You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1769

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Chapter 1769: It Is Hard to Speak of One’s Troubles (9)

When Li Tingting lifted her gaze, she was immediately stunned into silence.

Before coming, her mother had said that Madam Lu was an ugly duckling, that she had such a small presence that one wouldn’t even know she was there.

Hence, she hadn’t bothered to prepare. But unexpectedly, as she looked up at that face… Although she wasn’t wearing makeup, it was clear that the girl had exquisite features. She had the sort of face that could easily withstand scrutiny.

Seeing that Qiao Yiyi was this pretty made Li Tingting even more envious.

She drew in a deep breath and said, “I heard what happened. Why didn’t you call home if you had managed to escape? If you had, this wouldn’t have happened to Second Brother. It will be your fault if his leg suffers any side effects from this.”

Li Tingting narrowed her eyes after she said this.

She had heard that Lu Qingtian had given Qiao Yiyi a tight slap because of this, so she was quite sure that even if she were to rub salt into the wound, Lu Qingtian wasn’t going to defend the girl.

But unexpectedly, before Qiao Yiyi could even react, Lu Qingtian spoke. Li Tingting had initially thought she would rebuke Qiao Yiyi, but instead the woman directed her remark at Li Tingting. “I have to say, Tingting, is this the way you speak to your Second Sister-in-law?”

Li Tingting was stunned. “Second Sister-in-law?”

Lu Qingtian nodded and continued, “You’re always calling Nanze your Second Brother, so isn’t she your Second Sister-in-law then?”

Li Tingting almost gagged.

Lu Qingtian snorted coldly. “Besides, it was a good enough thing that Yiyi was able to escape by herself. She didn’t have a cell phone on her at all, how could she have called Lu Nanze?”

Li Tingting: …!!

That wasn’t in the script. Why wasn’t the woman playing along?

At this point, they heard a slight movement. All of them turned around simultaneously and found that Lu Nanze had woken up.

He opened his eyes slowly. The first person he saw was Qiao Yiyi.

Qiao Yiyi had her hair up in a high ponytail and was dressed in a slim white dress. At a first glance, she looked like Traceless without a mask.

The man was still in a daze. He immediately extended his hand towards her and said, “You’re here?”

The familiarity and happiness in his tone took her by surprise.

Qiao Yiyi was stunned for a moment. But in that moment, someone pushed her arm and she was shoved to the side. The person who had shoved her now took her place at the front. “Second Brother, I’m here! How are you? You must be feeling awful.”

Lu Nanze frowned when he saw Li Tingting and immediately withdrew his hand. But the girl forcefully took it, sighed and said, “I’ve called Qiao Lian to tell her about this.”

When Lu Nanze heard this, he froze.

Looking at Li Tingting, he asked, “What did she say?”

Li Tingting replied, “She said that you should rest well and recuperate. She’s asked me to take good care of you.”

The man fell silent at once.

So it seemed that she did care about him still.

But what was the use of showing concern like this?

There was so much physical distance between them.

Besides, she had to stay at home after childbirth, so it wasn’t possible for her to visit.

At this thought, Lu Nanze lowered his gaze and fell into deep thought.

Li Tingting got to her feet and said at this point, “Second Brother, I know you’ve always been particular about cleanliness. Why don’t I get some water and help you clean up?”

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