Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548 1548 . Taunts

Noah didnt take that decision lightly . He had already considered that the Crystal City and its allies would do everything in their power to hunt him down .

Yet, that partially worked in his favor . Noah didnt want his return into the human domain to mark the beginning of a peaceful period . He needed struggles to continue growing .

Moreover, Noah had finally touched the eighth rank . It was time to step up his game and start messing with organizations . It was impossible to seize resources that mattered at his new level without affecting other large forces .

Noah also was in desperate need of energy . His unstable substance was almost about to run out, and the weakness that he felt affected the empowerment given by his ambition .

The insane might expressed by the Demonic Form even worsened his condition . The ambition had covered most of the expenses of his superior power, but his time was running out .

Madame Canson tried to free herself from Noahs grasp and the energies that suppressed her existence, but her efforts amounted to nothing . The black flames consumed her figure and brought her nutrients to Noah .

The black hole quickly absorbed those nutrients and began to purify them . Madame Canson was almost exhausted, but the power carried by her existence managed to bring Noah some comfort .

Still, that wasnt enough . Noahs cultivation level began to fall even after his black hole started to send the new energy toward his tissues . His fourth center of power didnt know how it could fix his condition .

I cant return to the seventh rank, Noah calculated before glancing at the sky .

The battle against Madame Canson had dispersed the darkness accumulated in the sky . Noah could see the remains of his pack fighting against the few cultivators left, but his eyes didnt stop at that scene .

His gaze went higher and landed on the sparks accumulated in the sky . Heaven and Earth were still ready to unleash their might, but they didnt do anything even after the battle ended .

What are you waiting for? Noah wondered as anxiety built in his mind .

The battlefield was a mess . Noahs pack had almost defeated the cultivators . Those underlings couldnt match Fergie and the other magical beasts after losing Madame Cansons empowerment .

The Eternal Snakes were even better off . Noahs battle had turned the palace into dust, so Monsieur Evan couldnt draw power from the many defenses anymore . He had to rely on his existence to fend off the enemy pack, but he was inevitably suffering from the difference in numbers and power .

Noah didnt dare to jump among the Eternal Snakes . Monsieur Evan was their prey and trying to steal it was akin to turning those magical beasts into enemies .

Noah couldnt even decide to fight the Eternal Snakes . He didnt feel powerless against them anymore, but his ambition was running out . He didnt know if his current power would last long enough to kill a few of them and escape .

His only real chance to gain a massive amount of energy was a sudden Tribulation, but Heaven and Earth had yet to attack . They even seemed about to retreat when they sensed that Noahs cultivation level was falling .

Noah knew that he couldnt let that happen . Falling back into the seventh rank would trigger drawbacks that he had no hope to endure . He had to find a way to force Heaven and Earths hand .

Heaven! Earth! Noah shouted in a desperate attempt to attract the sparks attention . Did you forget about me? I thought you wanted to destroy me!

The sparks continued to disperse . Noahs taunt had no effects on the Tribulation, but that only made him chose sharper words .

Heaven! Earth! Noah shouted again . What do you think about my current power? I thought you wanted me to be a counselor!

His words failed to trigger any effect in the sparks again . Noah was running out of options, and even his cultivation level was dangerously approaching the bottom of the eighth rank .

The Demonic Deduction technique lit up . Bloodlust filled Noahs mind and gave him ideas on how to taunt Heaven and Earth better . He had something that they hated to the core, and his bloody thoughts gave him an idea on how to exploit that .

His aura expanded . His mental energy seeped inside the fabric of the world, and his dark world spread under him to create a dark cloud .

The matter of the world evolved under the effects of Noahs law . The dark world also helped in the process . The sky grew darker, and the whiteness that usually filled the area transformed into lumps of black smoke that began to fight with the air .

It seemed that the matter affected by Noahs ambition couldnt stand the sight of Heaven and Earths world . It wanted to fight it for the ownership of that space . It wasnt willing to share anything . It only desired to spread its influence .

The existences that werent busy fighting turned toward Noah, but they couldnt understand the reason behind his actions . Still, they could see the world transforming under their very eyes .

Noah wasnt transforming that matter into an extension of himself . His ambition was freeing it of Heaven and Earths laws and forcing it to develop its own true meanings .

The air didnt have a will, but Noahs ambition forced it to obtain basic instincts . That matter suddenly began to desire, as if it were a living being of the world .

The lumps of darkness eventually sensed the energy around them, and desire filled their simple minds . They started to spread in a desperate attempt to devour that power . They even began to fight each other for the ownership of a chunk of the sky .

Those events had only involved a small area at the beginning, but they started to happen everywhere in the region as Noahs influence expanded . He was giving the matter freedom, and that gave birth to the innate desire to grow stronger inside it .

Heaven! Earth! Noah shouted while roars fused with his human voice . Do you recall what I represent? I am your greatest mistake, and I will make sure that the whole higher plane becomes aware of how flawed your existence is!

Heaven and Earth couldnt retreat anymore . Noahs words couldnt really taunt those mighty existences, but his actions had defied their rules enough to trigger a punishment .

A crackling noise soon filled the area . The sparks stopped dispersing and began to accumulate again . Flashes of orange light also pierced the whiteness of the sky and marked the beginning of the Heaven Tribulation .

This isnt enough, Noah concluded while his eyes sharpened and landed on the lumps of darkness in the region . They arent aiming for me . These sparks barely have rank 8 power .

Noah needed to gather enough nutrients to fulfill the requirements of three centers of power . In his case, he necessitated far more energy than any other rank 7 existence in the world . Even some rank 8 beings couldnt match his needs .

You idiots! Noah exploded into an open critique of Heaven and Earth . They are nothing more than children of my ambition . I am the true enemy of the world . I am your first mistake!

Noahs aura shot upward and created a trail of darkness that connected his figure with the layer of sparks . Part of that violent power transformed into black lumps that detonated, destroying a large chunk of the Tribulation .

A heavy pressure fell on Noah at that point . He could sense an intense destructive desire enveloping his figure and triggering a change in the scene high in the sky .

A new wave of energy seeped into the sparks and altered their nature . They slowly turned white, but they were so bright that they didnt manage to hide in the sky .

The white sparks condensed to give birth to four lightning bolts that fell around Noah . Four rank 8 auras filled the environment at that point, and Noah couldnt help but smile when his consciousness enveloped the four humanoid crackling figures that had surrounded him .

Hello, Heaven, Noah welcomed his opponent while his smile broadened . What took you so long?

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