Martial God Space - Chapter 884

Chapter 884: 884

Chapter 884: Wang Family’s Crisis

Even if they were to leave immediately, there would be no regrets . However, the real problem was that even so, they still seemed to be too inadequate to roam this Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion . A burning corpse was enough to rather them in a mess .

The burning corpses might not be as overwhelming as they were alive . Their instincts and strong physique could easily execute the strength at least at Transcendent Realm Fourth Level . Some even achieved the combat power of a Transcendent Realm Six Level .

They once encountered a Transcendent Realm Third Level zombie . They could feel the terrifying aura from a distance and hurriedly took a detour, but even now the Transcendent Realm Fourth Level zombie was roaming around .

If it were just an average Transcendent Realm Fourth Level expert, they would have the chance to fight . After all, they had so many people . The gap was not too wide, like the gap between Half-step Transcendent Realm and Transcendent Realm .

But, this was not the average Transcendent Realm Four Level expert . This was a zombie that went through mutation . Not only did it have zombie’s corpse poison, but also fire poison within their flames . Being tainted would give many troubles .

Since it had the undying body of a zombie, the flesh was comparable to metals . It was relentless, not afraid of death . That made them a foe ten times tougher in comparison to a typical Transcendent Realm Fourth Level expert . As a result, the Wang Family could only choose to retreat .

The only way to deal with these zombies was to completely crush them with absolute strength . Of course, this was what they were lacking, resulting in them constantly fleeing .

However, Wang Mengyu and Wang Feiyun had to make a few stops, and jointly resist the burning corpse, so that everyone had more time to flee .

Among the group, only these two were able to resist the burning corpse for a little while .

“Roar!” The burning corpse noticed the Wang Family were running farther and farther . It roared in frenzy, overwhelming the entire hall with its roar .

For some reason, the burning corpse refused to leave their wandering palace too far . If this went on, everyone in the Wang Family would be able to escape from the burning corpse .

The burning corpse lunged forward all of a sudden . Its figure launched out abruptly like a cannonball . He bypassed Wang Mengyu and Wang Feiyun directly . The two of them were directly pushed away by a huge force . It brought them great surprise . Their aura barrier thickened by a few layers to stop the infection from corpse poison and fire poison .

At this moment, the burning corpse rushed directly behind one of the Wang Family’s disciples lagging behind . The corpse stretched out its dried out ghastly claw and made a scratch . Unexpectedly, this scratch manifested chills at the disciple’s chest . A pumping heart was vividly displayed on the claw .

The corpse swallowed the bloody hearty on the spot . After that, strong energy composed within the burning corpse . It made a louder roar, piercing straight to the hall’s roof . The burning corpse’s aura grew in intensity; it was going through ascension .

“Run!” Wang Mengyu couldn’t bother with the dead disciple . If they failed to flee, they would not have any second chances .

A Transcendent Realm Fourth Level burning corpse was so terrifying already . In the face of the Transcendent Realm Fifth Level burning corpse, they simply stood no chance to survive .

They would definitely be wiped out .

Everyone in the Wang Family was shocked but they couldn’t afford to lag behind . They ran wildly outside the hall .

The figures flew out like cannonballs launched from heavy artillery .

The burning corpse’s terrifying roar crippling behind them . Sure enough, the burning corpse had already stepped into the Transcendent Realm Fifth Level not long after that . A level that put them in despair .

After the ascension was completed, the burning corpse quickly chased out again . However, the previous time window enabled everyone in the Wang Family to flee for a distance . The burning corpse failed to catch up and left . It dragged the Wang Family disciple corpse, and walked inside .

After finally evading the chase of this burning corpse, everyone in the Wang Family finally breathed a sigh of relief . The aura of the burning corpse had left their scope of detection .

A disciple of the Wang Family was caught alive . The corpse couldn’t even be retrieved . Everyone in the Wang Family was dejected . They were in a competition usually . However, the feeling of grief still emerged .

