My Vampire System - Chapter 1030

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Chapter 1030 - Close connection

Hearing the voice closely behind, Samantha had no choice but to turn around. For a second, she wanted to thank this person for getting her out of such an awkward situation, but then when she saw who it was, an older looking gentleman with a grey ponytail who was largely smiling back at her, she took a step back and immediately went on guard.

"You, you were the person who attacked us at the shelter!" Samantha said, recognising the man.

"Oh, I thought you didn't like the boy, but when a dangerous situation occurs you go jumping to his side. I see how it is. One should be more honest with their feelings, especially since human lives are so short." Eno said. "Besides, I believe I only attacked the man behind you, I never attacked yourself, and I didn't even get to explain my own position, anyway I guess I'll leave you two for now."

Eno started to walk around the place, and Samantha was getting ready to stop him. He was a member of Pure after all or so Fex claimed, but just as she was about to run, she felt Fex grab her arm.

"What are you doing?"

"Leave him." Fex said. "He was invited here."

At the time, she hadn't really processed what Fex had first said when he had met the man, but now the words became clear, he didn't just say any name. The name that was spoken was the one and only Richard Eno.

"Wait! is it true? He's the great scientist known as Richard Eno, the one everyone has been looking for?" Samantha asked.

Based on how Quinn said Eno had already revealed himself to Oscar, and the fact that he was here, Fex thought it wasn't really a problem telling her the truth.

"He is." He answered.

"I'm sorry." Samantha started off. "I know you told me to keep what you said a secret, but I read the reports about your leader Quinn Talen, it says he too used a special Red aura, and one of the men that was presumed dead was actually still alive and had seen everything as well. So I had no choice to tell them about it."

She was still taking in the fact that the Head General Hardy was actually the Cursed faction leader Quinn.

Hearing about this, Fex tutted and kissed his teeth. His plan was to wipe her memory before she could say anything else, but if a report already stated that Quinn had used the red aura, then it didn't seem like it would be something he could avoid.

"About the other thing, I didn't tell anyone about that. I didn't tell anyone about what was in your flask or what you told me to do." Samantha whispered. "You saved my life, so of course I would keep it a secret, and who cares what strange things you do if you are helping save our lives."

Although what Samantha said was true, she actually thought there might be more to it. Fex had healed due to her blood and also was able to use a red aura, the same as their leader Quinn Talen. She was afraid that blood was the answer to how they were able to do these things.

It could have very well been a Cursed faction secret. If she told people this secret she didn't want to end up disappearing in the middle of the night.

'She didn't tell anyone about the blood, maybe it's best if I remove her memories now then.'

"Richard Eno, you have finally arrived!" A loud deep booming voice spoke.

Hearing this, everyone turned their heads at hearing the name for two reasons. The one speaking was Oscar, and his voice tended to carry across the room, the other reason was because of the name that had been mentioned, Richard Eno.

'Damn, I guess I should leave it for now, she hasn't told anyone yet, but I can clear up the misunderstanding later.' Fex thought, while he went to where everyone else was standing, for they wanted to listen in on the conversation and have a look at the great Richard Eno.

Richard Eno walked over to where Oscar was, he had formal clothing that matched everyone around them so he didn't look out of place at the party. While everyone else had been afraid to walk up to where Oscar and Owen were, Richard was not as he approached them with ease.

What was surprising was the first ones to show respect was both Owen and Oscar as they both bowed.

"You are a difficult man to find." Owen said, lifting up his fan to cover his face as usual. "You have achieved great things for every family, and it's great to finally meet you. When Oscar said he had a surprise guest, I never thought it would be yourself."

Not failing to get a scoop, Void and Bonny had quickly stopped interviewing Head general Innu, who was in the middle of bragging about his group's achievements and rushed over to listen in and record the conversation between Eno and the great leaders.

It was the first time that anyone had also got him on video, so it was an opportunity that they couldn't miss.

"If you're not too busy these days, it would be great if we could have a formal meeting at some point. Perhaps you could even stop by some labs of ours." Oscar suggested. "I promise we will do anything to make you feel at home."

Owen started to chuckle and gave a glance at Oscar.

"You should enjoy the event, there is no need to talk about work. I'm sure looking at the military labs might even bore the great Eno. He is a man that loves seeing new discoveries. There are many things the Graylash family have that haven't been shared with everyone yet, that he might prefer to see."

"In due time, I think it would be great to see both of those things. Although I'm surprised you don't have more questions for me?" Eno replied.

Hearing this, one pushy girl reporter shouted out from the crowd that had surrounded them all.

"Um, I have some questions for the camera if you don't mind." Bonny said.

"Bonny, Richard Eno is a special guest and I'm sure he has his reasons as to why he has kept himself quiet this whole time, I don't think it-"

"It's okay." Richard replied with a smile. "I'm sure there are questions people want to ask."

By now, all of the Cursed members at the party had gathered and were watching what Eno was doing, unclear of what his aim was.

'Why accept an interview?' Sam thought.

Bonny and Void had come out of the crowd to go closer to the area they were in. When they got closer, Oscar was giving them a stare while Eno was giving a giant smile. It felt like she was stuck between a devil and an angel, but she had to get an interview with Richard Eno, no matter what the cost.

"You are the Great Richard Eno, who helped the human race figure out how to create beast weapons, and even gave us technology such as teleporters and more. They say you are one of the great heroes of the past war. Which is why a lot of people were wondering, just where were you during the Civil war?" Bonny asked.

It was a direct question that not many thought Eno would be happy answering, but he continued to have a smile on his face making it look like he didn't mind the question at all.

"The world was in a bad place at the time. Although I worked mostly with the military in the past, it was never my intention to be linked with the military. It was just at the time every one of the other strong families worked for the military.

"I didn't want to take sides or ruin my relationship with any of the families. At the same time, you have to remember that I am just a scientist, not a fighter. I was afraid for my own life as well. At times there may be groups who think if we can't have him, then it may be better to kill him. I care about my own life as well, of course."

Bonny had been given an answer far greater than she had anticipated, and the others thought it made sense as well what he was saying. While he was still here, she had to continue to question him.

"Then why the sudden return now? We heard that you had been invited by Head General Oscar. Do you have any plans at the moment?" Bonny asked.

"I'm sure a lot of you will find out that Oscar has a serious message for you all, that will affect everyone else's lives, as for me. I have decided at the moment I will stay with the Cursed faction as I have a close relationship with them." Eno said.

This was the type of thing Sam was worried about. The others were already learning that the Green family, one of the strongest non fighting families, had a close connection with the Cursed faction, and now if Eno was to say this, the others would fear that one of the great powers had too much power compared to the others.

Even in the past, they would stop corporations from having a monopoly over things.

"Close relationship with the Cursed faction," Bonny repeated. "Do you mind elaborating what you mean by that?" She asked.

"Of course," Eno replied. "Quinn Talen is my grandson after all, wouldn't you consider that a close relationship?"

Hearing this, nearly everyone's jaws dropped to the floor. Bonny didn't even know what to say after that. She had prepared many questions in her head for what to ask next but had no clue. At that moment, shadow started to disperse right next to Eno, and Quinn could be seen appearing out of them and held Eno by the shoulder.

"What do you think you're doing?" Quinn said.


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