FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 398

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[29th Round] In the Name of Friendship!

『A certain god brings out popcorn.』

『A certain superstitious god is looking forward to what’s going to happen.』

『A certain careless god is looking for a better place to watch from.』

『A certain god is spreading a mat.』

‘Come on…’

Were they really enjoying my suffering while eating popcorn as if I’m some sort of spectacle?

I wanted to chase all these onlookers away, but my current situation didn’t permit me to be distracted.

“This is too much.”

I felt ashamed of my carefree attitude for only expecting only a few thousand androids.


Was the imagination of the Righteous GGG-Class Hero so weak?

Was this what universal scale meant?

“Fret not. We will not touch Fantasy for as long as we haven’t dealt with you yet. Moreover, I guarantee the safety of your family, regardless of the outcome of our battle.”

“How kind of you.”

“Why use sarcasm? Mollansoft is not as sinister as you are.”


That was just outright blasphemous.

There was no other god in this universe more just than I was.

“Let me kindly remind you of your deeds. You killed Director Parmael, usurped ownership over Fantasy, and irresponsibly canceled our treaty.”

“… I see.”

As soon as I heard her explanation, I came to a realization.

This case was no different from my first round.

Depending on one’s position and perspective, “justice” could be turned upside down.

The revolutionary army that joined forces with the Hero’s party was salvation for some, but it was an evil that divided the state for others.

As for me, there was a good reason for my actions.

I fought Parmael for my freedom and became President of the Fantasy Institution to save this world.

This was my “justice.”

“Your way of thinking is the same as that of a selfish ancient god. Romantium is essential for the universe’s peace.

“For the universe’s peace? Don’t you expect too much from a ‘bumpkin?'”

“I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.”



There was indeed an outrageous number of mollanroids before me, but I possessed an almost inexhaustible divine power.

[Light and Darkness]

It was my turn to surprise the enemy.

In a second, I destroyed ranks upon ranks of mollanroids in my sights.


Many of them resisted, though. It seemed my new divine power had already been analyzed, allowing them to install a countermeasure into their program.

They were too versatile.

They optimized their system to adapt to the opponent’s fighting style and used it as casually as changing clothes.

“You’re too arrogant.”

“We urge you to surrender.”

“Your chances of winning are 0%.”

“You’re nothing but a redneck.”

Even though I destroyed hundreds of thousands of mollanroids in a mere second, their total number didn’t seem to have decreased at all.


Moreover, my divine power destroyed fewer and fewer of them each time I used it.

This was proof that the longer I fought with them, the higher their resistance became since it was based on accumulated data.

“Haha! Okay, let’s have some fun!”

But I wasn’t going to lose.

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They weren’t the only ones conducting analysis.

And my divine power was pretty universal.

[Light and Darkness]

If directly erasing them didn’t work, I could use other means.

I utilized Sun M again, its gravitational pull and heat destroying millions of mollanroids who tried to chop me apart.

“Right! What else…”

I interrupted my speech and summoned multiple Mollanstars.

Not to launch an attack.

“Fire at will.”

But for protection.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

Rifles appeared in their hands, switching their dual swords out.

Guns in Fantasy!

They had absolutely no respect for this world’s genre at all!

And their atrocities didn’t even end there!

“Hardworking Mollanian Private reports the arrival of the 174th Infantry Regiment.”

“Faithful Mollanian Private reports the arrival of the 173rd Artillery Regiment.”

“Helpful Mollanian Private reports the arrival of the 173rd Air Defense Company.”

“Meticulous Mollanian Private reports the arrival of the 172nd Infantry Regiment’s engineering unit.”

“Reliable Mollanian Corporal reports the arrival of the 173rd Infantry Regiment’s shield battalion.”

Employing modern warfare tactics, they diversified their troops.

Trying to keep up, I also used strategies.

Blackhole M, Sun M, deletion, Molanstar, time, space, glaciers, tsunamis, dark matter…

I even tried to copy mollanroids but failed because a high-level software firewall kept them protected.

That would be too easy anyway.

Instead, I used their torso as shields.


This was starting to get boring, though, since I had to think for myself. After all, I didn’t have a built-in supercomputer in my head to do the calculations for me.

… There was no other option left.

[Light and Darkness]

I didn’t want to copy living beings, but the power of advanced science was too fraudulent. I couldn’t refrain from it any longer.


▷ Race: Eternal Dragon of Chaos

▷ Level: 99999

▷ Job: Colossus (Weight Category = Faith ↑)

▷ Skills: Dragon Scales GGG, Super Strength GGG, Size GGG, King’s Wrath GGG, Resistance GGG, Chaos GGG, Divinity GGG, Dark Energy GGG, Immunity GGG, Regeneration GGG, Annihilation GGG, Amplification GGG, Flight GGG, Presbyopia GGG, Breath GGG, Gifted GGG, Acceleration GGG, Deceleration GGG, Darkness GGG, Light GGG…

▷ Status: Unification, Protection

My best friend, Noebius!

This jet black dragon was the most powerful creature in all of both Fantasy and Festival.

I bestowed upon him the best possible skills and his body during his twilight years when presbyopia was his only weakness.

In doing so, he regained all of his memories.

