beast had entered the estate, he had the soldiers bring her in.

If the purpose was to ask for fortune-telling, it made sense to bring Kirikiri and feed her well.

But if that’s the reason, he could probably invite them properly, why did he entice her with something to eat?

“Yes… because it’s a rabbit…”

[Right. It’s best to just offer the rabbit something to eat. Hey, that friend, he seems to know a lot about rabbits.]

The sword said.

It was noisy.

The high seeker decided to understand the lord’s action. It was wrong, but still understandable.

And even if there was an impure intention, it was true that he was treating Kirikiri well until the high seeker came.

The High Seeker decided to compensate for the cost of the collapsed wall.

The high seeker had a lot of money.

The emergency fund he carried was enough to compensate for the collapsed wall.

The High Seeker gave Kirikiri a brief explanation of what had happened to her.


Kirikiri’s eyes widened.

“You deceived me! You were bad people!”

Then she jumped up from her seat.

She puffed her nostrils as if she was going to scold them.

The high seeker had already told her that he had already done a good job of scolding them.


Kirikiri sat back down and continued her meal.

She was spontaneous, as if nothing had happened.

‘So gullible by food… … .’

It seems that all the words that he told her to be careful when entering the city were to no avail.

* * *

The High Seeker and Kirikiri did not return to the inn, but stayed in the lord’s castle.

It wasn’t good for the high seeker and Kirikiri to go out while the lord comforted the citizens and the soldiers who were startled by the collapse of the walls.

The lord announced that the wall collapse was an accident caused by lightning.

After the accident was over, the lord made a formal request to Kirikiri.

To predict the future of his son who can’t get up from his sick bed.

“I’m not good at it. I’ll try.”

Kirikiri accepted it as if it was nothing.

The lord was delighted and he said that he would arrange the pearls she needed for the divination.

The high seeker thought that things were going well.

And the next day, he got bad news.

“The pearl cannot be obtained.”

The Lord said with a sad expression on his face.

“I found out through the precious metal merchants that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen a pearl recently. It seems the mermaids are having a problem.”

Pearls are produced by mermaids that inhabit the shores.

There were also pearls that were naturally generated, but they were few in number compared to pearls that were created through the care of mermaids, and their luster and size were incomparable.

Therefore, pearls were considered to be gems made by mermaids.

If the distribution of pearls is suddenly cut off, there is a very high probability that the problem is related to the mermaids.

“I’ll send people to see what’s going on.”

Pearls were the main distribution product of this estate.

Pearls produced on the East Coast were precious metals that were hard to come by.

It had to be traded in big cities, not on the coast.

This estate was the link between the wealthy aristocrats in the center and the producers on the coast.

Since pearl trading was one of the main sources of income for the estate, the lord took this matter seriously.

The High Seeker and Kirikiri decided to go directly to the beach and check the problem.

The people sent by the lord may investigate the problem, but they will not be able to solve it right away.

It was not the style of the high seeker to spend time sitting down in the castle of the lord because of an unknown issue.

Kirikiri also agreed to go see it in person.

Apparently, she thought of all of this as an exciting and fun trip.

“The trip will be longer than I thought, will it be okay?”

To the high seeker’s question, Kirikiri replied that it was okay.

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It was a deadline-less trip.

All she had to do was get a bunch of pearls at any time and return safely to the village.

It was a very peaceful tribe.

The High Seeker and Kirikiri headed to the coastal town.

* * *

A lot has happened.

Solving the problems of the mermaid village.

Scolding the evil lord.

The power of the gods descending to save the city from disaster.

Crossing the Lake of Silence.

Overcoming imperfection, becoming a god, and defeating the monster that was trying to burn the continent.

Saving the village from dragons.

The two were caught up in all sorts of surprising events.

It may not be correct to say that you are caught up in it.

When the high seeker was told there was some problem nearby, he could never ignore it.

He was mesmerized in everything and every case, trying to help with the problem.

Kirikiri didn’t complain about the long journey caused by the high seeker.

There were hard and difficult times, but the trip was generally enjoyable, and Kirikiri did not hesitate to take the opportunity to help people.

When the two returned to the estate, the atmosphere had already changed.

They returned with many pearls, but the lord did not welcome them.

The lord’s son was already dead.

There was no reason left for a divination.

The day the lord’s son died was the day the two of them left the estate.

At that time, the lord may have expected to some extent.

That his son, who had been bedridden for a long time, had little time left.

So it would have been even more difficult.

The High Seeker and Kirikiri set off towards the Blue Mountains.

They went through many events together.

Kirikiri has become more mature.

The relationship between the two grew closer.

What used to be a relationship between an immature child and a guardian, but now they have become really close friends.

“It’s difficult.”

Kirikiri said.

The high seeker didn’t respond.

“There is no perfect world. There is no perfect order, no perfect rule and no rules.”

That was the conclusion Kirikiri came to while traveling with the high seeker.

It might be some kind of meddling.

A high seeker is an old man who has lived his entire life for one thought.

It will be difficult for him to change and let go now.

But now that their journey is coming to an end, Kirikiri wanted to say something.

“Because value is subjective and relative.”

Can a perfect and inflexible law really be justice?

Should the lord who kidnapped a rabbit to know his son’s future be punished or understood?

Should the uncle go to jail for stealing bread for his starving nephew?

Is it right to eat someone else’s baby to save my own baby?

No such answer existed.

“You can’t save everything, Mister.”

The high seeker did not respond this time either.

It was a word he had heard many times over a long period of time.

From people, colleagues, and subordinates.

[That’s right.]

Even his own sword said so.

What the high seeker wanted was simple.

He wanted to help everyone.

It was a very rustic and simple wish.

But it was not an easy wish.

By saving one, he gave up the other.

Both could not be saved.

In order to kill a demon stronger than himself, he had to burn the city.

If the killer is drowning in the river, and the victim’s family is watching the killer drown across the river.

Just saving the killer will hurt the victim’s family.

The high seeker found the law as a way to resolve the contradiction.

Judgment by law, punishment by law.

But there were inconsistencies in the law.

“I can do it.”

The high seeker said.

It was an issue he had been thinking about for a long time.

He was not expecting that he will have an answer himself, but he leaned on the hope that one day he will be able to find an answer.


And after a long thought.

The high seeker found a way.

He answered Kirikiri.

“I will become a god.”

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