Everlasting - Chapter 1249

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The Space-time Slaughterer was hovering in the starry space, a pitch-black spatial passageway on its broad back. A high number of Slaughterers emerged from the spatial passageway and it did not take long before a million plus Slaughterers appeared to join up with the other Slaughterers there.

Seeing that, Chen Feng became shocked. The Space-time Slaughterer could be considered as the source of this disaster. So long as the Space-time Slaughterer remained, other Slaughterers would continuously appear.

Noticing Chen Feng’s appearance shocked the Space-time Slaughterer as well. Its eyes flashed and two blades of light slashed forward. In the Space-time Slaughterer’s opinion, this human was very difficult to handle. For this human to appear before it, he would definitely take action to stop its teleportation operations. After all, a high number of Slaughterers would teleport over with every passing breath.  

It had to be said, opening the spatial passageway was not something that could be easily done. Due to that, the Space-time Slaughterer wanted to buy as much time as it could. 

In the face of the coming attacks, Chen Feng simply took a casual step forward to evade. The sword in his hand swung and waves of sword energy swept outwards, stirring space and cutting off the spatial passageway.

The first time Chen Feng encountered a Space-time Slaughterer, he had felt a near-unbearable pressure. Even with three other Gold Immortals on his side, their group had nearly faced complete extermination. But he had already overcome his tribulation now. And while he could still feel a sense of pressure when facing this Space-time Slaughterer, he did not feel afraid at all. On the contrary, all he could feel was the will to fight.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, even though he was no match for this Space-time Slaughterer, the Space-time Slaughterer was also incapable of killing him. More, only by fighting stronger opponents would he be able to keep on improving. This was also why he had chosen to charge forward to face this Space-time Slaughterer.

“Human, you are courting death!”

Its teleportation operations disrupted, the Space-time Slaughterer grew highly infuriated. Its killing intent began churning before burning outwards. Its gaze swept forward and a golden beam of light burst forward before transforming into world-encompassing golden light.

“Tsk, tsk. This is Ageless Light.” Chen Feng chuckled as he unleashed a stretch of sword light. 

Two different curtains of light collided. 

The collision lasted for only a very brief moment before the sword light that Chen Feng unleashed was shattered. However, Chen Feng made use of his speed to slip into the army of Slaughterers. Sword light flashed and a high number of the Slaughterers were killed off. 

In addition to fighting the Space-time Slaughterer, Chen Feng had another objective. And that was to interrupt the teleportation operations. That objective had been accomplished. And so, knowing that he was still incapable of taking the Space-time Slaughterer’s attacks head on, he began using his speed to move around. 

That said, the Space-time Slaughterer’s speed was in no way inferior compared to Chen Feng’s speed. It did not take long before it caught up and several whips lashed towards him. 

Not long after their fight began, the Space-time Slaughterer once again entrapped Chen Feng within a separate space. This time, it had stacked three layers of space together. After Chen Feng broke out from the first layer of space, the Space-time Slaughterer blocked him. 

And so, the two of them engaged in an intense battle. 

Clad in the combat armour, Chen Feng utilized the Longevity Wings while brandishing the Longevity Sword. Occasionally, he would also fire out some other wondrous secret techniques.

The Space-time Slaughterer’s abilities were a match for Chen Feng’s speed. It fired out peculiar whip attacks, highly formidable blades of light and soul attacks that were nearly impossible to guard against.

Overall, the Space-time Slaughterer had the upper hand and Chen Feng would occasionally be hit. Even so, defeating Chen Feng was a very difficult thing for the Space-time Slaughterer.


In the end, Chen Feng managed to break out from the spatial containment and charge into the army of Slaughterers again. 

For Chen Feng, this battlefield was very favourable for him. He can simply kill as he liked. At any rate, there were only Slaughterers all around him. More, Slaughterers that had yet to reach the Gold Immortal stage were incapable of threatening him too much. 


Golden threads shot towards Chen Feng, piercing their way forward. Even though it had only been a brief battle, Chen Feng had managed to gain a lot from the previous clash. His opponent was stronger than him. This was the exact type of pressure that he needed. However, the Space-time Slaughterer was gradually locking down on Chen Feng with its power, making it increasingly difficult for him to evade. 

Threads also flew out from Chen Feng’s eyes. The black and white threads entangled the golden threads of his opponent.

The Space-time Slaughterer’s colossal body appeared before Chen Feng in an instant and its palm swiped forward, causing the surrounding space to shake and space-time itself was sent reeling in reverse. Next, a formidable hurricane swept towards Chen Feng.

“Storm of Sword Beams!”

In Chen Feng’s opinion, in order for the Longevity Sword to level up, it needed more than just energy. It needed to be honed more. This was why Chen Feng insisted on using the Longevity Sword despite knowing that it was not strong enough to face this opponent.

The Longevity Sword had fused with a very high number of swords and sword will. Since the Slaughterers appeared, it had also taken in and fused with their pure killing intent. Thus, in Chen Feng’s opinion, it already had enough power. What it needed now was time to hone itself. 

The Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight allowed him to find his opponent’s weakness and state. The Longevity Wings gave him peerless speed. Add the Longevity Sword Technique into the mix, Chen Feng believed that he had enough to fight his opponent. And if he could not, it would only mean that his cultivation was the problem. 

As Chen Feng was fighting the Space-time Slaughterer, some other Slaughterers at the half-step Gold Immortal stage had wanted to launch sneak attacks at Chen Feng only for him to easily deal with their attacks. On several occasions, Chen Feng also made use of the opportunity to kill them off instead. 

