Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality - Chapter 524

Chapter 524: 524

The twelve jade plates leading to the Bermuda secret land were kept by the cultivators of different countries . It’s unknown how Mu Tiannan has collected them . Darkness covers this sea and the twelve jade plates fly out . They find the road automatically and then stop in a sea which is full of mutant monsters of the Water .

Mu Tiannan ignores the threat of those mutant monsters . Even the snort from the bat ring can not affect his mood .

With the fog getting denser, the magnetic field of this sea has completely changed .

Then the jade plates separate, floating in the air . Below them, twelve red and white light pillars rise from the sea . The light pillars support the jade plates, slowly moving away in an arranged orbit . The twelve light pillars get brighter and brighter .

However, as the environment has been seriously polluted in the New Era, people can never see the moon and the stars shine at the same time as they did three hundred years ago . Mu Tiannan waits there quietly for a while, but he still can’t come up with a solution . He finally decides to make a complicated Taoist hand gesture to sweep away the dust pollutants covering the sky above his head .

Mu Tiannan’s eyes get even redder for exerting much power of monster .

Without the interference of dust, distant stars are finally attracted by the twelve light pillars . They glow with their light intertwined with the red and white light pillars . A large net is gradually formed under the guidance of the jade plates .

After some grids appear, a large disk of about 100 square meters is formed above the sea covered by fog .

Seeing that the disc has stabilized, something in the bat ring says again, “Don’t you go?”

It seems that Mu Tiannan is both disgusted and scared of the existence in the ring . He is about to put away the jade plates and step onto the disk when he hears a strange noise from the sea not far away .

He can’t help but look at the place .

Mu Tiannan has excellent eyesight because of his mystical pupils . It is a large sea turtle coming towards him . It is not as clumsy as normal turtles, and its speed in the sea is as fast as lightning .

In the darkness, a figure casually follows the turtle and comes here on a sword .

Mu Tiannan suddenly gets sluggish and his eyes are not red anymore . He looks pale—a cultivator in a fluttering dress on the sword… this woman must be the unparalleled beauty Lin Luoran .

He has made a lot of preparations, looking forward to seeing her again as a perfect man countless times .

However, destiny may never be good to him . This accidental reunion has ruined all his schemes and plans .

This unspeakable emotion makes Mu Tiannan unable to move his feet and turn around .

Lin Luoran has been here from far to near . She was focusing on the sea turtle . But now she is astonished that someone opens the door to the Bermuda secret land . She can hardly recognize Mu Tiannan in a black robe .

He is whiter and thinner than before, but his brows and eyes are still the same… She seems to be surprised that a mortal without the Taoist root can still live in the New Era . Then, the joy in her eyes makes Mu Tiannan tremble all over .


Mu Tiannan’s vision is blurred, and his body is out of control . He raises his finger that wears the bat ring and attacks Lin Luoran with amazing monster power .

She obviously did not expect that her old friend would launch an attack relentlessly . The evil light hits Lin Luoran’s ribs but is blocked by her spirit dress . However, the attack still has 80% of its strength .

Lin Luoran falls from the flying sword . The blood she spits out spreads on the water sea surface . Mu Tiannan can hardly believe that it’s he who just attacked her .

No one knows where the big turtle goes . Lin Luoran falls to the bottom of the sea and disappears . Only Mu Tiannan is left there on the sea . He can’t control his emotions at this moment . The disc is glowing, and the flying sword is buzzing and trembling with blue light .

“How can you attack her without my permission? …”

The existence in the bat ring laughs strangely as if Mu Tiannan just asked an extremely funny question .

That’s not Mu Tiannan!

Who is him?

The moment Lin Luoran falls into the sea, her mind is all messy .

The alliance’s war was about to break out and the Earth Federation was busy preparing for it . Lin Luoran arranged some important things in Dongting City . She had been thinking about the alien monster of the Earth in the Yellow River basin . If she wanted to find her families, she had to gather monsters of Five Elements as soon as possible . Suddenly, a strange monster of the Earth appeared, which made Lin Luoran palpitate with excitement . Finally, she couldn’t help but come to investigate the truth this night .

She flew on her sword to the Yellow River basin . However, the motionless alien monster seemed to be teasing her deliberately . It ran at an amazing speed under the river bed and led her to the North Atlantic .

Lin Luoran recognized the so-called alien monster of the Earth . It turned out to be a large turtle that she had seen in the waters of Bermuda before!

She still remembered that year when she and Wen Guanjing went to the secret land together . On the way there, a sea turtle suddenly appeared . It looked at her with emotions belonging to humans . How could it have two strange emotions of “nostalgia” and “pity”?

After recognizing the sea turtle, she became curious . Therefore, she chose to follow it . They gradually reached the waters of Bermuda .

The mysterious mist rose from the sea . Was there someone who was trying to open the door to the Bermuda secret land?!

Lin Luoran was very surprised . The entrance to Bermuda’s secret land was controlled by the twelve jade plates . Before the New Era, they belonged to the world’s powerful countries . Even if jade plates were not destroyed in the war, it was almost an impossible task to collect all the twelve jade plates no matter before or after the war!

It is a thing related to no only strength, but also luck .

Flying closer with curiosity and alertness, Lin Luoran didn’t expect that it’s Mu Tiannan who was preparing to step on the platform… he is whiter and thinner than before . Even if brows and eyes can be fake, the look in the eyes can not be fake .

The man was exactly Mu Tiannan!

