Chapter 648

Chapter 648: Stairway to Heaven!

On the commentary platform .

“Wh… What did I just see? She can’t be serious?”

“If my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, Menhera summoned Heavenly Fire… and killed Vivian?”

“Summon? That’s too far-fetched, I’d like to see you try summoning one . ”

“I know it’s a bit far-fetched, but how about you tell me why that person was killed when Menhera-chan was about to die . ”

“Um… I think we’d be stepping into the realm of the supernatural . Let’s put this discussion aside for now . ”


In the game, Liu Zilang, who was still kneeling in the smokescreen, was also confused . His mouth was slightly open as he could not believe what he had just seen .

“That’s for shooting at me!” Misaka Mikoto grinned proudly as if she really had summoned Heavenly Fire to kill Vivian .

Liu Zilang breathed in a mouthful of cold air . He turned around to look at Misaka Mikoto who had run behind him . She was crouched next to him, and he could not help but ask her, “What… were you chanting earlier?”

“Shifu, Shifu! It’s a special chant of mine . It’s super effective! Do you want to try saying it? I can also…”

“Stop, stop, stop!”

Liu Zilang immediately put an end to her delusions . It was not like they were the Chuunibyou Duo .

“Don’t you want to learn, Shifu?” Misaka Mikoto asked, her puppy eyes showing a little disappointment .

Liu Zilang’s face dropped when he heard her!

‘It’s so cringy… I’d rather die than perform it!

‘But um…

‘How did that line go again?’

Liu Zilang, who had just been revived, muttered the chant under his breath while healing himself within the smoke .

After that was everyone’s favorite activity: looting! They jogged toward Vivian’s corpse, laid prone, and happily slurped up the contents of her crate!

It has to be said that Vivian was one of the few survivors of the fight at Campo Militar . Thus, she had decent equipment .

After a round of looting, Liu Zilang’s head was crowned with a brand new level-three helmet .

However, he then saw Misaka Mikoto looking at him with puppy eyes full of admiration . She was wearing a level-two helmet .

The corners of his lips twitched!

‘Hey… That’s a little too obvious!’

Next, he was reminded that she was the one who had stood in the face of danger and turned the situation around . He was going to ignore her, but he felt a pang of conscience .

‘Oh well!’ He sighed . Then, without saying a word, he unequipped the level three helmet on his head and placed it on the ground .

Misaka Mikoto saw the level three helmet suddenly appear on the ground, and she was slightly taken aback .

“Shifu, it’s ok! You can wear it! I didn’t say I wanted the level three helmet!” She waved her hands in front of her .

‘I bet that’s not the only thing you want!’ Liu Zilang muttered under his breath . Then, he forcefully turned his head away and spoke with tears in his eyes, “It’s alright, your master’s head is made of iron . I don’t need a level three helmet . ”

“Ah? But didn’t Shifu just say that my head is also made of iron?”

“I was wrong . ”


Eventually, Misaka Mikoto was ‘forced’ to wear the level three helmet . The live audience and live stream viewers were touched when they saw the scene .

“Wow! Is that really Vic? Or am I hallucinating?”

“I didn’t know that bastard, Vic, had a gentlemanly side . I deeply regret what I’ve said about him . ”

“LOLOL even Vic is showing his good side . It looks like we’ll have to be more disciplined with ourselves from now on . ”

“Asking because I’m new here . Was this Vic a bastard?”

“Not only a bastard, but he was also an animal!”

“Not only an animal, but he was also… much worse than an animal!”

“Ermm… if you put it that way, I’m also a little touched now . ”


In the game, Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto rode on the motorcycle and quickly headed toward the next safe zone .

The second circle included the eastern half of Los Leones as well as the lower right corner of Puerto Paraiso . Its center was in the middle of the two towns .

Based on previous experiences from playing on the map, the following circle would totally exclude Los Leones .

The most conservative way of entering the circle was not by going through Los Leones . Instead, it was to head toward the coast in the south and then ride along it . Afterward, they would enter the safe zone from the south .

They might take some circle damage on the way, but the long detour was the safest route .

However, it was a duo exhibition match . That route might have been the safest but it was also the most boring .

Other than the players whose eyes were solely set on getting the chicken dinner, most teams heading from the northwestern direction chose to make a trip through Los Leones .

That was why when Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto arrive at Los Leones, the whole place was wracked with sounds of gunfire . It was as if there was a festive celebration and everyone was lighting firecrackers .

“Shi… Shifu, are we going in?”

“Of course!”

“I’m a little afu-raid!”

“Don’t be afraid, let me show you the path to heaven!”


With the motorcycle’s engine roaring, Liu Zilang dashed into the town of Los Leones without slowing down .


Someone had spotted the two uninvited guests, and they quickly gave them a warm welcome by shooting at them from the window of a tall building .

Clink clank~!


Misaka Mikoto hugged Liu Zilang as she sat behind him . All of a sudden, a stray bullet struck her in the head .

Fortunately, her head was actually made out of iron this time . With the level three helmet, she suffered some damage but it was not lethal .

Liu Zilang’s eyes were fixed on a spot in front of him . As he approached a crossroad, he abruptly turned!


The motorcycle leaned toward the ground and began to skid . It was headed straight toward a crossbeam that was leaning on a tall unfinished building!

They headed upward the crossbeam as if it was the path to heaven!

The few teams in Los Leones were stunned when they saw the spectacular display of driving skills!

Some of those people were streamers and professional competitors from other countries, Thus, not all of them were familiar with Liu Zilang .


“That drift earlier was amazing!”

“Oh my god, is he a stunt rider?”

“The only one with such driving skills… If I’m not mistaken, he has to be ‘that guy’!”

“‘That guy’? Oh, it can’t be him, right?”

“We’ll have to be a lot more careful from now on, partner . ”


The motorcycle continued on its path among the clouds . Misaka Mikoto watched as the surrounding scenery disappeared from view and said excitedly, “Sugoi! Shifu, you are the best!”

Shortly after, Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto reached the end of the crossbeam and arrived at a platform on the unfinished building .


Liu Zilang slammed the motorcycle into a pillar at the edge of the platform . Their health levels dropped by a little .

He jumped off the motorcycle and crouched at the edge of the platform without railings to patch himself up . Meanwhile, he was trying to trace the origin of the gunshot that had been fired at them earlier .

Then, a smile appeared at the corners of his lips . He said, probably to himself or probably to Misaka Mikoto who was next to him, “It’s happy hour . ”