You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1781

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In that instant, Liang Liang’s heart skipped a beat

He wanted to stop the car, but it was too late.

He stepped on the emergency break and turned the car, but everything was happening too fast.

Just at that split second, a sports car appeared and hit his. Liang Liang’s car was smashed directly onto an electric pole on the side.

Liang Liang was dizzy due to the collision, but he had managed to prevent hitting the kid.

Liang Liang frowned and realized that the sports car that had just collided with him was Traceless’.

He quickly stuck his head out and saw that Traceless’ car had been damaged due to the hit.

She got out with the mask on her face and checked her car with a frown.

Liang Liang didn’t know what to think either. He somehow got out of his car and walked to the front of her car.

No matter how good Traceless was, she wasn’t good at everything. She had completely no idea how to fix a car.

When she saw Liang Liang get out of his car, she looked at him with a raised brow, absolutely fearless.

Liang Liang stood before Traceless and she said, “Did you come to catch me?”

Liang Liang didn’t know what to say at that instant.

In order not to raise any suspicions, he was donned in casual attire. Traceless shouldn’t have known that he was a police officer.

But Liang Liang also knew that if Traceless came, she was risking getting caught.

However, when she had seen the child in danger, she had chosen to turn around. That showed that Traceless still cared about that child.

He swallowed, speechless at that moment.

Instead, it was the mother of the child that reacted. She grabbed the child, approached them and cried while bowing. “Thank you for saving my child, thank you thank you so much.”

Liang Liang was slightly embarrassed.

It was actually because he had been driving too fast in his chase after Traceless.

The traffic light had already turned yellow ahead. He should have stopped and waited for them to cross.

Even though he was a police officer and had the right to disobey rules, he shouldn’t have been so rash.

If he had hit someone, his future would be done for.

As he thought about this, he didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt that Traceless wasn’t that bad of a person after all.

Thus he directly said to Traceless, “Let me take a look at your car for you.”

Even now, he could clearly remember the surprised expression on Traceless’ face when she heard his words.

Liang Liang lowered his head and realized that there was only a small problem with the car.

This car had to have been modified to prevent crashes. Although the crash had been so harsh that his car had flown away, Traceless’ car only had a small problem.

He quickly fixed it for her and said, “Just leave.”

He thought that he couldn’t owe Traceless a favor.

And letting her go was repaying the favor.

Traceless twitched her lips and didn’t speak. Instead, she got into her car and started it. It seemed as though she would leave, but her car window was suddenly wound down.

Then a piece of jade was thrown out from the car. “Officer, if you want to lay a trap and catch me, next time you should be more assertive and don’t get so involved. If you drag your feelings into this, when will you ever be able to catch me?”

After she said so, she started the car and moved forward as she waved at him, saying, “I wasn’t going to return this jade to you and make you anxious. But I’m worried that you’ll cry, so I’ll just forgive you this time.”

Until today, Liang Liang could still remember her bashful look.

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