How the First Angel Parmael caught and tamed him, how Fugitive Senior kidnapped the real Erdanti, and how, with my help, he fell into a blissful sleep for 2,000 years.

However, he still had the final say in this.

“… Graaahh.”

Looking at the battlefield with dull eyes, he immediately expressed his willingness to cooperate.

“Thank you, my friend!”

It was time to show our wonderful friendship that had lasted since my 2nd round!

Now that I had his consent, I did it again, freely and without hesitation this time.

[Light and Darkness]

In the blink of an eye, I created an army of 200,000 Noebius.




“In the name of friendship!”

Our battle had now begun!


Why Noebius?

He was the only friend I trusted, and he was the best option according to the cost-effectiveness metric.

Skills didn’t stack.

If, for example, a muscular man and a slender woman fought each other, having the same level, skills, and ZZZ-rank power. In the case of playable characters, this would be the formula:

Male: 3 + 200,000 = 200,003

Female: 2 + 200,000 = 200,002

The woman, lacking excessive muscles, would have an advantage due to her flexibility.

But the reality was different.

Male: 3 * 200,000 = 600,000

Female: 2 * 200,000 = 400,000

This formula was applicable not only to gender but also to race, weight, physique, intelligence, spine, and pelvis.

In other words, to maximize the effectiveness of the skills I bestowed them with, the value of the creature that would use it had to be inherently high.


“Our line of defense has been broken. Reinforcements required.”


“We must immediately change tactics.”

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Death and destruction.

Mollanroids were supercomputers that analyzed enemy thinking and characteristics, allowing them to adjust accordingly.

But my best friend Noebius successfully resisted it.

“My friend! Thanks to you, I survived!”

“Save Erdanti. Please.”

“I promise,” I replied seriously to the request of the only Noebius who retained his humanoid form.

He served as the commander-in-chief of the army of 3 million Noebius.

Thanks to his advice regarding their skills, our numbers grew from 200,000 to 3,000,000! That was 15 times the original size!

▷ Race: Chaos Dragon

▷ Level: 3000

▷ Job: Warrior (War → Endurance ↑)

▷ Skills: Dragon Scale GGG, Size GGG, King’s Wrath GGG, Annihilation GGG, Breath GGG…

▷ Status: Union, Resonance, Coexistence

I eliminated all excess or their stats.

By no means did that mean my forces had weakened. On the contrary, doing so allowed me to create more Noebius.

Of course…



That didn’t ascertain my victory either.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I had no proper countermeasures against the bombardments that occasionally came from beyond the walls of Fantasy.

The only drawback of my divine power was that I was omnipotent only within this dimension.

“We can’t keep fighting like this forever, little friend. Keep in mind that it would be disastrous if one of those shells hits the planet.”

“I know.”

Each artillery strike they launched contained enough power to kill thousands of Noebius in one hit.

If it were to actually crash on Fantasy’s lands, its ordinary inhabitants would simply be erased along with their souls.

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That aside…

『A certain divine messenger wants a truce.』

『A certain divine messenger raises a white flag.』

『A certain divine messenger calls for a truce.』

『A certain divine messenger asks you to retreat.』

Was Disco still alive?

I thought she ended up becoming collateral damage upon being caught up in the battle between me and the mollanroid.

Anyway, Mollansoft’s demands were clear.

Romantium, a metal I never once came across despite wandering around Fantasy for 200 years…

“… Stop.”

I touched that stupid metal several times.

“Did something important come to mind, little friend?”

“Yes. I have one crazy request, Noebius.”

“I’m listening.”

“I urgently need to go to Fantasy. I need you to protect my body from snipers and bombardments while I’m gone.

“That is indeed crazy. Protecting you from snipers is possible, but doing the same against artillery strikes will prove difficult.”


But I had to do this before it was too late.

“Why don’t you buy time by negotiating a truce?”

“Oh! That’s right!”

I immediately got down to business.

[Demon Realm]

I summoned my cowardly wife, who took refuge in the Demon Realm.


“Are you okay, handsome husband?!”

“Well. It seems our opponents want to negotiate for a truce, and I need you to participate in it. However, don’t agree with any of their terms. Just buy me some time until I get back.

“Hmm? Buy you some time?”

“Yes, please.”

“Hey! Wait!”

I immediately shifted my focus without listening to Ssosia’s answer.

To remain undetected by the mollanroids, I had to avoid using my divine power. Hence, I decided to use a puppet already in the Fantasy world.

… There was only one such option for me.


“Ah! Oh! Oh!”

“I love you! Aaah!”

“I love you too!”

The 50th floor of the Demon Lord’s Tower was perfectly soundproofed and shielded from the outside world.

Exploiting those features, a couple intertwined with each other in a fit of passion.

… it pissed me off a little.

While I was out there fighting for Fantasy’s peace and freedom, my clone was doing what I should be the one doing.

Kang Han Soo of Earth.

I quickly synchronized with my younger version.

“… Kaisa.”

“Yes? Go on.”


“Yes, I am Kaisa. Kang Han Soo’s only woman.”

“Thank you very much.”


“Hmm? The Demon Lord’s Tower isn’t an ideal honeymoon destination, but it doesn’t matter. I’m already happy just being here with you. That’s why there’s really no need to thank me… Aaahhnn?!”


I decided to protect Fantasy’s freedom and peace tomorrow instead!

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