My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 44

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Half an hour later, the meeting ended . The attendant opened the door and Lu Shaoming walked out .

Zhu Rui ran over and spoke directly into Lu Shaoming’s ears, “President, the female lead role for Pretty Woman was taken by Ning Yao . Miss Ning was in a room alone with Xu Junxi for thirteen minutes then she left . ”

Lu Shaoming listened quietly . Three seconds later, he took out his phone and spoke in his low magnetic voice, “Hey, Director Wang . Didn’t you want me to invest in your movie previously? I’m suddenly interested…”

Ning Qing returned to the hospital and kept Yue Wanqing company for the entire afternoon . Her mother wasn’t in a good condition and she kept wanting to fall asleep .

Ning Qing covered her with the blanket and sighed . It didn’t matter how much humiliation she had to bare outside, as long as her mother could recover and stay with her forever .

As Ning Qing frequently visits the hospital, she was close to the doctors . The doctor let her stay in a vacant room at night for free so she could sleep in the hospital while she takes care of her mother .

Ning Qing thanked the doctor . She then sat at the edge of the bed and called Ning Zhenguo .

Everything else aside, she was still Ning’s daughter . Her mother was sick and her father should help . One million was nothing to Ning’s family anyway .

“Ring ring” Then, someone answered the phone . Somehow or other, Ning Qing wasn’t sure if she was sensitive or what not, she heard a burst of faint flirtatious laughter over the phone and some abnormal noises . But, it stopped very quickly .

“Hello, Qingqing, why did you call Daddy at this hour for?

“Dad, Mom’s nephrosis gone from bad to worse . She needs to go through a liver transplant in two days and it would cost a million dollars . I don’t have that much money, can you pay on my behalf for now? I will return it to you as I earn it . ”

Ning Zhenguo kept quiet for a while and coughed lightly before he said, “Alright . Let’s meet up tomorrow . I made a booking in Haoge Hotel . Let’s have dinner together . ”


Since when has he become so nice?

Ning Qing was suspicious . When she wanted to reply, Ning Zhenguo already hung up the phone .

Ning Qing put down her phone and there was a knock at the door . “Ning Qing, it’s me,” Kong Yang’s voice was heard .

She got up to open the door .

Kong Yang passed Ning Qing a bank card and smiled gently, “Ning Qing, I heard from the doctor about Aunt Yue going for a liver transplant surgery . There’s two hundred thousand on this card . Take it for now . If it isn’t enough, I will figure out a way tomorrow . ”

Ning Qing looked at the card and shook her head, “Kong Yang, I can’t take this . ”

Kong Yang was not from a rich family . The two hundred thousand was most likely Kong family’s savings . Don’t take a reward if it’s not deserved . The hardest debt to pay is a favor .

Kong Yang wanted to speak but Ning Qing cut him off and said with a smile, “I called my dad . He prepared a cheque for me and I will collect it tomorrow . So Kong Yang, thank you . I’ve taken care of the surgery fees . ”

Kong Yang saw that she looked sincere, and it didn’t look like she was lying . So, he retrieved his card and scratched his head, “It’s great that you took care of the surgery fees . If you need any help, do let me know . ”

“Okay . ” Ning Qing nodded .

Ning’s villa .

Ning Yao changed into room slippers and threw her branded bag on the sofa in the living room, “Mom…” She ran upstairs to look for Li Meiling .

When she reached her bedroom, she looked at the half-opened room door . There was a dim light in the room and there was a seductive noise from the room . So, she peeped into the room .

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