Boss’s Death Guide - Chapter 107

Chapter 107


Nie Yi refused to cooperate, and the people of the inquest division were also a little vexed . One of them, a young, beautiful girl, was Yu Shuo’s fan and did not like Nie Yi in the first place, and she was now even angrier . “What do you mean by acting all arrogant after hurting people? Let me tell you, willfully beating a group of ability users in the secure base will lead to a death penalty!” 

“Death penalty?” Nie Yi laughed, then twirled a recording pen in his hand . “Don’t hesitate to speak ba . I’ll record all of this, reference it well, and also allow other people to see how the inquest division convicts . ”

Nie Yi knew B City secure base’s laws, so he had some propriety when he attacked . Although he bombed those people, not a single one was heavily injured . At most, there would just be a few more scars on their faces and bodies in the future .



Generally, this sort of matter wasn’t something the inquest division would care much about . After all, there seriously were too many various fights in the apocalypse . If they were to manage everything, they would probably die from exhaustion .

Since it was like this, this girl was threatening people by avenging private wrongs with her public position .  

That young girl was infuriated by Nie Yi’s behaviour . As an inquest division member, she had always been flattered and fawned upon . She thus said, “So what if you recorded it? Clearly you’re the one in the wrong! You man-liking pervert!”


“Do you believe that I’ll kill you right now?” Nie Yi suddenly looked at the girl while an ice blade appeared in his hand .

The sunlight shed from the window, casting on the ice blade and turning it glistening and glittering; mist was even surrounding it .

It was unknown whether the cold air of the ice blade was too horrifying, or the coldness from Nie Yi was too intense, but the girl was shocked and couldn’t speak for a time .


The middle-aged man behind her sighed and pulled her back .

For Nie Yi to dare be so secure in the knowledge that he has backing after hurting someone, it might have been like what he said, that Yu Shuo was the first to provoke him, and he was in the right .

Moreover, while Yu Shuo and the others looked a little dismal, there weren’t any grave injuries . Just with this situation, the inquest division couldn’t truly do anything to Nie Yi . At most, they could penalise some supplies from Nie Yi . Since it was like this, what benefits was there in provoking Nie Yi?

The middle-aged man blocked the girl and prevented the young girl from speaking, and at this time, Yu Shuo and the others were done being bandaged with the doctor’s help .  

This already wasn’t the first time Yu Shuo was beaten by Nie Yi, but this was definitely his most humiliating one . He had led so many men, and he initially thought that Nie Yi definitely would not be able to beat them, and they could suss out inside information about Nie Yi . But unexpectedly, in no more than a single move, his side was defeated . He didn’t even know what Nie Yi did!

Nie Yi!

Yu Shuo looked at that youth who seemed extremely pleased, the anger in his heart almost unable to be repressed . But soon, he calmed down again .

During this time, it was unknown whether it was because he was defeated in the hands of Yu Xuguang, but Nie Boyuan was much more indifferent towards him . But this time, he had suffered a significant loss from Nie Yi, so Nie Boyuan nevertheless needed to give him an account .  

He already told someone to look for Nie Boyuan, so he should be coming soon . When that time came… Yu Shuo only had to imagine the sight of Nie Yi being reprimanded by Nie Boyuan and he would feel cheerful .

But immediately after, his face stung, and his expression instantly turned ugly . He had always valued his appearance; if he was truly disfigured…

He must adequately spread what had happened today!

Right at this time, someone rushed in from outside . Yu Shuo looked over and unexpectedly saw a person he hated— Secretary Zhang, who was by Zhao Chengqi’s side .  

“Secretary Zhang, why are you here?” The middle-aged man who had stopped the young girl rushed to welcome him .

“Nie shao has brought vital information to B City secure base . General Zhao ordered him to come right away,” Secretary Zhang said .


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After learning that Yu Shuo and the others had nothing more than minor injuries, Zhao Chengqi felt that the inquest division was just making a mountain out of a molehill . He knew Nie Yi’s character; although he was a little independent, a bit insistent on having revenge on his wrongs, he would not take the initiative to provoke other people . Instead, it was that Yu Shuo who especially liked to find a sense of existence .  

A grown male was dancing around on television, but not only that, sometimes when their military faction discovered something; after Yu Shuo explained it on the television, many civilians assumed that it was Yu Shuo who did it!

