My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1342

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Chapter 1342: Ticked Off

The ten people who were originally on the ranking for the ten great beaus of Rice City were invited to the City Lord’s Estate’s rear garden.

This action immediately sparked off screams from the girls hanging onto the outer wall.

However, when Mo Lian and the others finally set eyes on the original ten great beaus of Rice City, their handsome faces nearly contorted from their ire.

Based on these ten people’s appearances, how dare those women place them on equal standing with those people as part of the ten great beaus of Rice City? Ah, phooey phooey! They weren’t some ten great beaus of Rice City!

Of the ten people, other than that delicate scholar with his nose up in the air who looked somewhat presentable, the other nine were all so repugnant that it was too much for their eyes.

But considering how Qiaoqiao was laughing so gaily that she couldn’t even stop, they didn’t bother to bicker with these oddities.

After admiring them for several minutes, Mo Lian waved his hand to shoo these beaus out.

Soon afterwards, the royal guards ran back joyously to report that those young girls who were hanging onto the wall had gone to chase after the ten great beaus of Rice City with budding thoughts of love.

Situ Yi spewed out his tea, feigning composure as he wiped the corner of his mouth afterwards.

“Cough, from the looks of it, there is not one bit of exaggeration to the ranking of the ten great beaus of our Mo capital!” Eldest Young Sir Qin bobbed his head while shaking his fan.

“Right, right. I’d rather be on the same ranking as Second Qin than be with those oddities!” Duan Yue quickly poured himself a cup of tea to dampen his shock. “What do you guys say.”

Situ Yi and the rest nodded repeatedly to express their absolute agreement.

When Eldest Qin turned his head, he discovered that the little stoic was no longer laughing. By now, she had reverted to that original stoic face and was looking at them expressionlessly…

Why did he feel this child was just so comical?

“Let’s talk about what happened last night. Your masterful display enchanted all the unmarried young girls in Rice City.”

When she thought of how she had slept through such a big buzz, she wanted to wring her hands!

All four people twitched their mouths.

“We did slaughter eight nightcaw birds,” Mo Lian informed while holding her petite hands. “But we could not gather any useful information. We weren’t able to find any clues from those nightcaw birds either.”

Eldest Qin smirked, “It wouldn’t be a secret if clues could be found so easily. Secrets become secrets because they are hidden well, so how could clues emerge so readily.”

For a moment, they all kept mum.

Qiao Mu then turned to look at Mo Lian. “It’s fine, just instruct all the fortifications no matter the size to take proper security measures. As for what happens after that, we can leave it for later.”

Mo Lian nodded. “Fine then. We’ll head back to Guanlan this afternoon.”

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Qiao Mu’s small stoic face suddenly turned animated with a teasing look, making Mo Lian stare at her in awe.

“You don’t want to remain here and continue enjoying the special honor of being one of the ten great beaus of Rice City?”

“Thank you very much,” Situ Yi replied exasperatedly. “Right now I feel better suited as one of the ten great beaus of the Mo capital.”

“Move aside, move aside. You people dare stop me? You’ve got some big guts!”

Suddenly, this familiar shout caused them to exchange glances.

This voice seemed to belong to Zhong Hua, that leader of the Rice City team.

After Situ Yi poured them all a cup of tea, he looked up at the arched door and saw that leader storming over with a group of people.

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