Due to that, the Space-time Slaughterer issued the order for the other Slaughterers to ignore Chen Feng. They were to instead gather up and launch an attack on the Divine Falls Star Region.

Witnessing the great battle between Chen Feng and the Space-time Slaughterer, the few Heavenly Immortals who came with him became flabbergasted. When they finally recollected themselves, they rejoiced at the fact that there was a formidable character stopping the Slaughterer’s big boss. 

“How unexpected! I had assumed that he is a Heavenly Immortal. He is actually a senior at the Gold Immortal stage. Thankfully, we were not rude to him earlier.”

“But I don’t think the senior is a match for the Slaughterer.”

“Enough nonsense! Hurry up and charge! We’ll meet up with the cultivators up ahead. If we’re too slow, we might not be able to break out from the Slaughterers’ siege.”


“Kill off all the invaders!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The energy cannons continued firing. While it had never been used, they had still stockpiled large amounts of power within them. Speaking of which, the small number of energy cannons were able to inflict heavy casualties upon the Slaughterers. Seeing that, the cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region felt somewhat regretful at the small number of energy cannons. Some even began asking for reinforcements, wanting to borrow more energy cannons from other places. 

“Fellow cultivators, don’t fret! We from Planet Oceanfang are here as reinforcements!”

“There’s also our Planet Heavenly King!”

“Ha ha ha! Our Planet Deep Terra is not slow to respond either.”

A total of three warships appeared. After the gates of the warships opened, a steady stream of cultivators flew out and an even more intense battle broke out. 

As Chen Feng was fighting, he also checked the state of the battle in the Divine Falls Star Region. He found that the cultivators’ overall combat power was gradually rising. While it was small, it was still an improvement. 

Without having to face rain or blood, how can one improve their strength? Chen Feng thought to himself. 

By then, the course of the battle had been fixed. The number of reinforcements coming to the Divine Falls Star Region’s aid rose. The Slaughterers, on the other hand, only experienced a rise in casualties. 

Naturally, the Slaughterers did not care about dying. In that regards, the cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region were incapable of matching up to them. 

Suddenly, without any warning, the army of Slaughterers began retreating. Seeing that, the cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region shouted jubilantly. Following that, they began a furious pursuit. 

The Space-time Slaughterer retreated as well. It was able to do so easily and it swiftly joined up with the army of Slaughterers and flew far away. Chen Feng, on the other hand, was already suffering from some wounds. 

With the pressure on him gone, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Surprisingly, he was feeling slightly exhausted. Revealing a wry smile, he then flew towards the Divine Falls Star Region. 

“Senior, thank you for the assistance.” Over 100 half-step Gold Immortals saluted him from a distance, thanking him in a respectful manner. 

“Fellows, there is no need to stand on ceremony,” Chen Feng said. These half-step Gold Immortals were the strongest combat power of this Divine Falls Star Region. In the earlier battle, Chen Feng was able to see it clearly. Without these half-step Gold Immortals, the Slaughterers would have needed only one charge to take down the star region.

“Greetings to senior! Please excuse us for our earlier ignorance.” The Heavenly Immortals who had chatted with Chen Feng earlier tentatively said from a distance.

Chen Feng merely chuckled. Since the other party thought of him as a Gold Immortal expert, he would not bother to explain anything.

He then landed on a planet known as Planet Heavensday. Worthy of its name, this planet – from a distance – looked like a humongous gem. Upon landing on the surface of the planet, Chen Feng sensed a thick spiritual energy there. Its quality was so high that it was actually on par with immortal energy. 

Due to that, Chen Feng became even more curious. Given how special this star region was, there must surely be some mysterious places here. After chatting with the cultivators there for a bit, Chen Feng then went to a quiet place. Like a tsunami, his divine sense swept out to quickly envelop Planet Heavensday. After that, his divine sense moved inwards, going into the depths of the planet. It did not take long before a peculiar look flashed across Chen Feng’s face. 

As expected. Chen Feng nodded. Inside this planet was a piece of star core. In terms of quality and power, it was almost the same as the one within his heart. 

Chen Feng’s heart palpitated furiously. This was a very enticing item. However, he also knew that extracting this star core would lead to the gradual decline of this planet’s spiritual energy. Finally, it would all be exhausted and this planet would no longer be able to sustain cultivation, becoming just an ordinary planet.  

Chen Feng hesitated for a moment, not taking action. It would appear that his heart was still not resolute and cold enough. Due to this star core, his heart fell into a slightly troubled state. 

In the end, Chen Feng was unable to do it. Sighing, he then left Planet Heavensday to quickly appear on another planet. 

He easily found a star core within this planet as well. By then, he had already calmed down. Regardless if he would take action to take the star cores or not, he would not put on a strange behaviour. 

Next up, Chen Feng roamed about, visiting each of the major planets there to discover one star core after another. On the other hand, the cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region did not stop him. Whenever they saw him, they would respectfully salute him from a distance. All of them knew that if it weren’t for Chen Feng’s assistance in holding back the Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer, they might not have won the earlier battle. 


Chen Feng landed on yet another planet. This was a desolate and remote planet with barely any spiritual energy. Its environment was harsh and only a small number of cultivators who cultivated special cultivation techniques were cultivating there. 

In truth, Chen Feng had been on his way to another life-bearing planet. However, by some strange coincidence, he ended up flying through this planet. In the end, he landed on this planet. Scanning the planet with his divine sense had revealed nothing unusual, but some of the Divine artifacts on him reacted to the planet. Due to that, he decided to stop here and investigate the planet in detail. 

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