Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 591

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“Idiot! Why don’t you be the holy boy but ran for your life with me?”

Yan Ziye cursed with anger. But there was joy and helplessness in his eyes.

He wanted to reunite with his junior fellow apprentice. But it was too difficult.

“What’s wrong with that? Zhou Linfeng, if you want to go and seek refuge with me, I can give you a chance.”

Su Li suddenly opened her eyes and spoke.

Yan Ziye was immediately embarrassed, “Isn’t it so fast? According the lesson that I have learnt, it is not easy for him to separate from the sect.”

“It’s okay. I’ll go to the Void Sword Sect to get some reward.”

Su Li stared at Yan Ziye with a serious expression, “Yan Ziye, don’t look down on yourself. You should understand where you are now. From now on, your status here will only be higher than that of you as the lord of Void Sword Sect. It’s time to correct your attitude.”

Yan Ziye lowered his head in shame, “Honored Master, it’s my fault.”

“Honored Master?”

Zhou Linfeng felt uneasy when he saw that Su Li dared to discipline his senior fellow apprentice. However, as he heard those two words “Honored Master”, he recalled his related memories and widened his eyes.

“Are you…Holy Girl Su?”

The three people of the top holy sects got much greater reaction.

When the three heard these two words, they stared at Su Li’s face in the same time. They wanted to see how she reacted.

Su Li looked at Zhou Linfeng with a smile, “Does it matter that I am Holy Girl Su or not? Your senior fellow apprentice followed me to overthrow the Fate Palace. Then, do you choose to stay in your holy sect or depart from your sect to join Ni Sect?”

Zhou Linfeng wore serious eyes, “Are you in charge?”

As soon as this remark came out, Yan Ziye got angry, “How dare you speak to Honored Master like this? Honored Master is the lord of Ni Sect. Do you think she shouldn’t be in charge? If you are disrespectful to Honored Master afterwards, I won’t forgive you.”

Zhou Linfeng nodded aggrievedly. He looked at Su Li and stopped speaking. But the determination in his eyes had already told his thought.

“Void Sword Sect lost double.”

Ban Qian said like an unconcerned person, “Two holy boys are poached from Void Sword Sect. I don’t know if their old ancestors will regret their decision to participate in the plan of Fate Palace or not.”

“Such being the case, you rank the seventh on the Tianjiao List and you can have an explanation when you go back. I will go to the Void Sword Sect, and then I will tell you what to do. Before I go, don’t make any move, understand?”

Su Li secretly transmitted the sound. Zhou Linfeng’s eyes suddenly brightened and he nodded slightly.

After that, Zhou Linfeng sat down next to Yan Ziye. These two people transmitted the sound to each other, talking about various things that had happened in the sect over the years. They couldn’t see the next one who reached the summit for such a long time. Then Zhou Linfeng finally couldn’t help but transmit the sound cautiously,

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, why are the rankings of Tianjiao Battle decided by Honored Master?”

Yan Ziye said with a smile, “You little boy can’t understand Honored Master’s method. These holy boys and holy girls have already been here early. In fact, they were all captured here by Honored Master.”


Zhou Linfeng was shocked, and suddenly he remembered something. Looking around, he didn’t see Lord of Evil as expected.

Undoubtedly, this Honored Master must be the that person. No one understood the temperament of his senior fellow apprentice better than him. Otherwise, if the Honored Master

were someone else, his senior fellow apprentice would not be able to bow down like this. However, that person’s soul and body had been destroyed.

He wondered why she came back to life again and her bone age was less than a hundred years.

What kind of sect was Ni Sect?

There seemed to be too many stories he didn’t know.

Zhou Linfeng seemed dull, but in fact he was clever. He was very sensible. He kept silent about what he thought, and he even didn’t tell that to his senior fellow apprentice.

His rule of life was not to cause trouble for his senior fellow apprentice.

Time passed as everyone waited. There were only two hours left until the end of the third day. The people who climbed to the summit immediately increased.


Two mountain roads appeared. Zhao Qianyuan and Ling Xian arrived at the same time.

The moment they appeared, Yan Ziye and Ling Qinglan widened their eyes suddenly.

Murderous intent appeared in Yan Ziye’s eyes. He stared at these two people, “You fight with Zhao Qianyuan, and I fight with Ling Xian. How about that?”

“It’s okay.”

After answering, Ling Qinglan disappeared instantly.

Yan Ziye got excited. When he was about to race forward, he saw a dark shadow suddenly flashed in front of him. He was shocked, “Honored Master?”

“Let me do it.”

Su Li said calmly and then disappeared.


Ling Qinglan made finger gestures with his hands. Now he didn’t have to conceal his identity. Finally, he sent out the treasure that he retrieved—Yin-Yang Fan!


As Ling Qinglan exhaled lightly through his mouth, countless needle light shot out from the rotating cyan fan. Before the light could get to his body, Zhao Qianyuan felt tingling pains on his face.

“My defensive treasure does not work. Is that holy treasure?!”

Zhao Qianyuan’s expression changed slightly. He threw a cold skull into the air which seemed to be alive and opened and closed its mouth while revolving.

Zhao Qianyuan opened his mouth and spouted a mouthful of blood which dyed the skull red.

The skull suddenly profusely radiated the cold light and blocked all the needles. Then it roared and opened its mouth to bite Ling Qinglan!

