From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 518

Chapter 518: Becoming Popular Again

Later on, she would take the initiative to clarify the misunderstanding .

However, at least for a brief period of time, Mo Shiyun wanted to become popular again . She wanted to return to the public eye . Either way, she wasn’t planning to do something that would genuinely harm Qin Chuan’s reputation .

Such a move from Mo Shiyun proved to be very successful .

A young master from a rich and powerful family with a young actress was always a topic that gained attention .

Furthermore, this young master was Qin Chuan! This allowed the topic to gain even more attention .

It was a catalyst for popularity and attention .

And thus, three years later, Mo Shiyun’s name became a hotly discussed topic again .

In fact, some people on the Internet even dug out photos from three years ago . Back then, Mo Shiyun had danced with Qin Chuan .

This evidence seemed to further suggest that the two of them were dating .

[Who is Mo Shiyun? Why haven’t I heard about her before?]

[You must be quite young . I think she was quite popular a few years ago . She aired in some web drama . Hmm… What was the name of the web drama again? I forgot the name . However, she was quite popular for a period of time . ]

[Mo Shiyun is so pretty . And Young Master Qin is so handsome . They look quite good together . ]

[Ahhh, I’m so jealous . Young Master Qin is so handsome! He’s rich and attractive! He’s literally Prince Charming!]

[Oh? Do you guys not know that Qin Chuan is an illegitimate child? There’s a lot of things going on under the surface level . ]

[Woah, seriously? I want to hear about the drama! [Waiting for Drama]]

Some of the people went ahead and searched up Mo Shiyun’s name on the Internet . They discovered the short videos that Mo Shiyun uploaded .

They watched the silly videos that she had posted on her account .

[Hahahaha, why do I find these videos quite funny?]

[Yeah! She seems to have an interesting soul! I think I found a hidden treasure!]

The short videos that Mo Shiyun had filmed ended up working wonders .

All of a sudden, Mo Shiyun became popular again .

There were more and more people talking about her .

In the past few years, Mo Shiyun had learned something . In the entertainment industry, you didn’t necessarily have to produce good work . If there were enough people talking about you, you would become popular . And off that popularity, you would be given more opportunities to shine .

And thus, Mo Shiyun seized this opportunity to gain a wave of popularity .

However, the news was deleted by the Qin family in less than two hours .

Soon after the post was deleted, Mo Shiyun came out to clarify the situation as well .

She said that the photos had been taken by the paparazzi . She stated that she was merely friends with Qin Chuan and clarified that they weren’t in a romantic relationship .

However, Mo Shiyun was already overjoyed . She had managed to gain enough popularity in these hours .


Mo Shiyun appeared at the official recruitment venue of the Lahaisen Hospital . Lahaisen Hospital’s VIP card was in her possession .

In the last academic conference exchange, Li Zhuojia had merely introduced himself to everyone . He briefly displayed his talent to the industry . However, on that day, he hadn’t mentioned anything about recruitment .

This time around, it was Lahaisen Hospital’s official recruitment day .

The recruitment day was even more lively than expected .

Many people registered for Lahaisen Hospital’s recruitment .

Other than those who registered for Lahaisen Hospital’s recruitment, there were also many other people who turned up at the venue . Those people were merely curious about Lahisen Hospital .

Furthermore, there were plenty of individuals who sought help from Lahaisen Hospital as well . There were many families that were in similar situations to the Qin family .

The venue of the recruitment day was chosen to be in an office building of a medical equipment manufacturing company .

Previously, this medical equipment manufacturing company was on the verge of bankruptcy . The company suffered huge losses due to insufficient innovation and a poor business model .

However, in the past two years, the company managed to release new products . They got through their crisis and turned their losses into profits . Last year, the company even managed to make hundreds of millions in revenue .

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