It was like that mutated plant they found not long ago . Their military side had spent a lot of effort before they could find it . Before they could research for long, Yu Shuo announced on television that something like this should be properly researched to benefit all of humanity and then made them hand over that plant!

Zhao Chengqi did not like Yu Shuo, and Secretary Zhang was naturally the same . After shooting a look at Yu Shuo and the others, he then said, “I hear that there were some superficial wounds from a practice fight? Does such a trifle have any need for the inquest division?”

The middle-aged man was a little hesitant, but after Secretary Zhang came, he wanted to take Nie Yi away immediately, which made him a little unhappy— Secretary hang wasn’t afraid of Yu Shuo, but they were, and they didn’t want to be remembered by Yu Shuo… When thinking of this, the middle-aged man looked at Yu Shuo .  

Yu Shuo’s face had bandages . He lifted his head to look at Secretary Zhang, coldly saying, “Secretary Zhang, isn’t you defining me being assassinated as a practice fight with just a sentence little too much?”

Secretary Zhang’s complexion changed . Right at this time, someone else came in from the entrance .

The B City secure base chief, Nie Boyuan, rushed in from the outside while leading two people . Seeing the situation inside, he immediately frowned .

Seeing Nie Boyuan, Secretary Zhang’s complexion changed . Zhao Chengqi wasn’t afraid of Nie Boyuan and could argue with him, but he could not do this to Nie Boyuan . Now that Nie Boyuan was here, he could not help having to concede to some extent .  

“What in the world happened today?” Nie Boyuan immediately asked after coming in, and he looked at Nie Yi .

“Your darling son’s mouth was too dirty, so he was beaten by me . ” Nie Yi glanced at Nie Boyuan . His entire being looked languid . B City secure base was a place that many survivors wanted to live in the most, but he now hated it more and more… After he explained the matters about the shadow guard, he should leave with Qi Jingchen as soon as possible to avoid running into things that made him unhappy all the time .

Of course, before that, it was best he kill off Yu Shuo… Qi An’s ability had grown more potent, so this probably wouldn’t be too hard?

“Dad, I didn’t say anything,” Yu Shuo said, his face a little stubborn .  

“Chief Nie, Nie Yi came to deliver important information . Our general will not allow him to be deliberately bullied just because of someone else’s superficial injuries . ” Secretary Zhang felt like Nie Yi was about to suffer when seeing Yu Shuo’s expression .

“How’re their injuries?” This time, Nie Boyuan unexpectedly did not immediately speak to berate Nie Yi and instead looked at the middle-aged doctor, then asked, “Is there any surveillance?”

“Yu shao and the others all had skin injuries,” the middle-aged man said, then took out the surveillance . “Chief Nie, the surveillance is here . ”

The surveillance tape did not have a sound . It showed that Nie Yi and Yu Shuo initially had been chatting when Nie Yi suddenly attacked Yu Shuo .  

Seeing this situation, Nie Boyuan’s complexion was rather ugly, and he gave Nie Yi a cold face . “Can’t you not cause trouble? You returned with a lot of hardship, and you’ve already caused trouble before even entering the gates and beat your older brother . What is the meaning of this?”

Nie Yi simply did not care about Nie Boyuan’s berating . “It has nothing to do with you . The inquest division just shouldn’t discriminate for one side . ”


With that, he gave Ping Shengchao a look .

Ping Shengchao took out a recording pen and pressed it, then Yu Shuo’s voice came from within . “So your little lover finally has legs to walk on his own? Nie Yi, it’s better if you always carry him lest he ends up snatched by someone . Many people like this sort of smooth-skinned and tender fleshed person . If there were lines of binding bruises on him, it must be extremely beautiful…” 

Following this voice, Nie Boyuan’s voice became increasingly uglier . When Nie Yi saw his appearance, he lightly said, “Chief Nie, your darling son said he didn’t say anything at all, but as a result, he said this… If I said this about that lover of yours, wouldn’t you want to hit me?”

He did not care about Nie Boyuan’s feelings and did not feel like fighting for them, but this did not mean he was willing to be wrongly accused… Nie Yi looked at Nie Boyuan, really wanting to know what Nie Boyuan would do .