Ling Qinglan dropped his eyes and chanted a spell. Then the Yin-Yang Fan unfolded, revealing the landscape painting on it, and a force of suction generated out of thin air.


Zhao Qianyuan’s face changed drastically. But it was too late for him to retrieve the skull. He could only watch the skull be swallowed by the fan.

“This treasure…has such a weird change after leaving the Reincarnation Mirror?”

Zhao Qianyuan’s face changed and he regretted. If he hadn’t flinched away that time and had taken a share of the spoils in Reincarnation Mirror, he shouldn’t have been at a disadvantage!

“After returning to the sect, I must go and ask that bitch if she also hided a holy treasure!”

When he thought of this, Zhao Qianyuan suddenly shuddered. Then a deadly atmosphere suddenly enveloped him.

“Dare to desert at this time?”

Ling Qinglan’s voice came close to his ears.

Ling Qinglan was several feet away from him just now!

What an incredible speed?!

Zhao Qianyuan felt very nervous. He used the body spirit shield in a panic, but Ling Qinglan punched faster than the spirit shield condensed. So, he punched directly at Zhao Qianyuan’s chest!

One punch!

Full force!


Zhao Qianyuan could only see darkness in front of him and spurted blood from his mouth. Under Ling Qinglan’s punch, his chest sank deeply. Due to violent vibration, his internal organs turned into a mess!

This was not over. Ling Qinglan hit his head directly with a punch.


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Zhao Qianyuan’s head burst into pieces like a broken watermelon. The red and white brain tissue was mixed together. His head including his soul were both shattered!

The final hit!

It was like a long story. But in fact, Zhao Qianyuan died on the spot in few breaths.

“His power is above that of me.”

Yin Xuetong got complicated feelings. She was a little envious of Ling Qinglan fighting for himself, but she wasn’t envious of his power. He wasn’t like her living like a puppet.

At the same time, Su Li had reached a place less than a foot in front of Ling Xian and stood still.

Ling Xian didn’t care about Su Li’s arrival. She glanced over the summit and found no trace of Ling Li. Her beautiful face suddenly became gloomy. She clenched her teeth and looked back at Su Li who was standing in front of her calmly with a cold smile.

“Su Jiuzhou? How dare you stop me? Before I reach the summit, do you really think you are somebody?”

Su Li stayed calm and said softly, “You go down by yourself, or I help you.”

Ling Xian looked at her with contempt, “Just you?”

Su Li nodded gently, “Yes, only me.”

“You court death!”

The cold light in Ling Xian’s eyes skyrocketed, and she conjured thousands of purple silk threads, which contained endless homicidal intent and rushed towards Su Li’s face.


Su Li said calmly. Then an invisible ripple spread from her body in an instant. The evil ghost’s eyes in the depths of her pupils suddenly opened.

Before the purple silk threads of Ling Xian could reach Su Li’s body, they were shattered by an invisible force and fell down.

Ling Xian’s face was pale. The force of reversed shock came over her without warning. She suddenly felt painful in her wrists and dropped her lavender pocket-size horsetail whisk treasure onto the ground.

Afterwards, hum—

The surrounding space suddenly seemed to be alive, squeezing her body.

Ling Xian was nervous and she was unable to take back her treasure. Then she retreated hurriedly in terror.

“I… I cannot resist this woman. I am far inferior to her!”


“I am the protagonist of this era. Except for Ling Li who is controlled by my master, no one can defeat me!”

Ling Xian stared at the expressionless Su Li. Then Ling Xian’s beautiful face turned a little hideous.

“Do you want to escape?”

Su Li walked in front of Ling Li in the blink of an eye. The distance between them was less than one foot.

The space continued to squeeze. Ling Xian barely conjured her protective treasure. But this treasure only held on for one breath, and then it shattered. The narrow space made it more and more difficult for her to move. But the arrogance in her eyes had not faded.

“Which Old Cat are you who borrowed someone’s body and came to life again? Don’t you know my master’s name? If you dare to hurt me and affect my master’s layout which has been set for tens of thousands of years, you will come to a bad end. Understand?”

“Your master?”

Su Li’s five fingers slowly clenched into a fist, and the space around Ling Xian was almost compressed into a piece of paper. Ling Xian spewed out a big mouthful of blood in pain. Her ribs were shattered and her chest sank.

“Who is your master? Please forgive my ignorance. Talent Ling, can you tell me that?”

The ubiquitous compression acted on every part of Ling Xian’s body. She could hear the cracking sound coming from her bones.

She put on a pained look but never said uncle, “You…must die! My master…”

Su Li’s eyes were cold, and she clenched her fists abruptly.

“Ah, ah, ah!!”

Suddenly, the sharp pain came deeply into her soul. Ling Xian couldn’t help screaming, but Su Li didn’t let her go. Su Li still clenched her fist.

Until Ling Xian finally showed fear in her eyes, Su Li slowly let go of her hand. She gave a smile and whispered, “You still have another chance.”

The near-death experience made Ling Xian fully awake.

This woman was a lunatic!

She had to beg for mercy, “Senior, it’s my fault. My master is…Fate Ancestor, who is the Great Lord of Fate Palace. You should have heard of his name. If you can let me go, I will not mention what happens today to my master.”

“Fate Ancestor?”

Su Li was somewhat shocked, “Is he…Fate Ancestor who planned the Reincarnation Mirror and the daughter of luck?”

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