Brothel Manager : Unexpected Encounter with A Hidden Family Heirloom-Chapter 64 : Intense Action

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Chapter 64 : Intense Action

Author note: This chapter is dedicated to @Lem0n_Square. Thank you for the five star review.

Note: Warning... warning... This entire chapter is romance fiction... you can skip this chapter if you don't like to read a gruesome scenes.

Amy lied on the bed with half naked body… and Das continued to massage her book while pinching her nipples in between. Das also lied on her side and turned his focus on to her chubby face.

He directly kissed her on the lips as she is making sweet moaning sounds from the little mouth.

"Mm… mhm…"

The moaning voice sank down with a lip kiss. Das inserted his tongue in to petite mouth and started sucking her fluids as he locked her tongue into his mouth.

In that moment she forgot that Das is taking more advantage than what he paid for. He removed her lower jeans and continued his massage to her lower area. Her spot less milky white thighs moved like bread in his rough hands.

Her under wear is completely drenched with flowery fluids. Amy immediately stopped his hand as he touched her crouch area while kissing her rosier lips.

"Das… stop. I can't do that now." She replied while avoiding his piercing gaze. She covered her body with a bed sheet and turned one side with a shy face.

"Amy… you can't stop now… look at my crouch. It will be more painful if we stop now." Das said trying pull her back into action.

"Nooo… we only agreed for touching." Amy replied with a resistance.

"Then at least help me release some fluids… otherwise, it will be more painful." Das said while pointing at his crouch. Amy slowly turned her head to see his little brother who stood up like cell phone tower inside his pants.

"Can't you do it yourself...?"

Amy asked with a nervous look. Her body is still shaking from the intense action given by Das. Her chest became deep red like Kashmir apple because of his massage.

"Nah… it won't work like that. You are the who is reason behind this. So, you should help to avoid this pain." Das said while acting like he was in great pain. Amy fell into his trap after seeing his painful expression.

"Ok, I will help you with my hands. But promise me that you won't tell anyone." Amy said as he stretched her hand towards him for a promise.

"Amy… It's a pinky promise. I won't tell anyone." Das said while laughing crazily inside his head.

As Das lied down on the bed… Amy sat up and unzipped his pants. A huge bulge came into her view. After taking off his pants… she slowly removed his underwear with shaky hands.

Das touched her on the shoulder and said her calm down as she feeling more nervous after seeing a hard manly hood.

This is her first time to look at a man thing in this much close distance. Even though she saw several videos and pictures… taking a close look is definitely a new experience for her.

At first, she poked the red area with her index finger with a curious look. A soft gum like substance glued to her finger. As she is looking at the substance more curiously…

But suddenly Das grabbed her hand and showed her how to do it by moving her hand to and fro on the top his shaft.

"Don't force me… I know how to do it!!..." Amy replied with dissatisfied face as Das is moving her hand forcefully.

"Okk… then do as you like." Das said while laughing at her distressed face. Das lied down completely after giving full control to the Lolli.

After playing with his rod for a minute… Amy started using her hands skilfully while trying to remember the scenes from some Desi romance videos. With the continuous movement of his sheath Das started feeling satisfying warmth from his hard little brother.

"Das, how long will it take?" Amy asked with an impatient face as she using her both hands to massage his pee-pee from more than ten minutes.

"Try kissing it… it will work faster that way." Das said with a sly face.

"What!!!???... No." Amy felt startled with the kissing suggestion from Das.

"Hey… don't shout. It's ok if you don't like it. But…" Das gave small gap before continuing to speak. "

But I will gift you a new iPhone if you use your mouth." Das said while staring at her big round eyes. Amy went into a deep silence after listening to his offer. She is definitely got tempted after listening to the new offer from Das and after minute she decided to follow his suggestion as she is already using her hands.

Amy never expected she would end up in this situation with Das where she almost got ready to suck his dick. While Das was string at her face with an eager look… Amy changed her position and sat directly on his legs.

Later she slowly bent down and started sucking the top portion of his dick while shaking the lower half. She is definitely using her entire knowledge from desi videos.

Das closed his eyes and started enjoying the moist feeling from her petite mouth. She is licking, sucking and vibrating… all these actions moved his little brother towards the climax.

"Gwaak… Gwaak… gkk…"

Amy started making weird sounds with her mouth as his shaft entered totally into her. In between she also sucked his balls as Das guided her to do every action carefully with her delicate mouth.

As he is reaching the climax… Das asked her to open her mouth wide open and he pressed her head against his crouch while inserting his little brother deep into her throat.

Even though Amy tried to resist as she felt uncomfortable with a hard rod inside her throat… but Das held her head for long time before releasing her with a weak, satisfied and a marvellous expression from his tired face.

After releasing from the hard grip, Amy started coughing a white liquid from her mouth with an uncomfortable look.

"Chii… what is this…?" She took the liquid into her hands to have a closer look… but she immediately throw it away after smelling it.

"You forced me…. Ehaha… ahhah…" Amy started crying with a loud voice.

Das who is lying on the bed with a satisfied expression as he released a great stress after a long time… immediately stood up and started pampering Amy.

"Hey… Hey… don't cry… I'm really sorry." Das tried to apologise her who is crying more loudly after seeing his drooping shaft. Das immediately covered his shaft and continued to pamper her.

"Don't cry… Don't cry… I will buy you what ever you want!!!.... " Das said hurriedly.

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