Scholar’s Advanced Technological System - Chapter 1429

Chapter 1429: Return From Hell

[Congratulations to the user for completing the legendary mission “Deep Into Hell”!]

[Description: It is my honor to bring this to you, whether to fulfill your mission is your decision . ]

[Requirements: Witness and discover the gift from the Void, let it see light again . ]

[Reward: “Protector” gene, legendary mission card . ]

Lu Zhou originally thought that since it was a legendary mission, the rewards should be quite generous .

However, the system gave him the reward that he had already received .

Not just that, but he also didn’t receive anything for solving the ABC conjecture .

When Lu Zhou saw the rewards list, he was flabbergasted .

The pop-up window for completing the mission gradually disappeared . A green light and golden light flashed in the inventory at the same time, morphing into two completely different objects .

One of them was the legendary mission card, which Lu Zhou had seen countless times .

As for the other one, it was the “Protector” gene that he had already used .

[Protector gene: You are the final evolution of life, you are the supreme Protector . Your race is looking forward to you, you know that your choice will definitely bring a bright future to your civilization . ]

The light blue text appeared in the front of the inventory . Immediately after he had read this passage, the dark green potion turned into a bright light in the inventory and disappeared before his eyes…

“I thought it would give me another bottle…”

However, Lu Zhou also thought that this was a greedy thought .

Putting the mission rewards aside for the time being, Lu Zhou reached out his index finger and pointed it toward the inventory . He selected the light golden mission card .

Soon, the pale golden light dissipated, and a holographic panel appeared in front of him .

[Begin legendary mission: Return from Hell]

[Description: Knowledge may be outdated due to the changes in the times, but a brave soul will remain the same . You have passed the most difficult test, now is the time to tell your people that you have returned from hell!]

[Requirements: Make people believe that you are alive . The reward for the mission is proportional to the number of people who recognize your identity and inversely proportional to the time it takes to complete the task . ]

[Rewards: ???]

When Lu Zhou saw this mission, he went silent .

He didn’t even know what to complain about .

Actually, he planned to use the name Lu Ai for a while .

He would at least wait until he had fully integrated into the society, then choose an appropriate time and disclose his identity in an appropriate way .

But it seemed that the system obviously didn’t want him to wait .

“Making my identity public… That’s a bit difficult, do I have to contact the local media first?”

Will anyone even believe this nonsense?

There was no point hesitating . After reading the mission requirements, Lu Zhou was about to leave the system space .

However, he looked at the mission record .

He began to read it out loud softly .

“… The end of reincarnation, the beginning of everything . ”

That was the mission description for “Deep into Hell” .

It was also the beginning of the Mars mission chain .

Suddenly, there was a feeling of unease in Lu Zhou’s heart .

I feel like everything that has happened was prearranged by fate…

After exiting the system space, Lu Zhou, who rested his head on the seat cushion, prepared to take a nap . He didn’t want to think about the system mission for now .

However, a violent tremor suddenly came from the seat and almost threw him out of the chair .

Fortunately, his seat belt was on . Even so, it still shocked him .

Did we hit something?

Lu Zhou looked aside, but he did not see surprises or similar expressions on the faces of other passengers .

Maybe the spacecraft accelerated suddenly…

But the comfort of this future spacecraft is really bad…

Lu Zhou was about to put this aside and close his eyes when a stern alarm suddenly sounded from the direction of the first class cabin .

This time, the people sitting in the cabin began to worry .

Everyone had a look of uncertainty on their face .

“What is happening?”

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know… Did we hit something?”

“Mom… is our spacecraft broken?”

“Don’t talk nonsense! It’s just a small problem, the flight attendants will fix it soon . ”

There was a lot of discussion around them as people exchanged surprised looks .

The mother patted the child on the back and hummed a song as she tried to calm the crying child .

An unexpected accident suddenly happened .

A loud bang was heard from the door connecting the first class and the economy class suddenly .

No one reacted .

Then, there was another loud bang . The metal alloy door, which looked solid, was kicked open by a foot!

A man wearing an exoskeleton armor, with a rifle in his hand, stepped into the cabin . He glanced fiercely at the passengers in the cabin and yelled in a rude voice, “Hands on your heads!

“I’m not going to say it again!”

The man pulled the trigger in his hand and fired two shots toward the ceiling in a threatening manner .

Two light bulbs were broken . The broken glass fell on the heads of the front passengers . Many people were frightened as they screamed .

Lu Zhou was dumbfounded at what was happening in front of him . Professor Leonard, who was sitting next to him, climbed under his chair .

“Do you want to die? Duck down…”

Lu Zhou didn’t respond . Leonard was so frightened that he quickly reached out his hand and pulled Lu Zhou’s sleeves .

After hesitating for a while, Lu Zhou decided to follow suit .

The second he made eye contact with the man, he had a feeling in his heart that this flight wouldn’t end peacefully…

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