Although they were prepared for the possible deaths and injuries before they came, they were still extremely uncomfortable when such casualties occurred .

“Let’s go home . We are basically like bugs here, and get trampled to death at any time . This is not suitable for us!” said a Wang Family’s young expert .

This statement immediately resonated with the other experts of the Wang Family . Although they were highly regarded in the Wang Family and even South Initiate Island, they weren’t ignorant to the fact that they were no different from bugs in the Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion . When they were in the outside areas previously, they could still work it out despite the danger . Everything was still within the range they could handle .

Once they entered the Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion, they found that these burning corpses were all beyond Transcendent Realm’s Fourth Level . None of them could handle it .

In this place, they were indeed bed bugs; they might be trampled to death at any second .

The feeling that their life was not in their hands brushed away their sanity .

At this time, everyone had only one idea, and that was to leave quickly!

However, the final call depended on Wang Mengyu and Wang Feiyun . Among the younger generation of the Wang Family, they led the group .

Right now, Wang Feiyun did not have the desire to compete with Wang Mengyu like his usual self . When the entire team might be eradicated at any time, it was meaningless to compete with Wang Mengyu anymore . They would lose their lives at any unexpected minute . Unbeknownst to him, he had recognized Wang Mengyu was more suitable to lead the Wang Family .

Wang Mengyu saw that everyone was looking at her . She spoke up, “We should leave this place . We won’t be able to harvest anything here . Even if we get something, the others would covet our harvest!”

Everyone nodded . They would either couldn’t get anything, or lose everything . This perception was realistic and accurate .

“We shouldn’t delay any further . Let’s go now before any troubles come up again!” added Wang Feiyun . Since decisions were made, they should no longer hesitate .

“Where are you going?” At this moment, a slightly playful voice came from not far away .

Everyone in the Wang Family was shocked . When they looked around, they saw the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts flying towards them at an astonishing speed . The one taking the lead was Bi Chen .

Bi Chen just narrowed its reptiles eyes and looked at everyone in the Wang Family coldly, but E Ying was not around .

Originally, E Ying planned to personally go out and kill these human beings to vent his anger . Before he left, he had gotten more important news . He hurriedly left; Bi Chen stayed to eradicate the Wang Family .

It should be a fairly simple matter . In his eyes, these Wang Family’s young experts possessed no threats at all . They were just a group of Transcendent Realm First Level and Second Level warriors .

Ye Xiwen did surprise him, but he thought it was impossible to threaten him . Even so, such people were rare . There should be none like him among the Wang Family .

“It’s you!” Everyone in the Wang Family became tense immediately . They knew what their encounter meant .

These Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts were malicious .

“Hmph, humans . You’re bold . Let’s talk . What is the relationship between you and that kid? Are you related to E Xiangtian’s death?” asked Bi Chen coldly . He squinted his reptile eyes, glaring killing intent was revealed in his cold eyes .

“We have nothing to do with that E Xiangtian’s death!” Wang Mengyu stepped forward and said . She should not admit that they had anything to do with this . Otherwise, only immediate death awaited them .

Although from the current point of view, it appeared that the Crocodile Clan was ill-intentioned . There was still an opening to get through it . Any slight doubt from the Crocodile Clan would mark their death .

Even if they indeed had nothing to do with this matter, it was still troublesome .

“You’re not related? Huh, do you think I will believe what you said?” sneered Bi Chen .

“Since you don’t believe it, why do you still ask!?” Wang Feiyun stepped forward and said angrily, “This is like playing us like monkeys!”

“Hahaha!” The Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts laughed aloud abruptly .

“Unexpectedly, they figured it out!”

“We’re playing you all like monkeys . So, what?”

“You’re just a mere human . Who are you to question us? You all are seeking death!”

Everyone in the Wang Family had a long face . These Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan people treated them like monkeys . They were merely tools for leisure .

“To find out whether you’re related, we just need to abduct you all and use [Soul Search]!” A Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan expert morphed a massive hand and grabbed toward a Wang Family’s disciple . The disciple was caught off guard .

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