Brothel Manager : Unexpected Encounter with A Hidden Family Heirloom-Chapter 65 : I will give you a Surprise

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Chapter 65 : I will give you a Surprise

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Film city area, Mumbai. Das is sleeping inside his room after coming from Amy's house. That Lolli successfully extracted more than two lakhs from Das for giving a single BJ.

At present Das did not care about two lakhs… As she is constantly crying, Das directly sent two lakhs to her account and silenced her running mouth. She even gave him a kiss after seeing the long number on her mobile screen.

Das could have enjoyed her completely if he wished for… But he left her house after transferring the amount.

By the time he reached the villa at the film city, Stella is already sleeping with the baby in her room. So, Das directly went to sleep without disturbing her.


****Phat*** Do you dare to mess with a ghost card holder?

Phat*** Do even know what you have done?

phat*** You idiot son, because of you… our entire family is in Danger!...

Inside a luxurious bungalow in Delhi, the young master Henry is getting hard beating from his father for sending spies on a person with ghost card (Das).

Aside from his father, his sister Natalia is also inside the room who is enjoying the situation where her little brother is getting the punishment from his father.

"Henry, if you informed me about this person, we could have made him a good friend of our family. But you messed up the entire situation." Reynar said with a dissatisfied expression.

Reynar is the father of Henry and also a large shareholder in Zebra organisation.

"Father, he did not know my identity or about our family. He is thinking that the Dealer at the Mumbai warehouse is responsible for spies." Henry said with a bleeding lower lip.


"Stop thinking like an idiot. Do you think the person with ghost card is a small-town thug. I control this entire Zebra organisation on my fingertips… But still, I can't get a single ghost card with all my wealth. So, stop under estimating people."

Reynar said angrily while looking at his foolish son.

"Father, that's enough. Let him go. We still have chance to make amends with that person." Natalia said after seeing the pitiful appearance of her little brother.

"But how...?" Reynar asked with a doubtful look.

"Leave this matter to me papa. I will make a deal with that person." Natalia said with a confident look. After asking few more questions. Reynar left the Das matter into his daughter's hands.

Henry gnashed his teeth with raze as his sister is going to get her hands on the ghost card and thereby, she will have more standing in the Zebra organisation.

While giving a taunting look at her little brother Henry, she left the house to make her plan to deal with Das.

"Why are you still here…? Get out." Reynar yelled on Henry with dissatisfied look.



Das woke to the smell of bed coffee and cheering laughs of a small baby.

Without getting up from the bed, Das took the baby from Stella and placed the baby beside him. Ignoring Stela, Who still stood beside him, Das started playing with baby.

As he started touching the small nose of the baby… The bay gave a surprise laugher every time he played with her nose.

"Oeyy…. Oooeyy…" Das began moving his finer with a plane sound and touched the baby nose in between. While looking into the colourful eyes of the baby… Das forgot about all his worries.

But, Stella suddenly took away the baby from him and gestured him to clean up before touching the baby. With a dissatisfied look, Das went inside the rest room to fresh up.

While eating a break-fast at the dining table, Das took out his mobile phone check for calls and messages. Except for the thank you messages from Amy, he did not find any other. Not even calls, alerts from anyone.

Das expected that Reddy family will call for him in the early morning. But it did not happen. Everything looked peaceful like nothing happened from the last few days.

"Ahhh… whatever, at least I could attend the classes today." Das thought as he entered in his room to change clothes. While Das began changing clothes, the seventh sister Ria came to his villa at the film city.

She directly walked towards Das room… completely ignoring Stella who is feeding the baby in the hall. She stepped inside Das room and shut the door behind without thinking much.

Das who was in the middle of wearing his pants… turned hurriedly to see the angry looking Ria.

"Hey, don't you how to knock before entering my room…?" Das asked as he took the towel to cover his body.

"Why are you participating in Blood duel…? Do you know how dangerous it is…? You will lose your life…?" Ria yelled ignoring his naked body.

Das who stood blankly with an underwear and a towel on his body… got relaxed after hearing her question. He suddenly though Ria is going to force him when she shut the door… but after hearing her questions, he understood her intensions.

"Ria, don't worry about me. Even if I don't participate in the blood duel, the Shetty will constantly send people after me. So, the blood duel is good thing for me." Das replied while continuing to change clothes without caring about her presence.

"Then why did you bet twenty thousand crores…? Even my seven sisters don't have that much wealth." Ria asked with a questioning look. Das can see the worry in her eyes... She is definitely caring about him.

"That's a secret. I will give you a big surprise at the time of blood duel. So, wait for it." Das said with a wide grin.

"Das, I don't know why your involved in this mess. But try to avoid this blood duel if possible." Ria said in a concerned tone.

After wearing his shirt, Das walked near her and closed the distance between them to a hairline gap.

"What are you doing?" Ria asked nervously… But she stood there looking at Das without takins a step back. Das slowly leaned on her side and said something in her ear which made her face go red like an apple.

"Stop spouting nonsense. Who fall for you…?" Ria said with a weird look.

"Then why are here… worrying about me." Das asked as he holds her with both his hands. Ria immediately got away from his tight hug and opened the room door.

"I came for the baby… not for you." She replied with a cheeky laugh.

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