Fly into a rage from humiliation?

Nie Yi was already prepared for Nie Boyuan to throw a temper at him, but unexpectedly, Nie Boyuan actually glared at Yu Shuo . “You said this?” 

Yu Shuo’s heart sank .

Previously, Nie Yi had always been blunt, and he acted as if he did not care about other people misunderstanding . He even thought that this person would feel disinclined to explain this time as well, but didn’t know that he gathered evidence in advance .

If it were in private, he would find a reason to explain to Nie Boyuan, but now, in front of a public place with numerous people, he would probably be laughed at if he said those reasons .

When Nie Boyuan saw Yu Shuo’s hesitating appearance, he naturally knew that Yu Shuo definitely said this . For a time, he was both angered and guilty— He was angry at Yu Shuo and guilty for Nie Yi .  

Nie Boyuan had always been a strict father before Nie Yi and would frequently reprimand him, but after all, Nie Yi was his child, and he still cared for him very much .

Perhaps because of this, when Nie Yi disobeyed him and fell for a man and even talked back, he became increasingly angry . After Yu Shuo said a few words of instigation, he felt even more like he should teach Nie Yi a lesson .

But Nie Yi later just left very straightforwardly!

When Nie Yi was all lovey-dovey with that Qi Jingchen right before his eyes, Nie Boyuan loathed Nie Yi very much . But after Nie Yi left B City secure base and Nie Boyuan didn’t even get any news for a very long time, he couldn’t avoid starting to worry .  

Seeing the Yu Shuo beside him getting a better and better life while Nie Yi’s life or death and how much he had suffered was unknown, his heart that had been biased towards Yu Shuo unexpectedly started leaning towards Nie Yi . And because of this, he became more indifferent towards Yu Shuo .

The grass on the other side looked greener; the more he couldn’t meet Nie Yi, the more Nie Boyuan thought of many of Nie Yi’s good points . After recalling back when Nie Yi hugged his legs and called him dad, he even couldn’t help starting to reflect upon himself and wonder whether he had genuinely made a mistake .

The reason he came here so quickly, aside from Yu Shuo ordering men to call on him, was mainly because he wanted to see Nie Yi sooner, and verify whether Nie Yi was fine .

Nie Boyuan’s heart was biased . At this time, even if Nie Yi indeed was in the wrong, he wouldn’t want to look into it if Yu Shuo wasn’t too badly hurt . But after discovering that Yu Shuo actually purposely provoked Nie Yi, he naturally suddenly grew angered .  

Nie Yi was outside for several months and couldn’t even return during the new year, and now that he returned with a lot of difficulties, Yu Shuo went to provoke him . Did he want to chase Nie Yi away again?

When thinking of this, Nie Boyuan couldn’t help starting to doubt whether it was also Yu Shuo who first wronged him when he was beaten by Nie Yi .


He carefully thought about it and suddenly realised that Nie Yi never once looked for Yu Shuo for trouble . Even when Yu Shuo was beaten up, it happened only when Yu Shuo himself went to Nie Yi…

“You disgrace, how could you talk to your younger brother like this?” Nie Boyuan instinctively wanted to slap Yu Shuo but then saw the several bandages and plasters on his face and put his hand down . He then said, “You better go back and properly reflect on yourself!” 

Yu Shuo frankly didn’t think that it would ultimately turn into this outcome and was a little stupefied . Nie Boyuan then looked at Nie Yi . “This time, it was your ge in the wrong . Next time if something like this happens again, you must remember to tell dad . ”

When Nie Yi saw Nie Boyuan’s attitude, he couldn’t help feeling a little stunned, but he soon guessed some of Nie Boyuan’s thoughts and inevitably felt slightly amused . In his previous life when he opposed Yu Shuo with equal harshness, while Yu Shuo knew how to complain tearfully, Nie Boyuan would always reprimand him, feeling that he was targeting Yu Shuo .

This time, without him to be compared with at the side, Yu Shuo could be said to be having a smooth life, so Nie Boyuan came to pity him…

This person, why couldn’t he learn to be fair? If, in his last life, he treated him and Yu Shuo a little more impartially, he wouldn’t have gone so far as to nearly have been killed… 

Of course, he was now rather grateful for Nie Boyuan’s unfairness . If it weren’t for Nie Boyuan’s bias, he definitely wouldn’t have run into Qi Jingchen .