Lin Luoran recalled the last time when she saw him . The crazy Taoist set up the Yin-Yang-Mote Circle, and Liu Zheng came to visit her . At that moment, Mu Tiannan had been waiting in front of Qingcheng Villa of the Lin Family . He seemed to have something to tell her .

Later on, Mu Tiannan suddenly left the country . Master Mu said that they were gradually out of contact . Lin Luoran sometimes felt worried about him . She felt that Mu Tiannan’s disappearance had a lot to do with what he didn’t say that day . However, immortals and mortals were different after all . She then was suddenly trapped in the Penglai immortal world and had been sleeping for three hundred years . When she returned to the earth, her families and friends were all dead or disappeared . Mu Tiannan didn’t say anything that year . However, after going through so many things, Lin Luoran thought she gradually knew what he was going to say .

But what’s the point? The tall, thin, and free young man must be like Ma Ming little fatty and Sixie of the Mus . They were all crushed into dust by ruthless time .

How could she see a person who should have died long ago again?!

Foppish Mu did not have the Taoist root…

Lin Luoran is now hiding in the water . The person who attacked her is obviously a powerful monster .

However, how can a powerful monster looking the same as Foppish Mu see her in that way? She still feels happy to meet an old friend… Lin Luoran feels so confused and decides to put aside the things she doesn’t understand temporarily . If it is a powerful monster, why did it open the door to Bermuda secret land?

In Bermuda’s secret land, there are many monsters and powerful spirit animals . Lin Luoran got an idea . She hides her breath even better and remains motionless .

Above the sea, Mu Tiannan looks pale as if he has been soaked in water .

Because of the self-assertion of the Bat Ring, he feels almost overwhelmed by anger . After Lin Luoran fell into the water, he finally calms down and thinks about it . The attack happened so suddenly, but it might not cause irreversible damage to a Gathering Vitality cultivator .

He controls his anger . Given that things have developed to this point, it’s not time for him to recognize Lin Luoran .

But, why did she suddenly come to Bermuda?

Mu Tiannan thinks that it must have something to do with the big sea turtle whose strength he couldn’t see through . He wants to look for it in secret . Mu Tiannan thinks about it for a while and realizes new problems may still crop up unexpectedly . It is better to enter the secret land as soon as possible .

“Why not wait for her? Wait for her and enter the secret land together… or, are you not willing to kill her? ”

The ring begins to talk again, and the voice seems indescribably gloomy as if it comes from hell . Different from the strange and evil smiling voice before, it sounds like a different person .

Mu Tiannan gives no response and steps onto the platform .

What a joke! This time he cannot even ensure that he can survive the journey to the secret land . How can he get her into trouble? Mu Tiannan forces himself to stop thinking about Lin Luoran’s injuries . He prepares to take back the twelve jade plates quickly . However, a beam of rainbow light suddenly shots out from the quiet water .

Blue light flashes . The Flying Sword slashes at him in the air!

Mu Tiannan dodges . The flying sword cuts on nothing, but the rainbow shadow is as fast as lightning, sweeping away several jade plates . Then it disappears on the disc platform with the flying sword . It is transferred first!

Mu Tiannan is stunned . Before he says “don’t go”, two different laughs come out from the bat ring .

One is scary, while the other sounds a little younger . What they have in common is that they are all satisfied with Lin Luoran’s stealing the jade plates and entering the secret land of Bermuda .

Looking serious, Mu Tiannan takes back the remaining jade plates and get also transferred away .

Seeing that the platform is going to disappear soon, the sea turtle appears again . It jumps onto the platform in an awkward way . After Mu Tiannan, its huge body also disappears on the teleportation platform .

Lin Luoran is the first one to enter . She doesn’t expect that she would sweep away half of the jade plates . It’s the second time for her to come to the secret land of Bermuda . She is familiar with everything . After going down in the elevator, she quickly passes through the flower corridor . The magnificent light door is in sight .

White Fairy once said that this is the “Lost Land” . Since White Fairy could enter as a Gathering Vitality cultivator, why was she stopped later? Lin Luoran is eager to try . Besides, she doesn’t want to face the powerful monster chasing behind her that looks the same as Foppish Mu .

Lin Luoran has made up her mind . She raised her foot and stepped in .

On the other side, Mu Tiannan chases all the way, only seeing Lin Luoran’s back disappearing in the light gate .

He doesn’t know whether to be happy or worried about this situation .

Mu Tiannan grits his teeth and steps in . When the light gate is about to disappear, the clumsy turtle finally arrives . Staying on the earth for many years, it finds the filthy Reiki of the New Era almost unbearable . So it also plunges into the light gate .

Even if it’s just a difference of one second, people will arrive at a completely different destination . This is the rule of the mysterious light gate of Bermuda’s secret land .

Mu Tiannan who enters later seems to be the unluckiest guy in the world . The place where he lands turns out to be the most central area of the secret land… which is full of powerful monsters .

As for Lin Luoran, she rolls down from the hillside to the side of a gurgling pool, which is enveloped by fishy miasma . A double-headed snake appears from the pool, causing ripples . Its cold snake eyes are locked on Lin Luoran .

There have been no traces of humans in the secret land for three hundred years . This double-headed snake has a good memory . It discovers that the thing lying on the ground is its “dessert” that escaped accidentally before… Oh, the personal ability of its dessert has greatly enhanced, which means the “filling” of dessert is even better . It’s really a surprise .

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