Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3631

True or not, there were plenty of rumors and stories regarding this Foredoomed Star . Many students believed in them so they viewed her as something to avoid .

“Look, they’re coming out now . ” One student shouted and all eyes turned towards the entrance .

Li Qiye walked out first with Yang Ling and Fan Bai behind him .

Though Fan Bai walked with confidence due to Li Qiye’s encouragement, her eyes still avoided others . Her expression remained timid . It became worse once she noticed herself being the focus of everyone . She hid behind Li Qiye right away .

“That’s her . ” Another pointed it out .

“She’s the Foredoomed Star?” One student had seen her back in Myriad Beast Mountains and became surprised .

It was hard to connect her to the symbol of bad luck since she looked just like an ordinary girl .

“Why would misfortunes linger around her?” A female student sympathized after seeing the delicate and frail girl .

“Perhaps it is a curse from the high heaven, a predetermined fate . ” One student speculated .

“It’s that serious?” Most felt dread after hearing this .

Cultivators certainly had impressive abilities, able to soar in the sky and enter the earth . They weren’t afraid of anything . Well, there was one exception - the high heaven .

Even the strongest cultivator feared the heavenly tribulations . Most believed that the high heaven had eyes, meaning that it was real and could affect the mortal realms . A curse from the high heaven was nothing short of horrific .

“She’s the Foredoomed Star!” A member of Zhang Changyu’s group pointed at Fan Bai .

“So?” Li Qiye lazily stared at the crowd and smiled .

“Hand her over, this is for the sake of the academy!” Zhang Changyu roared . He still remembered how Li Qiye stomped his face a while ago and wanted to drink the guy’s blood . He gathered powerful students in order to deal with Li Qiye this time .

“You must be tired of living, no need for the young master, I alone can teach you a lesson!” Yang Ling barked back .

Zhang Changyu found it exasperating that Yang Ling would always stand up for Li Qiye against him .

“Princess, this is not my opinion alone but rather, the will of the academy . Must you go against the tides?” Zhang Changyu actually retorted this time .

“Who cares what others want, I just know that I’m more than enough to deal with you, someone who wants to bully a little girl . You’re throwing the academy’s reputation away along with your manhood . ” She answered with disdain .

Changyu turned red, unable to answer because she was indeed stronger than him .

“Junior Brother, you’re incorrect . ” Yan Jingxuan standing next to him replied: “This pertains to the safety of everyone at the academy, we need to be prudent . This has nothing to do with bullying . ”

“Bah! Look at how aggressive you are . I thought students of Duality are dragons and phoenixes among men . Why are you all so afraid of this ominous legend? How are you going to go outside and make a name out of yourself? Might as well just run back to your mother . ” Yang Ling snorted .

She naturally offended the majority of students . They didn’t take it in stride .

“I agree with Senior Sister Yang . ” One student nodded . The female students seemed more prone to support her .

“Well said, I like how straightforward you are . ” Li Qiye clapped and said: “As for you lot, look at how afraid you are despite being students of Duality . It can’t be the number one academy of West King like this . ”

“Li, watch your mouth! You only got here recently yet have caused so much trouble, is it still not enough?!” One student roared at Li Qiye .

It was none other than Huang Qibing . His divine bull was roasted by the old servant . Though Li Xiangquan compensated him later, he was still annoyed .

Of course, this was rather understandable . Most would feel the same way .

“I agree that there has been so much trouble since he got here . It’s not a good sign . ” One student said .

The others thought about it and sure enough, Li Qiye was the source of many events recently .

“Maybe a Heavenly Tribulation will be next . ” One student said: “I was there at Myriad Beast Mountains . Li Qiye tricked one hundred thousand men . Corpses piled up and blood flowed like rivers . A tribulation might be possible . ”

“True . ” Most have heard about this horrific event by this point .

“So now he’s together with the Foredoomed Star, it’s a terrible sign . If it’s an actual curse from the high heaven, anyone who made contact with them is probably going to be very unlucky . ” Students started talking among themselves .

Zhang Changyu’s group was glad to see this shift in narrative .

“Li, did you hear that? You can’t stay here out of consideration for Duality Academy . ” He declared .

“Have you forgotten about the previous lesson and my words? Still so stupid . I can only assume that you’re tired of living . It’ll be a miracle if you can walk out of this place . ” Li Qiye lazily glanced at him .

This was pouring salt on the wound . Li Qiye specifically brought up this humiliating event so Changyu was furious .

“Li, if you don’t give us a reasonable explanation, it won’t end well for you and that unlucky girl! You can’t do whatever you want at the academy!” He shouted .

“As if your bunch can stop me from doing what I want here . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

“Fellow Student, you’re being too arrogant and inconsiderate of others . ” A calm voice answered . The speaker landed from above, not far from the temple .

He had an impressive momentum - akin to an awe-inspiring rainbow .

Though he didn’t have a silver spear and a stallion, people could easily see the scene of him riding one into battle . He seemed ready to rush into an enemy’s camp and sweep through his foes uncontested .

“Stallion Silver Spear!” Many shouted after seeing him . The girls were especially loud, completely taken by his heroic style .

“Senior Brother Zhang . ” The older male students put on a serious expression .

Stallion Silver Spear - Zhang Yunzhi, one of the five heroes . Some considered him to be on the same level as Li Xiangquan; both were from Vajra .

His father was the current Grand Chancellor in Vajra; this was about even with Li Xiangquan’s father . One was in charge of the officials; the other was in charge of the generals .  

Coincidentally enough, the two of them were excellent students in Duality, also evenly matched .

The most interesting part was that Li Xiangquan looked like a scholar despite having a military background . On the other hand, Zhang Yunzhi looked like a young general . This contrast made the rivals quite interesting .

Moreover, the Zhang was actually quite ancient . They have been supporting previous dynasties way before Vajra .

Thus, this clan was more than just a cultivation clan . They were also versed in education and administration .