One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 2688

Chapter 2688: Do no evil.

He hummed in agreement with his wife’s idea.

Thus, the next day, he invited his father and his older brother over for a family meeting.

The elderly man had two sons: him and Song Jianjun. Just as his name implied, his brother’s name was to commemorate the founding of the PLA, for he was born on August 1, the Army Day[1].

As the capital’s military chief commander, he was a respectable and powerful man with a high post. Song Yunxi received his guidance when he was serving in the army; alas, the nephew ended up being such a disappointment that he could not help bemoaning about it for a good while.

This family meeting was considered long due.

Old Master Song was getting on in years, and although he was still physically robust, his mind had slowed, no longer as active as before; Jiang Qimeng, thus, sat next to him and tended to his needs.

Today, the old man looked all radiant and seemed to be in high spirits. Apparently, he had no idea of the series of events that had happened, so naturally, he was ecstatic to hear that his darling granddaughter was about to get hitched. He would surely be driven to his grave should he find out how the child in her stomach really came to be.

“My wait has ended! I can finally see you getting married, Enya.”

At that, the married couple exchanged uneasy looks; they were unsure of how they should bring up the topic of Mu Yancheng and Meng Qingxue at this point.

Song Jianjun’s keen senses told him that something was fishy about this. He glanced at that couple and knew, from his years of experience, that something was up, so he asked, “Zhengguo, dad hasn’t been in good health recently. Why don’t you get your wife to take him upstairs to get some rest while we continue this talk?”


Being brothers, the two middle-aged men naturally understood each other. The younger brother proceeded to send his wife an eye-signal, which got the latter standing up right away. After much coaxing, his father finally headed upstairs with the assistance of his wife.

His older brother then cut to the chase. “What happened? We have a joyous occasion within the family, yet you have been looking troubled and hesitant since earlier. Is it something that you can’t say in front of dad?”

“Yeah.” He gave a solemn nod, then revealed the matter that had been troubling him recently. That said, he did not mention anything about the embarrassing deeds his daughter had done and chose to cover them up, instead. After all, no matter how close their relationship might be, one had to preserve their face somewhat.

His brother’s brows wrinkled when he heard it. “This is indeed quite a tricky matter. I know that boy; he’s not a bad fella—just a tad too promiscuous. Since he got Enya pregnant, he should take responsibility for his actions! No matter how he used to be or how many women he had before, now that his wedding is imminent, he ought to make a clean break with all the other women.”

He was basically a man of integrity, having inherited his father’s righteous character and traditional ways of doing things. He had undergone training with his father from a young age, but by the time his younger brother was born, it was already a time of peace.

There had been times when Song Zhengguo strayed from his political career, but it was more or less up to his older brother to help him settle his problems.

He said, “Things won’t be in our favor if we let things drag for too long. We’ll be in a passive position if the Mu family doesn’t take any actions, especially once that child is born!”

[1] Army Day is a military holiday celebrated in China.

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