... ds the concept of death!

Guo Qiao’s body stiffened.

Then, under Sakomo’s dumbfounded gaze, an extremely fanatical expression actually erupted in his eyes.

Talent – Death of Glory!

Hero Skill—Gods of Dusk!

The former could allow him to become stronger the more he died!

The latter could ignore any life form, even if the God Spirits attached a mental negative buff to it!

For example, the ultimate fear from the concept of death in front of him! ...

I Don’t Want This ReincarnationChapter 345

I had a supporting role in a modern fantasy.

The loyal dog of a villain with an angel’s name, Cheon Sa-yeon, and an unfortunate supporting character who died on his behalf, Han Yi-gyeol.

In order to escape from Cheon Sa-yeon and survive, he must use the protagonist, Ha Tae-heon.

But Ha Tae-heon, who he thought of as a lifeline, was infinitely indifferent to him. Rather, Cheon Sa-yeon showed interest.

But besides that, something strange happened.

The events that occurred in the original story had advanced, and the gate and monster levels had risen. Even the people were “different” from the original.

The original version I was trying to use was wrong.

Rise of the Unfavored PrincessChapter 183 - : Hamsters and Death

I had thought that my life couldn’t get worse when I walked in on my fiancé cheating on me with my best friend. But after a series of unfortunate events, I opened my eyes in a world that I had only read about in a webnovel, the Erudian Empire, ruled under the domineering, bloody reign of Emperor Helio.

The worst part?

I’m not even the main character! Reborn as Winter Royberg de la Erudian, I am the pitiful side character who is discovered to be a royal bastard princess due to a certain physical trait only the imperial bloodline possesses. But I know the end of Winter’s story and the unwanted royal punching bag is framed as a witch and killed at age 16 on the guillotine due to the scheming of the cruel empress.

An aloof, murder happy father? Check.

Psycho half-sister? Check.

Meddlesome author who wants me to follow the script? Double check!

I don’t want to die an early death again, so I’m determined not to ever be discovered as a royal again. But before I know it, I’m trapped in a palace of blood and opulence playing tricky games of power, games I have no clue how to win. How will I survive to adulthood in the imperial palace and get my happily ever after? And am I really the only person who fell into this world?

The Obsessive Second Male Lead Has Gone WildChapter 16

I remember the story of a novel I had read in my previous life just before my marriage. If you don’t mess up the wedding, you’ll be poisoned by your husband! So I kissed the pastor who was in charge of the ceremony.

“Commander, are you alright?” shouted one of the holy knights as he approached the pastor who was kissed.

Huh, what?

Wait … are you the commander of the Holy Knights?


Rurutia, who was about to die, wanted to spend her last moment in a temple where she felt at ease the most. She started a business with her friends for the temple, and it was a big hit.

“Miss, you have the world in the palm of your hands!”

“Are you a God who has descended to Earth?”

In the midst of being embarrassed by the large crown, the commander of the holy knights himself was also acting strange.

“All I wish for is to be your husband,” he said, his eyes shining with obsession. “Take responsibility for stealing my first kiss.”

This is all so wrong.

It seems that I changed my future.

I Practice Farming While the Rest CultivatesChapter 195 - 193: The Yin Yang Koi Fish That Never Intersects 1