The Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 DemiDevimon Wants to Fly High


The ripples of the thick ink spread out in circles.


In an instant, the entire magic card was dyed into a thick dark golden color!


When the dark golden color on the magic card became even and smooth, Dark immediately picked up a magic energy pen using the knowledge learned in the class and painted the number 7 magic refining circle on the front of the magic card.


This was a simple method of making emotional series magic cards, which could create magic cards with many emotions such as "sadness", "happiness", "anger" and so on.


Using this magic card, people could experience the corresponding emotions.


Among them, the [Card of Happiness] was the most popular among the upper class.


After a busy day, nobles would sit down and sniff a [Card of Happiness], so that all their worries could be eliminated, and they could greet the next busy day with a positive mind.


In a duel, a smart magicist would make good use of the magic card of the emotional series to cause the emotions of their own or the opponent's magical spirit to rise, thereby raising the combat power of their own magical spirit, or allowing the opponent's magical spirit to expose weaknesses.


Because the preparation method of the emotion series magic card was very simple, it was regarded as the learning goal of the freshmen in the first month.


Dark was the fastest and most stable one in the class, and was even called the "hand of the eagle" for a while.


The Magic Energy pen was a hollow pen that mimicked the structure of blood vessels.


The mercury flowing in the blood vessels of the magic energy pen would guide the magic energy to the tip of the pen, making it easier for the magister to gather and refine the magic energy to draw more refined lines.


Although a mature magister could do the same without using a magic energy pen, using a magic energy pen could reduce the dispersion of concentration and improve efficiency.


Of course, beginners like Dark would not be able to do without the magic energy pen in a short time.


The depiction of a magic refining circle must be fast, steady, and accurate.


Dark completed the outline of the number 7 magic refining circle in just seven seconds.


At the moment when the entire magic circle was completed, a strong white light suddenly burst out!


But the white light quickly deteriorated and turned into the dark golden color of the magic card.


Dark stared at the magic card nervously.


The final refining stage of the magic card was like putting all the ingredients in a pot and simmering it over a fire. No one knew what it would look like before the lid was opened.


What the freshmen did at the sorting ceremony was this last step.


However, at that time, the sorting cards had been adjusted to the point where they could be made automatically by just injecting magic energy.


But, the magic card in front of Dark was the very first one Dark had made!


Its success not only had great significance, but also represented that Dark had finally found a way to transform the seven deadly sins into power.


The essence of magic was imagination.


Whether it was knowledge, emotions, thoughts or creativity, they all seemed to be a source of power.


So, there was no reason that seven deadly sins could not be transformed into power.




After a few seconds, the refining magic circle was deeply marked on the back of the magic card, blending the material with the magic card.


When the number 7 refining magic circle appeared on the back of the magic card clearly, the refining of this magic card was complete!


The next step was to test the card.


Even the standard magic card made in accordance with the established procedure would have different effects due to various factors.


Moreover, the magic card in front of Dark was still made by himself.


He needed to conduct a small experiment.


The subject of the experiment, naturally, could not be himself.


Dark turned his gaze, and then looked at DemiDevimon, who was standing on the bird stand on the ceiling like an owl.


Then he showed a kind smile.




Although the familiar spirit could only be regarded as a simulating life form, it was a species with an intelligence level of 2.5, emotions, and self-consciousness.


In this case, it would be affected by the emotion series magic card.


Dark beckoned to DemiDevimon.


DemiDevimon tilted its head, spread its wings and flew down.


Dark took the [Pride] magic card to the other desk, then pulled out a bird chain from the desk, opened the buckle, and fastened DemiDevimon's left ankle.


The windows of the room had been closed and the curtains had been pulled.


——Formed a perfect secret room.


After DemiDevimon was put on the ankle ring, it couldn't help showing an expression 

(,,• ́. • ̀,,).


Dark watched for a while, then noted the time in his notebook.


"It’s 3:29, I should wait another minute."


When it was exactly half past three.


"My turn, magic summoning!"


Dark clamped [Pride]'s magic card with his index finger and middle finger, and activated the [Summon].


In an instant, the magic card was activated!


A layer of black light appeared on the surface of the card, and a dark golden ball of light with a long tail flew out of the magic card, and shot into DemiDevimon's head.


At that moment, Dark and DemiDevimon closed their eyes at the same time.


Time seemed to stand still, and the room was so quiet that they could even hear a needle drop to the ground.


DemiDevimon opened its eyes first, and a dark golden light burst out from the gap in its eyes.


Its mouth was upturned, its eyes were sharp, its chin was slightly raised, and it actually opened its mouth and said, "I, DemiDevimon, want to fly high!"






Dark was startled first, then ecstatic!


Whether or not DemiDevimon was affected by the【Pride】magic card to become proud, it was not so important anymore.


The most important thing at the moment was that it could talk!


As we all know, Digital Monsters can speak human language.


But, the birth mechanism of the familiar spirit was different from Digital Monsters.


At least, this DemiDevimon could not speak originally and its intelligence level was slightly lower than that of a normal beast.


And now, after it absorbed the energy of [Pride], it had no problem talking normally. 


"Does this mean that its life form has been changed, and it is closer to Digital Monster now?"


"Professor Silver once said that the birth of a familiar spirit is inseparable from the magic energy, knowledge, personality and other factors of the magister."


"Perhaps, the familiar spirit I summoned is not the same kind of life form as DemiDevimon that exists in this world."


"The greatest magister Merlin in history once said that the difference in cognition determines the difference in magic."


"In addition..."


Dark looked at the [Pride] magic card in his hand.


A fine crack had appeared on the card body!


The magic cards of the emotion series could be reused.


It seemed that this magic card had gone beyond the category of "emotions" and became an one-off card.


From this, Dark thought of a word: "demonization"!


The so-called "magic beasts" in this world were all wild beasts that had lost their minds after being "demonized"!


DemiDevimon's current state should be "Prideization" closer to "demonization".


He thought for a while and recorded this magic card as 【Pride I】, then wrote down the corresponding effect in the notebook.


Next, he was going to further observe how long it would take for the "Prideized" DemiDevimon to return to its original state.

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