Chapter 347: 347

Chapter 347: Nobody Will Dare to Hurt You Again

She shivered as if she was really in fear .

Su Ze looked down and saw her teary eyes and pale cheeks .

Her face had been scratched, and the two lines across her cheek were rather startling .

Su Ze hugged her tight and comforted her gently . “Anxin, don’t be afraid . I’m here . With me around, nobody will dare to hurt you again . Don’t be afraid…”

Qiao Anxin sobbed in his arms . “Brother Ah Ze, you’ve got to stand up for me . My face is scratched now, how will I take up future gigs?”

She depended on her face for a living . Such a wound wouldn’t recover within the week .

But her schedule was packed, and she didn’t even have enough time to rest .

Especially since she had a live appearance the day after .

A live appearance didn’t pay much, but it would do much good for her popularity .

Su Ze thought about it too .

He looked at the long scratch marks on her face and said, “Don’t worry about this . Take it as a vacation . I’ll make sure to arrange it for you . Tell me what happened . Why did you end up fighting with that actress?”

Su Ze was very sure that it must’ve been the other woman who bullied her .

Qiao Anxin was such a kind and gentle woman, she wouldn’t be the one to pick a fight .

Although he couldn’t do much to the actress under another company, he couldn’t possibly let someone bully his woman like that .

Qiao Anxin was about to say something when he frowned and asked, “Where’s Linda? Why isn’t she with you?”

Upon hearing that, Qiao Anxin blinked innocently, and tears rolled down her cheeks once again .

“I argued with Linda because of a minor misunderstanding, and she suddenly said she wanted to quit . She even mocked me and said my acting wasn’t good, and that I wasn’t suitable to be an actress . She told me to go for variety shows instead . ”

Su Ze was shocked . “Linda said she wants to quit?”

Linda was a long-service employee at Star Splendor . She’d been under them for about 10 years .

Why would she suddenly want to quit?

“Yes . ”

She glanced at him and said, “We had some arguments in the past too, over some disagreements . But we usually settle it very quickly . I’m not sure why she flared up so terribly this time and said she didn’t want to be my manager anymore .

“She even said she’d tell you about this . I thought you knew . ”

Qiao Anxin was aggrieved .

She still hadn’t figured out why Linda suddenly turned against her .

Just because she wanted to back out of “Imperial Palace”?

But she was Su Ze’s girlfriend, the future Lady Boss of Star Splendor .

Breaking just one contract wasn’t a big deal .

She was going to be able to have any opportunity she wanted in the future . Even if she gave up her role in “Imperial Palace,” it wouldn’t have much of an impact on her career .

Su Ze’s expression darkened .

“Are you sure it’s over a small argument? That’s all that happened when she said she wanted to quit?”

“Brother Ah Ze, do you think I’d lie to you?” Qiao Anxin looked at him with puppy eyes . “She wanted me to stop acting and just go for variety shows . She talked about quitting just because I didn’t agree with her and rebutted her .

“Perhaps in the 10 years that she’s been in Star Splendor, all the artistes under her had listened to her obediently, but I haven’t . Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to be my manager anymore . ”

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