Warrior's Promise - Chapter 2116

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Chapter 2116: Incredible Defense Power

“Su Mo!”

“Su Mo!”

Long Teng, Li Feng, Jiang Fengran and the rest turned ghastly pale and shouted. However, they could not save Su Mo as they were bound by Long Cang’s force.

The martial artists who were watching the fight widened their eyes and dropped their jaws. They knew the outcome.

Su Mo will die a terrible death!

The most powerful genius is about to disappear from this world!

No one can fend off Demon God Jiu Yang’s blow. Su Mo is doomed!

Yin Shen and Jin Yang heaved a sigh of relief. They were glad that Su Mo would be killed by Demon God Jiu Yang.

Xu Wushen and Jiang Shenye were anxious as both of them were the disciples of Myriad Worlds Mountain. At such a critical moment, Bai Tiannan had not appeared to save Su Mo.

“Oh no!”

Li Zun was disturbed. He wanted to capture Su Mo alive so that he could get Su Mo’s soul and Fighting Souls for Gongcheng Tai Hao to merge with them.

If Su Mo was utterly destroyed, his efforts would come to naught.

In the Nine-suns Realm.

Su Mo remained calm in the face of the powerful blow that had been thrown out by Demon God Jiu Yang. He had the confidence to fend it off.

His Sword Qi had diminished half the power of the Saber Qi, so he was able to take on the blow.

Supreme Bone!

Su Mo shouted within himself. He hastened the power of the Blood Force in his body and activated the defense power of the Supreme Combat Body.

His body turned into golden bones instantly.

Strange runes packed around his golden bones and they looked mysterious.

The dazzling golden light shot out 161,000 kilometers and it reduced the power of the Nine-suns Realm by half.

Su Mo’s defense power was at its optimum and he was indestructible.

The defense power of Su Mo’s Supreme Bone was much more powerful than that of Gongcheng Tai Hao.

It was like this because Gongcheng Tai Hao only possessed the Blood Force of the Supreme Combat Body when he displayed the Supreme Bone.

However, Su Mo had a large number of defense physiques. He possessed the body of the Guardian Warrior, Sky Bones Body, Colored Glaze Treasure Body, and many other physiques.

Although those Blood Force Physiques were not as powerful as the Supreme Combat Body, when the different physiques came together, the power was mighty.

Thus, Gongcheng Tai Hao’s Supreme Bone could not be compared with the power of Su Mo’s Supreme Bone.

Su Mo had not only activated his Supreme Bone, he had fully activated his Chaotic Energy to form a strong defense.

At the next instant.


There was an earth-shattering explosion and the black Saber Qi blasted Su Mo’s body.

The powerful Body Protection Chaotic Force cracked when the Saber Qi hit it.

The Saber Qi then hit onto Su Mo’s body.


The sound of weapons clanging together resounded and it was deafening. Su Mo’s body was in a blaze as terrifying force surged around.


Su Mo’s body flew out from the Nine-suns Realm at lightning speed when he was being hit.

He was not killed as everyone had expected.

“How can it be?” Demon God Jiu Yang widened his eyes in disbelief when he saw the scene.

The blow that he had thrown out was mighty, but it had not broken through Su Mo’s defense. It was impossible!

It seemed logical if Su Mo had used his sword to fend off the blow. However, he had used his body to fend off the blow and it seemed ridiculous.

The entire area was in dead silence. The area froze as everyone was dumbfounded by the scene.

Su Mo is still alive!

He is still alive and he has used his body to fend off Demon God Jiu Yang’s blow. That is incredible!

It is a miracle for a Great Completion Realm Martial Sage to use his body to fend off the blow of a Rank 3 Empty God!

Moreover, Su Mo seems unscathed!

His defense power is formidable!

Long Teng, Li Feng, Jiang Fengran, Long Cang, Yin Shen, Jin Yang, and many other top powers were dumbstruck.

Everyone was taken aback by the outcome.

As Gu Ling was a skeleton, one could not see his expression. However, he seemed to have frozen.

“Supreme Bone?” Li Zun’s eyes almost popped out of his head as he stared at Su Mo. He felt overwhelmed by what he saw.

He knew at one glance that Su Mo had displayed the Supreme Bone that had been formed by the Supreme Combat Body. That was Gongcheng Tai Hao’s Supreme Bone.

Li Zun knew better than anyone that the Supreme Bone was unique to the Supreme Combat Body and only Gongcheng Tai Hao possessed it.

However, he was shocked to see that Su Mo had displayed the Supreme Bone.

When he saw the strange signs on Su Mo’s body, he had felt that it was similar to the Supreme Combat Body. However, he was not sure about it as it was slightly different from Gongcheng Tai Hao’s Supreme Combat Body.

At that moment, he was certain that Su Mo possessed the Supreme Combat Body.

“How is it possible?” Li Zun shouted in his heart. He then thought of a shocking possibility.

After Su Mo had slashed Gongcheng Tai Hao, he had taken his physical body. Su Mo had tapped into Gongcheng Tai Hao’s physical body to obtain the Supreme Combat Body.

Li Zun believed that Su Mo only possessed the Supreme Combat Body recently.

What does that imply?

Su Mo possesses the ability to steal the Blood Force Physique and he has stolen Gongcheng Tai Hao’s Supreme Combat Body!

When Li Zun thought of that, he was stunned and he went into a daze.

He found it unbelievable, but the fact was before his eyes.

The three Empty Gods were astonished, and the hundreds of thousands of martial artists were dumbfounded. All of them were shocked by Su Mo’s great defense power.


After Su Mo had been thrown a fair distance back, he managed to stabilize himself. He was not injured but he felt lousy.

Although his Sword Qi had reduced the power of Demon God Jiu Yang’s blow by half, it was still powerful.

The Body Protection Chaotic Force had fended off 20 percent of the blow and the remaining 30 percent had been fended off by his body.

The power had caused his blood to flow against the stream and his bones were sore. His hands were shivering as well.

Su Mo saw that there was a long bloodstain on his body.

His defense power had given way a little, and it had not completely fended off the blow. However, the injury was minor.

Su Mo suppressed the surging blood in his body and he lifted up the swords in his hands.

“You shall be the ones to die!”

Su Mo said coldly, and he was filled with immense killing intent.

Two rays of powerful Chaotic Sword Radiance shot up to the starry sky like Sky Pillars and shook the area.

A terrifying power of the Fighting Souls surged in the Sword Radiance, like millions of volcanoes, and engulfed the area.

Suddenly, there was a change in the color of the wind and the clouds in the starry sky.

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