“Since it’s nothing, I’ll leave first . ” Nie Yi took Qi Jingchen’s hand and walked out .

When Nie Boyuan saw this scene, he felt a burst of stuffiness in his heart . However, thinking about how he did not know how Nie Yi lived his days during these months outside, he couldn’t find it easy to scold Nie Yi, and finally just said, “Your old house was already given to someone else . Come back home to live later . ”

“No need . There are still other places I can stay,” Nie Yi refused .  

“Liu Sao has always been missing you, and she also has some health problems…” Nie Boyuan said . He recalled that Nie Yi had taken many men when he first left, but now there were so little left…

“I will go back,” Nie Yi said, also thinking of Liu Sao .

He had always known that Liu Sao wasn’t in good health . This woman who had taken care of him for a very long time had heart disease, and precisely because of this illness, she never gave birth .

Liu Sao’s heart disease honestly wasn’t especially severe, and she would be fine as long as she kept taking her medicine before the apocalypse . Even if her situation worsened in the future, she could alleviate it with surgery, and it wouldn’t be a problem to live to her seventies or eighties . But after the apocalypse arrived, the circumstances were completely different .  

Illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure that many middle-aged people had before the apocalypse and weren’t considered a severe disease to many people were fatal during the apocalypse, much less heart disease .

Liu Sao originally had trivial heart disease, but it became increasingly worse after the apocalypse began…

The reason why Nie Yi did not take away Liu Sao at the start was also due to this . Liu Sao was not young anymore, and she was also sick . Following him on the constant move everywhere outside wasn’t good for her body at all, whereas staying in B City secure base… Nie Boyuan had always been very respectful towards Liu Sao, and B City secure base was also very safe . No matter what, it would allow Liu Sao to enjoy her later years safely .

Nie Yi decided to visit Liu Sao later . Of course, right now, he had to see Zhao Chengqi first .  

Zhao Chengqi’s office was still there . After Nie Yi entered, Zhao Chengqi said, “You brat, you finally know to come back!”

Though Nie Yi was always outside during these months, he would always leave some information when passing those large-scale secure base and ask them to deliver it back to B City secure base . As such, Zhao Chengqi had never forgotten him and even appreciated him more and more .


“Of course I know I have to come back . ” Nie Yi laughed and made Qi Jingchen and the others sit at the side .

“After tempering yourself outside for so long, your vigour got stronger again,” Zhao Chengqi looked at Nie Yi, deeply moved, before saying, “I’ve already prepared a welcoming banquet for you, but first you should explain about those… shadow guards . ” 

Nie Yi did not conceal it either, and soon explained what he had encountered, and also introduced the circumstances of the shadow gourds in detail .

Zhao Chengqi flipped through the data in hand with a solemn face before suddenly saying, “The coastal area of Jiangnan is somewhere with the highest population . There are many dead, and also many survivors . The secure base of all sizes are innumerable, and managing them also isn’t easy . With this situation now, even if I dispatched men to investigate, I might not find anything . ”

Nie Yi also knew this and nodded . “But this matter still needed to be viewed with importance . ”

“It’s importance is given . Yu Xuguang said he could predict matters and said many things . He often mentioned that there would be a dark ability user who will be harmful to all the secure bases . I’m guessing that that person might be in the Jiangnan coast,” Zhao Chengqi said .  

Qi Jingchen had always been very quiet but smiled upon hearing this—he clearly had nothing to do with the Jiangnan coast at all .

“Oh right, this Yu Xuguang is a little mysterious . You should interact with him more, but you also have to be careful,” Zhao Chengqi said . They all treated Yu Xuguang pretty well and even gave him many benefits, but they also did not dare fully trust Yu Xuguang .

“I will . ” Nie Yi wasn’t surprised by Zhao Chengqi’s words at all, but he also did not expect that right after he left Zhao Chengqi’s place, he unexpectedly saw the Yu Xuguang they had discussed run over from afar .

“Nie Yi, I heard you brought news about the dark ability user?” Yu Xuguang immediately asked upon seeing Nie Yi, a gleam of enmity flashing in his eyes—that ability user killed his older sister in his last life!